Bathmate Review: Bathmate Results after 3 Months

Bathmate Review: Bathmate Results After 3 Months

You would most likely have heard that the size of penis is overrated but that is probably a view that professionals share. The truth remains that an average man cares about the size of his penis and is highly affected by it. Fortunately, you don?t have to take rash or medically unfit decision in you quest to have it bigger. You only have to select the right product from the myriads flooding the market. Speaking of which, you must have heard about Bathmate if you are genuinely interested in becoming bigger. What you may not be able to decide is if those bathmate results are for real. I mean, have you ever seen any bathmate before and after pictures?

There would be no argument left in you and you will just grab your copy. Some men claimed to have grown by 2 inches or more and they claim their sexual lives are on fire. Now, what man doesn?t want that? That is why this bathmate review is important. Beyond the familiar hype surrounding the bathmate options, I want to discuss reasons why it may be the safest option for you to increase in size. Please read on?


Bathmate Products

When it comes to Bathmate products, there can be a whole lot of agitation about which product to choose in the first place. There are so many options and factors to consider that you can?t afford to do a guess work when it comes to choosing what will work for you. For this reason, in this bathmate review, I will be discussing some options and what situation they are suitable for.


This is the standard size for bathmate hydropumps and it?s great for guys whose penis when erected is up to 7inches. However, its maximum capacity is 8.5inches while maximum girth is 6.7. This means those whose sizes are exactly these figures or extremely close to it will need bigger pump. However, for most men, this pump size is perfect. The X30 size is equally suitable for most men. The Hercules is not only the standard size; it is preferred by many guys although it is relatively cheap when compared to other bathmate products.

HydroMax X20

This model is for guys whose penises fall below the average size. This means it is suitable for less than or average penis sizes of about 5.5inches. This pump can allow an increase of up to 2inches and increase girth to about 5.

HydroMax X30

This pump isn?t as much about increasing size as it is about increasing size fast. By redesigning the functionalities of the valve system and bellows, there is a suction increase of up to 30% when compared to previous editions of HydroMax pumps. However, it shares size with Hercules and will work well for guys who aim for penis and girth sizes of 8.5 and 6.7 respectively.

HydroMax X40

This shares the same improved features as the x30 with the difference of being designed for bigger sizes. However, it is smaller than Goliath. Its maximum capacity is 10 while its girth capacity is 7.9 and it is suitable for men whose erected penis is from sizes 7-9inches.

The Goliath

This holds record as the world?s largest penis pump. This model is designed for endowed guys who already measure about 9 or more and still want to cross their limits. Its length capacity is an astonishing 10.5 and girth is 9inches.

HydroMax Extremes

These are the double X categories and are upgrades of the X20, X30 and X40 to XX20, XX30 and XX40. However, there is also XX50 for guys who measure between 9-11inches. While these pumps share some similarities with their parent products, they come with hose, handball pump and some extras.


How Does Bathmate Work?

This penis pump was designed for use in water which makes it more effective and quicker than air pumps. Moreover, different Bathmate pumps have been subjected to various tests and are now being recommended by the medical community. When you want to pump, ensure you use warm water to relax the tissues around the penile region and make pumping more effective. The warm water also opens blood vessels up thereby expanding the capacity of the penis to hold blood. The fact that it works is prevalent in many bathmate results. There are also several videos you can watch online to get the hang of it but you must ensure that you follow the instructions laid out by the manufacturers.

An easily impressive detail about these pumps is that you can easily incorporate them to your lifestyle. This is not to say you shouldn?t keep tabs on your progress. After all, that is what this bathmate review is about. However, the process is so natural and easy that it feels like the normal thing to do.

Once the tube is filled with warm water, place the cylinder upon your relaxed penis and pull the pump towards you and slowly release it to set the initial seal. Then you can start pumping. There is a release valve at the end of the cylinder that will release water from the pump. As you pump, you will notice and feel your penis becoming erect and the size increasing. Keep pumping until water is completely ejected from the valve. This means you have reached maximum pressure point. You can start from 1-2cm past your regular erection point and go up from there. The pumping process is a painless one although you will feel the pressure. If you ever feel pain during the process, discontinue pumping instantly and consult your doctor.


Bathmate Results

This is what everyone who reads a bathmate review wants to know. Does it work? How would I know if it?s working? Is the result permanent if it works? All these questions will be answered one after the other. The answer to the obvious and most important question is that Yes, bathmate works. There are many people who attest to this fact and I am not just telling you about positive reviews online, I can personally attest to people I know that used this product and it worked amazingly for them.

If I only use my story as a sample, it may sound fallacious but the diverse people that have attested to its power show me that it is truly potent. Within three months, I had gained close to 2inches and my girth has im proved by close to 1inch. This is a remarkable improvement for me as though my penis is of standard size, I have always loved sexually hungry women who can?t stop asking for more and it seemed my 7.2 inches wasn?t cutting it for me. Now, I am 9.1 inches and I feel like I am in charge. Yet, my story is still ordinary compared to that of some guys that I personally know.

As for the second question, it isn?t rocket science to know if bathmate is yielding results. Simply measure. The thing is that with each pump, there will be a difference, an improvement and overtime the difference will be obvious. The third question about permanence is an absolute yes. As such, when you reach the size that you are fine with, please stop pumping because the more you pump, the longer you get.

My three months experience shows me that bathmate works and while I am too modest to share my personal improvement bathmate before and after pictures, there are several of such on the web. Depending on what site the pictures are from, they are verified stories especially if it is from the bathmate official website.

If you are ready to begin the three month journey that will change your sexual performance for the better, ensure you do not buy the product from anywhere as there are many fakes and imitations out there. Ensure you buy from an official bathmate vendor as that is the only way you can be assured of quality. You should also order online through official vendors as this will afford you the opportunity to not only be served excellently, you will also be privy to discounts and guarantee. Note that bathmate products are shipped worldwide discreetly so your privacy as much as quality are both assured.



You may have come across one bathmate review or another. Some just declare that the product works without attempting to discuss how while others discuss bathmate results. Now, you know and understand that the product was designed with your best interest at heart. And from the bathmate before and after pictures and testimonials, you can see for yourself why this is the safest option for you out there. Yes, the market is saturated with several options but how many come with no risks, reasonable price and proven delivery like bathmate products? If my sexual life can change so dramatically within three months, what do you think a product like this will achieve for you and that special someone? Choose right, choose wise and choose Bathmate.

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