Diabetes Destroyer Review: David Andrew?s Diabetes Destroyer Work?

Diabetes Destroyer Review:

David Andrew?s Diabetes Destroyer Work?


It began with the story of a man, David Andrews, the brain behind Diabetes Destroyer, when he was about to lose everything and found a way to restore his health and vitality. This Diabetes Destroyer review is about determining if Diabetes Destroyer does indeed destroy diabetes or is just another bluff.

Diabetes is a disease that affects an unbelievable number of people worldwide. Below are staggering statistics that make any claim to make it go away something that will get attention whether it?s true or not;

  • 29.1 million People in the US have diabetes; over 30% of these are undiagnosed, therefore unaware of their condition.
  • Men have a slightly higher risk of developing diabetes compared to women.
  • In adults 20 years and above, more than one in every 10 persons suffers from diabetes, among people 65 years and older, that figure is more than one in four.
  • Research has shown that 1 out of 3 adults have pre-diabetes with 9 out of 10 people not knowing they have it at all.

Diabetes destroyer is designed to help those with diabetes type 2 adopt diet and lifestyle changes that will help them reduce their diabetes symptoms and eliminate them in the long run. The new treatment is available on diabetesdestroyer.com and it helps those with type 2 diabetes learn new and old diets that can help them lower their blood sugar levels such that you won?t need Insulin or Metformin anymore. It is 100% all-natural cures and many people agree that this is the safest bet where health and well-being is concerned. It shows how to alter diabetes and prediabetes in as little as a week. It provides short term as well as long term solution.


How Did Diabetes Destroyer Come To Be?

David Andrews was a type 2 diabetic who spent $2000 monthly on treatments before being hospitalized for Non-ketotic Hyperglycemic Hyperosmolar Coma. He was told that if his legs weren?t amputated, he would die within a year. His journey to health and well-being began with the researcher, Dr. Roy Taylor, who showed that by jumpstarting the pancreas, which is the part of the body that regulates blood sugar levels, you will be able to avoid insulin resistance. The only hitch tot his first research was that the effects lasted only for a period of three months. The challenge was to discover a permanent solution; David Andrews succeeded with his quest and created what we now have in the form of Diabetes Destroyer. This is the time to mention that David Andrews is the Head Chef in a five star restaurant. This means it was easy for him to create a meal plan that will not necessarily make him feel sickly. He was able to add his flair and make it flexible to suit taste while having the specific fats, carbs, sugars, minerals and vitamins required to destroy the fat deposits around the pancreas.


What Else Is Included In The Book?

Before you go on thinking diabetes destroyer is all about meal plans, something you probably already have a basic idea about. I will quickly say the book is much more than that. If followed thoroughly, it will deliver as it is based on scientific research and verifiable assertions. This diabetes destroyer review will include everything that can be said about David Andrew?s diabetes destroyer so that whatever decision you make concerning it will be based on facts and information.

To begin with, the book requires that you be open- minded enough to believe some people want the status quo to continue regarding the treatment of diabetes. While this may seem like a conspiracy to sell David Andrew?s own solution, his assertions are backed up by facts of multinational pharmaceutical companies bribing doctors to prescribe their products. And the statistics regarding these malpractices seem to be worsening overtime. This means if there ever happens to be a cheap and permanent solution to diabetes like Diabetes Destroyer; it will meet with strong and powerful opposition.

The book contains detailed guides on some particular foods that are toxic to type 2 diabetics. The hitch here is that these foods are recently being propagated to be as ?better than they are thought to be? and people are encouraged to consume them. Not surprisingly, there is increasing number of people being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Diabetes Destroyer talks about these foods including some that you will be surprised by and eat several times a day. They cause organ inflammation and overwork your body when it tries to process them.

The book contains a detailed diabetic diet that will help you lessen fast and white foods while focusing on real food and real water which will help your body to shed its own carbohydrates. It also contains information on how you can increase your metabolism and foods you can eat to do this. Diabetes Destroyer dedicates time to discuss the effect of timing your meals. It is crucial to not only eat the right meal but to eat it at the right time. Timing is so important; it can differentiate between a recurring diabetic and a permanently cured one.


Breakdown of Program: 4 modules of Diabetes Destroyer

David Andrews and his wife took a lot of time and research to create a program which they names Type 2 Diabetes Destroyer. The program contains 4 modules.

  • Module 1? contains information on scientific details about the real cause of type 2 diabetes as well as how easy it is to fix. You will learn about gluten glitches and a video course titled ?Insulin Sensitivity: the Shortcut to Weight Loss?. You will get information about how to reverse and not just manage your type 2 diabetes symptoms.
  • Module 2??titled ?The ?Pancreas Jumpstart? temporary Meal plan? contains a temporary meal plan that will supply the exact nutrients you need for jumpstarting your pancreas. It also entails step-by-step guide to help you apply the temporary meal plan to reverse your type 2 diabetes. The video, ?3 Diabetic Friendly Desserts? is a recipe guide included in this module. At this stage, you will need your insulin shots less or not at all since your body would have learnt how to regulate blood sugar on its own.
  • Module 3, titled ?The Natural trick to Amp Up your Metabolism? is where you will learn ?30-second Workout? that will keep your metabolism up all day long. It also contains ?3 Metabolism Boosting Berries? that will kick your metabolism into overdrive. These tricks will not only increase the rate your body absorbs insulin; they will also help your body melt fats away and increase your energy. Thereby reducing your chances of developing a heart disease which diabetics are prone to.
  • Module 4? is the aspect that ensures that you are cured of type 2 diabetes for good. It shows how you can maintain a schedule to keep your bold sugar levels regulated. The video guide, ?Meal Timing for Weight Loss? will help you to lose extra fats as your diabetes disappears. It also takes away the guess work from how long you have to stop eating before bed.

The duration of the program before you see results vary. For some people, you can get results within 11 days. However, within3-8 weeks, type 2 diabetes should be a thing of the past.


Pros and Cons of Diabetes Destroyer

Here are the top reasons you should opt for Diabetes Destroyer to deal with type 2 diabetes:

  • Diabetes destroyer is based on scientific facts that are proven and verifiable.
  • It costs very little financially as well as in other aspects. No one likes the idea of needing drugs to survive
  • It is an all-natural treatment, even if it didn?t work, something good will come out of trying it unlike using medications that usually have side effects.
  • It does work. There are over 30,000 diabetics all over the world that have attested to it.
  • The program is easy to understand and if a user is committed, will find the steps easy to follow.
  • It works for both new and long-term diabetics
  • It solves another major health problem-being overweight
  • Quick result: considering that type 2 diabetes is a life threatening disease, 11 days is a good time to get rid of it. However, this varies among people but its result rate is still impressive.
  • It has a 60-day money back guarantee

Unfortunately, Diabetes Destroyer has its limitations which include the following:

  • It is not helpful for type 1 diabetes.
  • It cannot help those who cannot commit to its recommendations. Diacipline, commitment and determination are necessary to make it work
  • It requires lifestyle changes, but to be realistic, this is necessary even for medicated treatment options.

David Andrews has done a lot to make sure Diabetes Destroyer is affordable, available and effective for its users. This Diabetes destroyer review believes it is real based on the facts accompanying the product.