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essential oils for skin tags

Going are those days when it was ancient practice to use essential oils for skin remedies. Essential oils are fast gaining the preference they deserve because of the convergence of information that support and propagate their effectiveness. One such skin condition that essential oils are adequately responsive to is skin tags. There are several essential oils for skin tags that will restore the skin tone and vibrancy and make it seem like the skin condition never even existed. People are resorting to using essential oils for their skin conditions for several reasons that will be covered in the course of this article.


What are Skin Tags?

Skin tags, also called fibroepithelial polyps or soft fibromas are benign lesions that occur on the skin. They usually retain the colour of surrounding flesh or may be slightly darker in colour. While skin tags may appear to be nuisances, they are usually harmless. The causes of skin tags are not particularly known but some doctors feel that when skin surfaces rub against one another, it may be a contributory factor, when people develop resistance to insulin and it may result as the action of the Human papilloma virus. It is predicted that almost everyone will at least have skin tag at some point in their lives. They mostly grow around skin folds and range from the size of about 1mm to 5cm.

Some people have found it difficult to tell if what they actually have on their skin is skin tag or wart. You can tell the difference between the two in these ways

  • Warts have irregular surface and are usually rough while skin tags have smooth and harmless surface
  • Warts are contagious growths that can spread from one part of the skin to another while skin tags are not. If the growths on your skin appear to be in cluster or an outbreak, they are most likely, warts.
  • While skin tags usually look like they can be detached from the skin, warts are flatly outlined on the skin surface.

While there is a consensus that skin tags are harmless and aren’t any problems, there are instances where it would be better to remove skin tags. Our self-esteem isn’t something that goes for cheap and we should fight against anything that will ridicule using any way. If you don’t like how your skin tags make you feel or you are not able to dress like you would love because of inhibitions set by your skin tags, then you already have excellent reasons to remove them. Thankfully, there are natural remedies you can use to achieve this without worrying about side effects. Among such remedies is the use of essential oils for skin tags. There are several essential oils out there and almost any will do for some skin conditions. However, their levels of proficiency for certain purposes differ seriously. For this reason, when considering how to easily remove skin tags, some essential oils work better than others. We will share these preferable essential oils next in this article.


The Best Essential Oils for Skin Tags


1. Australian Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca oil is popularly applied to a wide variety of skin conditions. It is extracted from a plant that is native to Queensland and New South Wales. It is particularly effective in treating growths on the skin and is antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic and anti disinfectant. Tea tree oil is not only effective in treating skin tags but also works well to prevent it from existing, to begin with. If fights off the germs and other agents that may work together to enhance the growth of skin tags. Tea tree oil is useful for drying out skin tags. This it does by blocking the supply of blood to the tags and making them dry out completely and afterward, fall off.

Method of Application

You can dilute it tea tree oil with softer essential oils like rosehip seed oil or lavender oil by adding a few drops of tea tree oil to these and blending. Afterward, apply the mixture to the skin tags several times a day. Within two to three days, you will begin to notice it drying up and after one or two more days, it will fall off the skin painlessly. You can apply honey or Aloe Vera gel to the spot from which the tag has fallen to prevent it from forming a spot.


2. Oregano Oil

The thing about this oil is that it works so well, your skin tags will be history in a matter of days if you take it seriously. Oregano oil is potent and should be blended with carrier oils like coconut oil or olive oil to prevent further skin irritation. Oregano essential oil has several properties which include antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiparasitic properties. Oregano essential oil is gotten from the extraction of the juice from oregano leaves while they are still fresh and this oil is useful not only for respiratory and other conditions but also to remove skin tags. In fact, studies according to the Journal of Medicinal Food revealed that this oil is useful for shrinking tumors making it a perfect treatment for skin lesions.

Method of Application

Since Oregano oil cannot be used alone because of its potency, you have to first mix drops of the oil with carrier oils like coconut oil or shea butter. In case you are using shea butter, ensure it has melted and is in liquid form before adding oregano essential oil. Then apply to the skin tags and after a day or two, you will notice the tag drying out and eventually fall off.


3. Frankincense Oil

Frankincense essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties and antiseptic properties that make it effective in killing off bacteria and some other agents that can cause skin tags in the first place. Frankincense oil is highly effective for removing skin tags. It is traditionally used for skin toning purposes and acts powerfully against infections. Because of this oil’s potency, ensure you blend it with carrier oil before applying to skin tags. Blend frankincense oil with base oils like castor or coconut oil to make it skin-friendly. After one to two days of constant application, you will begin to notice its effect. It will cause the skin tags to dry out by blocking supply of blood and eventually kill the tag which will fall off after a while.

Method of Application

You can use cotton swab or your fingertips to apply frankincense oil to skin tags. Ensure the oil has been blended with carrier oil to soften its effect before applying to skin tags. Apply several times a day everyday till you achieve the desired result.


4. Castor Oil

This is a very popular essential oil for various conditions. It can be ingested or topically applied for many health reasons and benefits. Castor oil can be used to soften the effect of some potent essential oil or it can be used alone for several skin conditions one of which is skin tags. You can further make a paste with castor oil by mixing it with baking soda. Whatever option you prefer will be effective in removing your skin tags.

Method of Application

Castor oil in whatever form, either pure or used as carrier oil or used to form a paste with baking soda will safely remove skin tags. Apply it to skin tags several times in a day and you will see its effect after a few days. If you are using it as a paste, usage will most likely be limited to mornings and evenings alone. You should used bandage to keep it in place for about 15 minutes before washing off.


5. Lavender Essential Oil

This is the most versatile essential oil out there. It is used by all and sundry for medicinal, aromatic and therapeutic reasons. Don?t be deceived though; the fact that the oil can be so diversely applied doesn?t make it less effective for skin tags. Lavender essential oil has soothing and calming properties that restore the skin to perfect conditions after ridding it of tags.

Method of application

You can use lavender oil alone or combine with some other oils like coconut oil and olive oil. Get a spray bottle and create the mix. Then you can spray on skin tags as many times as possible on a daily basis. Lavender essential oil will eliminate the irritation that supports skin tag development and reduce inflammation.


6. Rose Hip Seed Oil

This oil is rich in Vitamin C and fatty acids and as such, is used in treating several skin conditions. It not only deals with skin tags, it rejuvenates the skin and nourishes it. Rose Hip Seed essential oil is a good option for getting rid of skin tags.

Method of Application

You should blend this essential oil with some other carrier oils for maximum effectiveness. Victoria Edwards, author of ?The Aromatherapy Companion? recommends 1 tbsp of this oil with 1 tsp each of sage essential oil and everlasting essential oil. You should apply the mixture to skin tags several times a day to see quick results.


7. Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary essential oil is gotten from extracts of rosemary leaves. It is effective for removing skin tags. It has antibacterial properties and is a powerful astringent. Apart from the fact that rosemary essential oil is useful for protecting against skin tags, it performs antibacterial and antiseptic functions that fight the continued existence of skin tags.

Method of Application

Blend rosemary oil with carrier oil like grapeseed oil and apply to skin tags in the ration 10 drops to one. Then you can apply to the skin tags with cotton swab or fingertip. Apply several times daily for quicker results.


8. Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is a potent essential oil gotten from lemon extract. It is an astringent that removes excess oils which help in the formation of skin tags and also excess water from the skin. Lemon essential oil cuts the life from skin tags and causes it to fall off with consistent application. Do remember to stay away from sunlight as lemon is photosensitive and can cause further skin irritation with exposure. It will also be safer if you can mix with carrier oil like olive oil before applying to skin tags.

Method of Application

Apply to skin tags several times a day as long as you are away from sunlight. You will begin to notice the tags dry out and with time, fall off.


9. Sweet Basil Essential Oil

This oil is an aromatic extract of leaves of basil plants. It is also called sweet basil and has strong medicinal uses. It has antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that make it highly effective in dealing with skin tags. It has been consistently used for various skin conditions including the removal of warts and treatment of acne. Sweet Basil essential oil is one of the most effective essential oils for removing skin tags.

Method of Application

Sweet Basil essential oil should be mixed with carrier oils like lavender oil or coconut oil. Once the blending has been done, apply to skin tags several times a day.


Safely Removing Skin Tags

Please note that DIY method of removing skin tags requires a high level of patience and tolerance. You must find the essential oils that will suit your skin type and be careful with the blending and application to prevent irritation or complications.

First test any essential oil you want to use on unaffected parts of your skin to check for irritation before applying to your skin tags

Note also that it is way better to consult a dermatologist about your skin tags before treating yourself. They may be able to provide helpful information on the safest way to combine essential oils to treat your skin tags or even tell you outright if essential oils wouldn?t be preferable for your case

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