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Home remedies for constipation


Dear Fellow Constipation Sufferer,


I have been there. Whenever I do a little internet research on fast home remedies for constipation relief, I get basic information on constipation. At this point, I have heard it all thousands of times. Every website claiming to know how to cure constipation, gives me the same fundamental solutions: Drink more water, Eat a healthy well-balanced diet, Consume a diet higher in fiber, Incorporate exercise in daily routine, or Medicate with various laxatives – causing additional health hazards.

I, for one, am fed up! I feel like I spend too much time sifting through the common home remedies, hoping that this time it will be different. This time I will find something ORIGINAL that actually works, and provides immediate relief.

Constipation is an embarrassing condition that is painful and frustrating. I am personally familiar with all of the unpleasant symptoms associated with this problem, and have often thought:

?I?m concerned about my health, because it has been days since my last bowel movement!?

?Even with all of the pain and straining, I only get a few hard pellets and no relief.?

?I am starting to look pregnant, because I am so bloated!?

?I?m embarrassed all day, as I frequently pass foul-smelling gas.?

?I’m worried that all the laxatives that I get from my doctor could be hurting my body.?


This condition affects millions of people, and is particularly common in women. I know that these are all common symptoms of constipation, and nothing I should be ashamed or embarrassed about, but it does not change how I feel most of the time.

The majority of the time I end up suffering in silence. I skip meals, and lose key nutrients, which leaves me feeling terrible. I feel like I have constant headaches, and get extremely anxious when I?m invited to go out. I find I rarely have the energy to socialize, not to mention all the unpleasant symptoms associated with my condition, like bloating and smelly gas. In addition, I just feel unattractive, inside and out.

I don?t want to blame anyone, but with an $18 billion junk food industry, sometimes I wonder if maybe they make it too easy. These companies are specifically targeting individuals and trying to get them to buy into this unhealthy lifestyle, which leads to constipation, obesity and other health problems.


Chronic Constipation Leads To Serious Health Problems

Chronic Constipation Leads

It may sound surprising, but there are many people unaware that they too suffer from constipation. This is a worldwide problem. As our society evolves, and eats more and more processed food, we decrease our fiber intake and lose critical nutrients.

My body should eliminate waste regularly, with one bowel movement a day. The short-term effects of not experiencing regular bowel movements may be negligible, but as time passes, chronic constipation can lead to serious health issues.

Fecal material is made up of waste products that cannot be digested and used as nutrients. This substance has been rejected by all parts of my digestive tract, stomach, intestines, and colon, which has signaled to my body that this needs to be eliminated. So, if stool significantly slows down, or stops, movement through my colon, then my whole digestive process can be affected. Poor digestion can lead to poor health.

When stool fails to be eliminated from my body, it blocks the passage of gas. This can cause gas to painfully penetrate colon walls, allowing toxins to enter my blood stream. Also, as fecal material stays in my colon, it weakens the walls of my colon, causing inflammation and potentially leading to disease.

The longer I have constipation, the higher my chances of developing more severe health problems. Logically, as time passes and food waste stays in my colon, it starts to decompose. Now, my body is retaining toxic, rotting fecal matter.

Long-term constipation and an unhealthy digestive system can lead to:

Blocked digestion
Metabolic Imbalance
Fecal impaction
Rectal bleeding
Anal fissures

Knowing this, sometimes I get terrified that this will happen to me, and there is nothing I can do to stop it. This is on top of already experiencing gas, bloating, depression, fatigue, insomnia, irritability, and more.

I know I?m not the only one suffering from constipation, most people experience it at some point in their life. Many individuals choose to use over the counter laxatives to treat their constipation, but this can cause serious damage to the body. Not to mention, over the counter and prescription laxatives may cause your constipation to come back.

So, what am I to do? The first step I need to take is HEAL and BALANCE my colon. Once I get it back up to normal strength and working properly, then I can avoid some of the usual causes of constipation.



To Become Regular I Need To Identify The SOURCE Of My Constipation

What causes Constipation

My constipation is likely due to a lifestyle choice that does not promote good digestive health. There are various factors that can contribute to this condition.

My colon is designed to pass any undigested material and bodily wastes out, through the rectum. This process is triggered naturally when this waste has fiber, or bulk. The fiber puts pressure on my colon walls, and signals peristaltic action (muscle movements to move the waste out). In other words, foods that cause my constipation are low in fiber, highly processed, and have a high sugar content.

Meaning that I need to consume foods rich in fiber to obtain the bulk needed to move the waste through my digestive system. I need to consume foods that help relieve constipation, like fruits, vegetables, and grains, particularly foods that have a combination of soluble and insoluble fiber.

Also, I need to eat fewer foods that contribute to constipation, like dairy products, meat, and fish, which contain little to no fiber. These low fiber foods move slowly through my digestive tract, and stay too long in my colon, unless I add more fruits and vegetables to my diet.

Another contributing factor to my constipation is probably dehydration. I do not drink enough liquids a day to stay adequately hydrated. My body needs moisture to move stools efficiently through my intestines.

Leading a sedentary lifestyle, sitting or lying around for extended periods of time, can lead to constipation. When I get up and move around, this stimulates my digestive system to get up and move too. Indicating that an exercise routine is very important to my digestive health.

Stress can contribute to constipation. This type of lifestyle has negative emotional, mental, and physical elements compounding my problem. Other likely causes are certain medications, and obstruction, pregnancy, metabolic and endocrine disorders.


7 Causes of constipationIn Dr. Mauro’s 7 Common Constipation Causes that Every Woman Should Know and Avoid booklet these contributing factors are explained more in depth.

I have found this very useful, and recommend downloading it to get a better idea what we are dealing with. If we don?t know what the 7 main causes of constipation are, then treatments may not work. If we fail to eliminate the cause, then there may never be any relief from bloating, gas and everything that goes with it.

This booklet provided me with the key information to remove the main causes of constipation in my life. By reading and taking to heart the advice in this FREE booklet, I began to feel a relief of my constipation almost immediately. I started to experience a reduction of symptoms within a week.

Thoroughly reading the 7 Common Causes of Constipation, gave me insight into the root cause of my condition. Find It Here!



Women Today Are Busier Than Ever

Busy Women Lead to Consitpation

I, like many of my fellow women, lead an extremely busy life. At times, it seems almost impossible to find time and energy to think about anything, much less do anything, extra other than balancing my demanding job, children, and home.

That being said, I know how challenging it can be to EAT what we are supposed to.

I?m not referring to COOKING properly, but actually WHAT to eat.

More specifically HOW we eat, and CHEWING the food we eat.

With my busy schedule, I find myself wanting to chew something a couple of times, and then gulp it down, just to save time. Even if it fits down my throat, it still needs to be much smaller if my digestive system is going to be able to absorb it.

There is a common saying, ?Chew your food 32 times.? While this is good rule to live by, very few people adhere to it. This saying came about when mealtimes were a time to connect with those around you, and a form of entertainment. Now, we have other forms of entertainment, and demands for our attention: Digital TV, iPads, iPhones, full inboxes, etc.

Here in North America we don?t get to benefit from 90 minute lunch breaks, as they do in Europe. We are basically a ?Type A Personality? continent. Following the American Dream, we aim to produce, make money, and buy material things.

This drive to succeed can cause us to overlook our physical and emotional needs. Making the old saying, ?We spend the first 50 years of our life making money and losing our health, so we can spend the last 25 years losing our money to get our health back? a true statement. Ironically, the wealthy top 2% of the population are fairly healthy. As they lead a more balanced lifestyle, than the remaining 98% of the population, who live paycheck-to-paycheck.

When I find that I am pressed for time, I have to remind myself that I NEED to take the time and chew my food. I personally don?t count to 32 before swallowing. However, I do find that if I start counting the number of times I chew, then I force myself to slow down.

Chewing Food can decrease constipationIt is important that I chew my food thoroughly, until I don?t any solid pieces in my mouth. This way I have already started digestion by completely mixing my food with saliva. Enzymes in saliva help to breakdown foodstuffs and speed the digestive processes.

Other time when I feel like rushing through a meal, I remind myself that food needs to be very small when it gets to my stomach. Since food materials only have a limited exposure to the acid and enzymes in my stomach, I need to make sure my body can make the most of the couple of hours, before sending the rest to my small intestine. When I send large chunks of food into my stomach, my body only has a chance to breakdown the outside of these pieces.

As the large pieces of partially digested food enter my small intestines, they cannot be fully absorbed. Instead, they become food for the unhealthy bacteria, causing gas, leading to bloating and flatulence. Also, these bacteria produce toxins that are harmful to the colon wall.

If these toxins damage the colon walls, then it is difficult to eliminate waste. In addition, higher numbers of bad bacteria decreases the numbers of good bacteria that are essential in stimulating the movement of the colon.

In other words, I need to chew my food completely, or it becomes toxic inside my body, and leads to constipation. Chewing my food until it is completely mixed with my saliva and liquid will give me the most nutritional value, and make digestion easier on my body.

When I chew my food, I feel full longer, because my body has a chance to absorb all the nutrients in my food. Not to mention, if I am not wolfing everything down, then I get a chance to taste all the wonderful flavors in my meal.

Unfortunately, some people look at me as if I?m crazy, because I?m spending time to enjoy my meal, instead of rushing to the next task in life. But, I find that if bring a magazine or book with me, then I get fewer strange looks. They just assume that I?m taking longer to eat, because I?m reading.

When eating with other people, I usually just let them do most of the talking. I have found that my friends consider me an exceptional listener, because of this.

Apart from chewing, certain foods, especially when prepared incorrectly, are difficult, if not IMPOSSIBLE to chew thoroughly. These foods can cause constipation, leading to gas and bloating.



Constipation Treatments That Damage My Colon And Health

Side effects of laxativesConstipation is a sign that my colon is not operating, as it should. This condition lets me know that my diet and lifestyle are detrimental to my health and can potentially lead to a more serious disease, or illness, in the future. On the other hand, my constipation could be a symptom of a gastrointestinal disease that I am unaware of.

Either way, constipation is not a symptom I should ignore, though many that suffer from the same condition do just that. Others look to treat constipation with unnatural, dangerous laxatives.

My experience with over the counter laxatives was far from pleasant. A more apt name for these types of medications would be “diarrhea pills.” These trigger the urgent need to go. This can happen at inopportune times, and the need to go feeling doesn?t go away for some time, exhausting all energy and creating potentially embarrassing moments.

Also, these laxatives are quick fix solutions, and not meant to be taken over the long-term. So, after a few weeks, they don?t work anymore. Then, when they no longer produce results, I quit taking them, and my constipation comes back, worse than before.

I learned my lesson, and now I THINK TWICE about quick constipation fixes! I have found that they may fix problems for the short-term, but pave the way for more pain and suffering tomorrow.



The Truth Concerning Laxative Medicines


Drugstore Laxatives Side Effects

If I go to my doctor and complain of constipation, most of the time, my doctor will not know the best way to treat my condition, because she does not know the root cause.

Especially, since the majority of the time she cannot see any physical maladies, through various scans or tests, to indicate how or why my body is malfunctioning. This means that my doctor will likely prescribe a laxative.

Laxative medications are used to treat constipation. These medicines are available in a variety of forms, including liquids, tablets, capsules, and suppositories (inserted via the rectum). Laxatives fall into four distinct categories, based on how they provide constipation relief.

Bulk-forming laxatives
Osmotic laxatives
Stimulant laxatives
Stool softeners

Certain laxative medications are designed to work quickly, and usually start working within 15 to 30 minutes. Others can take up to one to two days to see any effects.

Laxative medicines are generally taken for a short period of time. Just a few days, until bowel movements are back to normal. There are a handful of people that get into the habit of taking a laxative daily. These people say that they do it ‘to keep the bowels regular,’ or as a way to prevent constipation.

Drugstore laxatives are simply unsafe. These types of medications desensitize the colon, and can become habit-forming. Continual use of these laxatives can irritate muscles and nerves in the intestinal lining, interfere with adequate adsorption and digestion, trigger painful cramps, and lead to other internal health problems

The dangers of long-term use of over the counter laxatives are:

  • Dehydration ? Dehydration is a common complication of laxative use, as they get rid of fluids from the body. Weakness, blurry vision, tremors, and fainting spells are all symptoms of moderate dehydration. Chronic or severe dehydration will lead to permanent kidney damage, and failure.
  • Electrolyte Imbalance ? Electrolytes are essential minerals dissolved in blood and body fluids. These minerals need to be present in specific amounts for the body to function properly. Electrolytes, like potassium and sodium, allow nerves and muscles to operate. Consumption of laxatives disrupts this precarious balance, causing tremors, muscle cramps, spasms, and potentially heart attack. Since the heart is a muscle it needs the perfect balance of electrolytes to work.
  • Laxative Addiction ? Laxatives irritate nerve endings in the intestines and bowel tract. Prolonged use of these medicines can cause permanent nerve damage. Eventually, nerve endings stop reacting to stimulation, and more laxatives are needed to generate the same results. Over time, the body can no longer have unaided bowel movements, and will require laxatives, leading to addiction.
  • Infections in the Colon ? The colon has a protective lining, keeping harmful bacteria out of the body. This mucous layer can be stripped away with the consumption of laxatives, leaving the vulnerable, inner wall of the colon susceptible to infections.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) ? Laxative use can lead to problems with IBS, periods of diarrhea and constipation, in addition to gas and rectal pain. Individuals with IBS have greater risk of developing bowel tumors.
  • Death ? Excessive use of laxatives and enemas can result in death. After the body has experienced nerve damage, and electrolyte imbalance, then key processes cannot function correctly. The heart is one of these processes; it can stop beating from overuse of enemas and laxatives.

These are reasons enough to be wary of drugstore laxatives. I believe that no one should subject themselves to this type of danger, and to only use natural, safe ways to cure constipation. I have found the most success for my constipation relief in natural home remedies that do not upset the function and balance of my colon.



Hang on, Not All Natural Remedies Are Safe?!?!

constipation treatment

If a constipation treatment claims to be ?natural,? then this does not mean that the solution is safe, or free from side effects. There are many well-known “natural” cures for constipation, which are actually detrimental to the bowels when used over long periods of time.

Many “miracle cures” can use natural ingredients, but this does not necessarily mean that these ingredients are safe for the body. For instance, excessive use of magnesium supplements, aloe vera, senna, cascara, and castor oil, all common in constipation treatments, can cause severe intestinal problems in the future.

I avoid using these ingredients, as there are safer methods available.


Magnesium Supplements

Magnesium for constipation dangerousTaking vitamin and mineral supplements can be tricky. Certain dosages of vitamin and mineral supplements can cause constipation, relieve it, or produce a harmful laxative effect.

There is a wealth of information on the internet supporting the use of magnesium to treat constipation. This information is incomplete, and lack of knowledge can be harmful. The majority of information tells us that insufficient amounts of magnesium leads to constipation.

It fails to explain how magnesium works in the body. Surplus magnesium pulls water into the colon. Meaning excessive amounts of magnesium works the same as a laxative on the bowels. It causes water to rush into the bowels, and makes stools abnormally soft.

This is appropriate for the occasional case of severe constipation, and should only be used for a SHORT-TERM solution. If used constantly, just like drugstore laxatives, it can cause a weakened colon prone to constipation.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Juice for constipationTo date, there have not been enough studies to determine if aloe vera juice is safe to ingest on a regular basis. Though, certain scientific studies show the development of cancer in mice that were fed whole-leaf aloe vera extracts.

When aloe vera is consumed, it causes a pigmentation disorder, melanosis coli, that affects the intestinal walls. Aloe vera turns walls a nearly black in color. Thankfully, this appears to be a harmless side effect, only seen with a GI scope, and can be reversed when aloe supplementation is discontinued.

Aloe vera has a simulative effect on intestinal muscles, moving a bowel movement through the digestive tract. However, when consumed for a long duration, it has the potential to be harmful to the body.


SennaSenna for constipation

Several over-the-counter ?All Natural? herbal laxative products typically contain Senna. This legume plant contains high amounts of sennosides in the leaves.

Sennosides relieve constipation by stimulating muscle contractions in the intestine and fluid secretion, allowing fecal material to move through the digestive tract.

However, extended use causes electrolyte imbalance, dehydration, and diminished muscle function in the intestine, which can result in the return of constipation.


Cascara Sagrada

Cascara Sagrada for constipationSpanish Conquistadors named a species of buckthorn plant, Cascara sagrada, meaning ?Sacred Bark,? because of its powerful laxative properties. Native Americans from the Pacific Northwest and Western Coast of the United States were using this same herb for hundreds of years before the Spanish explorers.

Cascara sagrada comes from the dried bark of the Rhamnus purshianus plant, which contains effective natural laxatives. The hydroxyanthracene glycosides promote peristalsis in the colon, and emodin stimulates smooth muscle cells in the large intestine.

This is another short duration remedy, and Cascara should not be used for more than 7 days continuously. It has been known to cause damage to muscles in the intestine and nerve centers related to bowel elimination. In 2002, the FDA banned the use of Cascara in over-the-counter laxative medications.

Castor Oil for constipation

Castor Oil


This vegetable oil is made from Castor plant seeds. A compound in castor oil is metabolized in the small intestines, and produces ricinoleic acid. This acid provides a strong laxative effect that stimulates an increase in the strength and frequency of peristaltic muscle contractions.

Castor oil has an intense purgative effect, causing abdominal pain and distress while moving fecal material through the digestive tract. In addition, Castor oil reduces the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream.



Home Remedies For Constipation Relief Without Harmful Side Effects


Constipation reliefMy family and I have used these safe, natural home remedies for constipation relief, and I have found that many medical professionals are completely unaware of how effective these treatments are.

Once, when I was feeling absolutely desperate for relief, I searched the internet for fast home remedies. I was looking for something safe and natural, so that I didn?t have to resort to using laxatives.

Through my exhaustive research, and much trial and error, I found that Dr. Mauro’s Constipation Relief Strategies actually work.

I started experiencing relief from my constipation symptoms almost immediately. Within a week of trying out a few of his strategies, I began to noticed improvement. After six weeks, my constipation is cured. Now that I am experiencing BMs daily, sometimes twice a day, I have lost 5 lbs!

I was so impressed with the results I wanted to share five strategies, from Dr. Karlo Mauro?s 37 Constipation Home Remedies For Women, that helped cure my constipation. Dr. Mauro practices naturopathic medicine.

In order to keep things simple, I have eliminated some of the filler, and only provided the necessary information for these natural constipation remedies. These remedies help keep me regular, and helped me get a flatter stomach.


Top 5 constipation remedies



Home Remedies For Constipation Relief #1: POTENT GINGER TONIC


Lemon ginger tonic for relieving constipation

The majority of people know that ginger can help an upset stomach. However, when they reach for a ginger ale, looking for relief, they may not realize that the refined sugar in the drink is causing more harm than good.

This ?Potent Ginger Tonic? recipe contains far more ginger than “ginger ale,” making it much more effective in relieving stomach troubles. I noticed the difference right away, in taste, and results. I find that fresh ginger root works best for me, but dried ginger and ginger tea bags work as well.


  1. Grate or dice one teaspoon of fresh ginger root. Ginger Tonic for constipation
  2. In a pot, boil three cups of water.
  3. Add the ginger root to the boiling water, cover, and simmer for 10 minutes.
  4. Strain ginger.
  5. Let ?tea? cool in a cup.
  6. Squeeze fresh juice from a ? lemon into cup and stir.

I drink three cups of Potent Ginger Tonic a day. Always drink it hot, or at room temperature, and never cold, as it loses some effectiveness at reduced temperatures. I find it is a little more convenient for me when I make a batch in early in the day, with half the amount of required water. This allows me to just add boiling water to my glass when I?m ready to drink it.

Occasionally I make it too spicy, and have to add extra water. If I listen to what my body tells me, when the tonic is too potent, then I end up with better results.


Ginger is not one an ingredient where more = better results, as making the tonic too strong can cause an upset stomach, painful “burnt out” feeling, and even ulcers.

The tonic needs to be potent, just not too potent.

Helpful Tip:

Add ginger into daily meals, providing extra constipation relief. Just grate it into rice, add to vegetables when baking or stir-frying. It also works well in morning oatmeal making it taste like a ginger cookie.

Why This Works:

Ginger is a strong, safe, and natural stimulant. Used all across Asia, it is believed to stimulate the intestinal tract. Ginger promotes muscle contractions that push food waste through the intestines, and out of the body. Not to mention, it fights off unhealthy bacteria, the ones that can lead to constipation and the production of foul gases.

Ginger Tonic can relieve constipation



Home Remedies For Constipation Relief #2: HEALTHY GUT BACTERIA


Healthy gut bacteria

The colon is home to both good and bad bacteria. These good bacteria help maintain a healthy colon and prevent the bad bacteria from taking over.

With constipation, bad bacteria overrun the colon and spread into the small intestine.

If this happens, then all of the food that passes through the small intestines is not digested properly, and can start to ferment, leading to gas.

The bad bacteria multiplies when I:

  • Eat processed foods
  • Consume poisons such as food additives, pesticides, pollution
  • Drink alcohol
  • Have excess anxiety
  • Lack fiber in your diet
  • Use drugstore laxative
  • Use birth control pills
  • Use drugs and medication

To solve this problem, I need the right kind of live bacteria in my gut. The more good bacteria I have in my colon, the lees room there is for the bad bacteria. I like to eat supercharged yogurt to even the odds.


Yogurt Extra Potent With Friendly BacteriaHow to Make Yogurt Extra Potent With Friendly Bacteria:

There are many yogurts containing lactobacillus acidophilus, a particularly good bacteria that helps stimulating the colon to push fecal material out.


The best method that I have found to supercharge yogurt with good bacteria is to set out a normal portion of yogurt. Then, let it sit, covered, at room temperature for 4 – 8 hours.

The bacterial will grow and become more active outside of the refrigerator. My yogurt tastes a little more sour than usual ? but not intolerably so.


Raw Kefir:

Raw KefirKefir is a product similar to yogurt, but in a liquid form. The best way to make kefir, according to natural health experts, is with RAW milk.

Raw milk comes straight from the cow, and has not been pasteurized. It is only sold directly from the dairy farm, because it is only good for 24 – 36 hours after it leaves the cow.


Using raw or non-homogenized pasteurized milk, add a kefir packet, and leave on the counter overnight. Kefir packets are available from local health food stores.

The next day the milk will be teaming with billions of friendly gut bacteria, and have a pleasantly sour taste. I like to consume one cup a day, either by drinking it or by using it as a delightful addition to my meal.


Consuming large quantities of good bacteria causes the two kinds of gut bacteria to go to war. The bad bacteria along with their toxic substances begin to die off. This can cause mild headaches, cramps, and gas, as the bad bacteria try to put up a fight. These are normal side effects of altering the balance of gut bacteria in the colon.

All symptoms should disappear after a few days, after the “enemy” has been defeated. If the symptoms persist, then stop taking probiotics and seek professional advice.

Why This Helps:

When friendly bacteria metabolize food waste, they produce lactic, acetic and other acids that encourage peristalsis ? the muscular contractions of the intestines that move food through the digestive tract.

Good bacteria in the small intestine and colon:Healthy gut bacteria prevent constipation

  • Helps digest milk and nutrients
  • Produce B vitamins
  • Prevent constipation
  • Maintain strength of colon walls, to allow peristaltic movement
  • Reduce cholesterol levels
  • Preserve the immune system
  • Decrease pH levels in the colon, suppressing bad bacteria
  • Eliminate toxic chemicals
  • Help eliminate gas


Good bacteria can help to relieve constipation



Home Remedies For Constipation Relief #3: APPLE JUICE & PRUNE JUICE


I tried this remedy and found relief because apples are known to eliminate constipation because of high pectin and soluble fiber content together with many minerals and natural sugar. This natural sugar is called sorbitol and it works by stimulating peristaltic action in the colon area, which means that you will get frequent bowel movements.

Pectin is also responsible for detoxifying the intestines and when this happens, you will start experiencing frequent bowel movements, the way nature intended it to. One great thing that I came to observe with apples is that the fiber present in them adds weight and bulk to the fecal matter and this in turn helps in drawing water from the colon into the fecal matter itself. This prevents the stool from becoming too hard and you never have to experience constipation again. Apple Juice can help to stop constipation

Having a juicer will help in making the process easier because all you will need to do is prepare the juice beforehand such that mixing it with prune juice gets to be easy. Drinking 3-4 glasses of apple juice a day will go a long way in arresting the constipation issue for good and believe it because I am living proof of that.

I have also come to find that freshly prepared apple juice is better than the bottled one and this is mainly because of the sugars involved and the chemicals present in bottled plastic container juices.

So for the best results consider taking freshly squeezed juice that is freshly made from your nearest store or one that you can make yourself. If you really have to buy bottled apple juice, consider the one stored in glass containers.

For you to get effective results in regards to the laxative effects of apple juice, consider taking the following combination;

  • Drinking 2-3 cups of prune juice
  • After one and a half hours, you drink a cup of apple juice
  • After an hour later, you drink another cup of apple juice

I experienced instant relief after taking the above mentioned combination which is why I am advocating it for anyone who is always experiencing constipation and has not found a working remedy.

After taking this, you will experience frequent bowel movements so be ready to visit the toilet a number of times. For those who are working it is best to take some time off or do this on a weekend to avoid disrupting most of your schedules.

Prune Juice relieve constipation fastI prefer mixing my freshly squeezed apple juice with prune juice because prune juice is a powerful cleansing tool and mostly because it contains a substance called dihydrophenylisatin that gets your bowels moving.

Prune juice is best for mixing with apple juice and this is because it is in itself good for constipation. Unlike other laxatives, prune juice is considered safe, gentle and a very effective laxative. Another great factor with this juice is that it is high in iron and can also act as a supplement in the event that you are running low on iron or are anemic.

A combination of the prune and apple juice provides the body with plenty of minerals and vitamins that help in neutralizing acids in your body. Consider embracing this remedy because it will go on to help your body in more ways than one.

One important thing to note is that if you go back to the eating lifestyle that brought the constipation in the first place, it will surely keep recurring. To prevent this from happening, consider making some changes in regards to your diet and lifestyle so as to curb constipation for good!


Apple Juice & Prune Juice can cure constipation Infographic



Home Remedies For Constipation Relief #4: FENNEL FIG SMOOTHIE RECIPE


I also advocate for this other anti-constipating recipe and this is because it tastes good while at the same time, sorts out the constipation issue. I have tried and found it to work best especially when the figs are soaked in boiling water first.

Figs are rich in potassium and fiber, which are key ingredients when it comes to healthy bowel movements. Fennel seeds have been known to be effective when it comes to the digestive system and they happen to be the secret behind this smoothie. This is why most Indian restaurants place candy coated ones near the front door for their clients to get a handful and chew on their way out.

Fennel Fig Smoothie to relieve constipation fastOne great thing with the Fennel Fig Smoothie is that you can also have it for breakfast or take it as a snack. The ingredients are as follows;

  • 6 dried figs
  • I teaspoon (15ml) of fennel seed water to cover
  • I cup (250ml) of milk or milk substitute

Here?s what to do:

You first place both figs and fennel seeds in a small dish, pot or mug after which you pour boiling water on them. You let them soak for one hour or overnight in a fridge then blend with warm milk after adding the soaked figs and the soaked water together with the fennel seeds.

This should be blended on high for about sixty seconds or until the puree is smooth after which you then take. Do not use a glass dish when soaking the fennel seeds and figs as the glass may shatter when hot water is added. Plastics are also not advisable because they leach toxins when hot water is added.


Fennel Fig smoothie Infographics



Home Remedies For Constipation Relief #5: YOGA STOMACH VACUUM


I have successfully used this very exercise to cure my constipation. This yoga posture has been used in India for thousands of years, but is almost unheard of in the west. This simple exercise can be done almost anywhere ?though it works best in private.


Yoga for constipation relief

Yoga for constipation relief

Yoga for constipation relief


Yoga Stomach Vacuum for relieving constipationI often burp while performing the yoga stomach vacuum, which is perfectly normal. Because of this I try to practice this posture on an empty stomach. I try to make sure it is two hours AFTER a meal, thirty minutes after a light snack, or twenty minutes before eating.

  • I try to perform this pose five times a day.
  • As soon as I wake up
  • Just before I go to bed
  • Before every meal

The easiest way for me to this exercise in before eating is in the restroom, as I go to wash my hands before a meal. Putting in the one to two minutes this takes has made a huge difference in my life, not only providing constipation relief, but improving my overall digestive health.

When I started I occasionally had severe constipation. So, I set aside ten minutes a day to repeat this exercise constantly, and gave my gut a serious workout. I started with just a few minutes and worked my way up to the full ten.

Why It Helps:

This yoga stomach vacuum gets the intestines churning and pumping, and promotes the peristaltic motion in intestines. This is a truly unique constipation remedy; it works to build strength throughout the digestive tract. Other “remedies” simply flush the colon, while this one is designed to train intestines to move food wastes through and out.


How to relieve constipation with yoga






NOW, It Is Time To Take Back Control Of Your Life…


Constipation affects 15% of the population in the US. There are approximately 42 million people suffering from this gastrointestinal (GI) problem. The majority of constipation cases reported are adult women.

The sad part is many of these women do not know how detrimental constipation can be to their health. It can lead to so much more than slow bowel movements and bloating.

Food WASTE needs to exit the body ASAP. This process is critical for overall health. If toxins from decaying fecal matter cannot get out the body, then they start backing up into internal organs, causing serious problems.

Just like a car… Will it work properly if the exhaust pipe is clogged?

Or, like a toilet… Will there be pleasant consequences if it is never flushed out?

Or, like a home… What would happen if the trash rots under the sink?

Our bodies constantly produce waste products. Every cell contributes to this waste production, and our bodies are designed to move the waste out. This is one key to looking and feeling healthy, young, and beautiful.

Now, it is time to unclog the exhaust pipe, flush and scrub the toilet, and start taking out the trash EACH AND EVERY DAY.

no more constipationWhen I became regular, experiencing bowel movements twice a day WITH EASE, I began to:

  • Have an increased appetite
  • Crave healthy foods, and the rush after an exercise routine
  • Feel pretty and happy again
  • Sleep better
  • Have increased energy and focus
  • Have improved morning breath

I felt, and feel, better than I can remember feeling in a very long time. That, in and of itself, is a miracle!


Thanks for reading,

I hope everyone has a success story like mine!




  1. Hi Cheryl, I came across your site while searching for constipation remedies and I must confess you are doing a great job. Some of the tips you leave here are very useful. Keep the good work. Peace.

    • Linda Tate
    • February 10, 2015

    Hi. Just came upon your website. I suffer from constipation as well though mine is outlet constipation which means the train made it to the station but the doors won’t open to let the passengers out. Very painful as well. The stool is not soft when I feel the urge to go. I take lactulose to soften the stool but it doesn’t always work. I have spent hundreds of dollars trying different things that either work once or twice only or don’t work at all. It’s been almost a year now. My Dr diagnosed me with internal hemorrhoids. It feels like I could go but nothing comes out. My quality of life has been affected. Fiber is not my friend. I have tried that and it made it even worse. Even oatmeal. I need my stool to be soft but I have yet to find anything that works. I hear the same answers and I have just about tried them all. I am so discouraged I think this is a new normal.

    • Zoe Chim
    • May 13, 2015


    • Apa Guna
    • May 16, 2015

    I have the same experince like you previously, my DS was having bloated tummy. He like couldn?t go to toilet to do ” big business”. Quite worry!!! Moms, do you have any good suggestion to prevent constipation? Thanks in advance.

    • Bhushan Juneja
    • May 18, 2015

    Thank you for such descriptive and worthy article

    • Dominic Uee
    • May 18, 2015

    Prunes definitely can help in preventing constipation for children? my mum told me I ate prunes to solve constipation prob when I was little and now im using it back on my LO! and another way is u can make multiple fruit juice for ur LO like mixing kiwi and carrot for more fibre intake!

    • Sue Yee Tee
    • May 19, 2015

    try giving them other types of milk powder. Sometimes is the ingredient that make them constipation.

    • Jude Gan
    • May 19, 2015

    A lot of traditional remedies are dangerous and not working, I would say that don’t simply try. Few weeks ago, my child faced the constipation and I used one of the traditional remedies that suggested by neighbour, ended up my son said his stomach is more painful, then I brought him to hospital to visit doctor. So, you should look for those proper remedies which are proven to helps your child to prevent the issue.

    • halleyleong9938
    • May 20, 2015

    For me Mamil is definitely the solution! try switching la! I was facing same prob previously and was so clueless of what shud I do to help my DD. Then I was introduced by my sister which is a mother of 2 children. I believe Mamil is good bcos it has prebiotics and no sugar (sucrose) which helps alot in children constipation prevention. U can try and see the result in 7 days definitely

      • hana love
      • August 10, 2015

      Is it? My little girl are having constipation recently. Previously, every thing is just fine and I have no idea what cause of her constipation. I wonder is it the reason I start feeding her with solid food and this is hard for her to digest it?

        • Jeniffer Archer
        • August 11, 2015

        My daughter is on Mamil as well. So far, no constipate problem. Prebioctics are really good for children to have a good digestive system. I trust that a strong digestive system will not easily get constipate but somehow you still need to make sure your children have enough of waters and a health diet.

          • Melody
          • August 12, 2015

          I feed my twins babies with Mamil. The reason why I pick Mamil is because it contain no sucrose. Which is healthier for my twins.

            • Jeniffer Archer
            • August 12, 2015

            yup, Mamil also have high DHA level which good for children developments. Now my children are good in playing those IQ stuff.

        • Jesse Price
        • August 11, 2015

        Where are you form? If you are not willing to purchase a new formula milk to try. You can request a trial pack from Mamil and see whether it is really works for you children. Before that, make sure your place are covered by claiming the trial pack.

    • Michelle Lee
    • May 20, 2015

    I also switched to Mamil, everything works well on my constipation kids. I think you guys should give it a try!

    • Arone box
    • August 18, 2015

    thanks for sharing~~~~~~~~!

    • Sandra Wong
    • August 19, 2015

    Well, my husband and i previously also had trouble finding for the perfect formula milk for our LO as he is easily constipated. Doctor said this is due to heaty. But ever since we changed to Mamil, our LO no longer have such prob. But also need to maintain a good routine of feeding more water la. Haha

    • Larva Chan
    • August 19, 2015

    You’re right! Mamil ingredients can softer stools and increase good bacteria for children. Also, it has high level of DHA and 0% sucrose. That’s why my kids seldom constipate

    • Tara
    • October 31, 2015

    I have a 2 year old who has down syndrome and suffers from chronic constipation due to low muscle tone. I am wanting to try a morning smoothie but I’m not sure what the best foods or supplements to add that can be taken daily. She also has a slight iron deficiency.

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