How to Get Rid of Black Neck





There is nothing like washing down your beautiful face with a black neck. The lighter skinned a person is, the worse black neck appears to be. It happens due to hyperpigmentation along folds and creases of the body. As such, it is common in body parts like armpits, groin and neck. Black neck can wash off the good look the other features of your face can project. As such, you should know how to get rid of black neck so as to balance and uniformly appear good to yourself and others. Toning your neck to perfectly assign with your facial skin is going to boost your self confidence and make you look good in an overall sense. Black neck is known to the medical community as Acanthosis Nigricans. It forms dark patches on skins that have a velvety texture. Dark neck is a very common phenomenon among overweight and fat people and the lighter skinned a person if, the more pronounced it looks. This skin disorder occurs mainly among people in their 40s and beyond. Usually, it is a harmless skin conditions but in some cases, it is a symptom of an underlying medical condition. Study by American Academy of Dermatology has revealed that people of African, Caribbean or Hispanic descent are at an increased risk of developing acanthosis nigricans.


What Causes Black Neck



Some medications alter the hormonal balance of your body, thereby, making you develop black neck. Medications such as oral contraceptives, thyroid medication, growth hormone therapy and even some supplements can affect the body?s insulin level and lead to black or dark neck. The condition can also develop as a side effect of some medications or treatment. In cases where black neck develops because of some form of medication or treatment, the skin will clear when the treatment stops or medication is discontinued. Black neck can also develop when you overdose on iron or iron supplement.



Overproduction of Insulin in the bloodstream is the most common cause of black neck. It is a form of insulin resistance and is common among people suffering from diabetes mellitus. When higher level of insulin is injected into bloodstreams, the excess insulin leads to overproduction of skin cells. These invariably lead to more melanin production and melanin is the substance responsible for skin coloration.

Among people that are overweight, they also develop insulin resistance overtime and the buildup results in the overproduction of melanin which darkens the neck.

In cases where more carbohydrates is consumed than the body needs or uses, the carbs breaks down into sugar which may be stored as glucose, if the body insulin can?t utilize this stored glucose, it can cause black necks.



If your family history records black neck, then it is probable that you will develop one even if other reasons are absent.


Exposure to Sun

Sunlight is good for many things but when a person is over exposed to sunlight, there will be pigmentation due to the production of melanin which eventually leads to brown or blackness of some body parts including the neck. The only way to avoid black neck caused by sunlight is to use appropriate sunscreen whenever you will be exposed to sun rays for a long time.



In some cases, black neck occurs because the neck is not regularly washed. Ensure that you wash your neck not just with water but also with soap on a regular basis to more melanin which may be responsible for the development of black neck



Some other skin infections like eczema and acne can make the skin around the neck darker


Treatment of Black neck

While research has shown that black neck isn?t infectious or dangerous if its not malignant, the fact that it doesn?t look good on us and makes our skin look bad is enough reason to rid yourself of it. Many people want to know how to get rid of black necks in 2 days or even more. While there are several treatments that have immediate effect, there are also several treatments that span over weeks. In some cases, the underlying cause of the black neck determines the solution to it. All these said, here are ways to even your neck skin tone and clear the blackness of your neck.


Weight Loss

For cases where dark neck develops as a result of high BMI, a weight loss plan will be very effective in clearing the blackness of your neck. Naturally, as you reduce in weight, your body uses up all fats and sugars responsible for the excess production of melanin and within a period of time, your neck skin tone will even out. This is the most effective way to clear your black neck if it i9s caused by obesity as other methods won?t have such permanent effect.


Protection from Sun

If your acanthosis nigricans is caused by exposure to sunlight, then you need to protect your neck skin by using sunscreen. There are several options including high sun protection factor sunscreen (SPF). Hats and sunglasses will also help with this. It is important to select a sunscreen that most suits your skin to avoid further irritation and Westlake Dermatology can help with the selection process.



This is a method of medically removing dark skin from the neck and should be done by a trained dermatologist. Aluminium oxide powder and crystal hand piece are the two technologies used to carry out microdermabrasion.


Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are great for improving the general appearance of the skin. Chemical peels are used to reduce dark patches that occur on the skin due to some medications and hormonal changes. Chemical peels are also effective in exfoliating dead skin cells making the skin renewed. The three main types of chemical peels are superficial peel, medium peel and deep peel. You need to consult your dermatologist to determine a suitable chemical peel for your skin and you should apply it once in two weeks to tone your neck skin. Note that chemical peel leaves the skin extra sensitive to sun rays so you should avoid staying long in the sunlight and use sunscreen.


Laser Treatments

Laser treatment is the latest technology used to treat black neck. It leads to the breakdown of the pigmentation by releasing energy. Laser treatment is a safe treatment for acanthosis nigricans and should be done by a certified dermatologist.


Daily Routine

There are some routines you can apply to your neck on a daily basis to clear away its blackness. These guidelines are pretty easy to follow and following them doggedly can guarantee your neck an even skin tone. Regularly wash your neck with milk. This will make clear the neck?s blackness and even skin tone. You can also use a natural scrub to exfoliate after cleansing your skin with milk. Ensure you do not go out in the sun without your sunscreen and add bleaching agent to the milk you use to wash your neck occasionally.


Baking Soda

Baking soda can be mixed with water to form a paste which when rubbed on dark necks, lighten it up within weeks. It also contains drying properties that absorb excess oils from skin making skin pores free and easy to let our energy. Baking soda is one of those home remedies that require patience before you can begin to see any results. Baking soda also serves as a natural exfoliating agent that gets rid of hyperpigmentation. Rub the paste on your neck and after it has dried up, rinse off with water. This should be done three to four times a week for maximum effect.


Orange peel

Orange peel is an effective remedy that is used for different skin conditions. Due to its high level of vitamin C, it is very efficient in clearing black skin. Orange peel also contains antioxidants that lighten the skin and improve the general skin appearance. You can store the peel in a dry place or dry it under the sun until it can be grounded into powdery form. Orange peel can be mixed with other helpful substances like honey, milk and water for best results. Rub the paste on your neck and leave it for about 20 minutes before washing off with water.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the most important and readily available home remedy that is used to treat several skin conditions. Aloe Vera lightens neck skin tone and evens the blackness. A consistent use of Aloe Vera will rejuvenate the skin and give it a fresh aura because of its antioxidant properties. Aloe Vera also moisturizes the skin. Rub the gel on your neck and leave to dry or you may wash it off after it has dried up.



Honey is the most famous home remedy panacea. It works in treating almost every skin condition. It is used in many cosmetics for achieving a healthy skin so you can imagine what work it will do if you apply it in good measure to your black neck.rub honey on your black neck daily to clear off the blackness. If you want to achieve even better results, mix honey with milk or tomato juice; the paste will be a superb moisturizer and cleanser that will even out your skin tone in a matter of weeks.


Olive Oil

This is popular skin oil for understandable reasons, you shouldn?t be on a battle to clear your neck of blackness and olive oil is missing in your arsenal. It is one of the cheapest, yet most effective ways to clear your black skin. What more? It leaves the skin moisturized and way healthier due to its skin friendly properties. It is good for clearing irritation so if your black neck is especially due to flea and mosquito bites, olive oil is the best option out there for you. For an even better effect, mix olive oil with honey or lime juice.



Potato contains a very powerful enzyme; catecholase which is a bleaching agent. Potato is an effective home remedy to clear your black neck as it will bleach the blackness away and create evenness in your skin tone that will satisfy you. Whether you dark neck is due to mosquito bites, or spots from eczema and acne, potato will adequately rid you of your black neck permanently. All you have to do is grate slices of potato or make into juice and regularly rub on your neck, leave for 10 minutes and rinse with water. If you do this consistently for 8 weeks, you will begin to love the new look of your neck. For even more effective and quicker results, you can mix potato juice with lemon juice and regularly apply on your neck. Leave it there till it dries before rinsing off with water; you will see the effects after a period of like 5 weeks.


Lime and Lemon

These are natural bleaching agents that will work wonders for your black neck without any side effects. Lemon and lime juice will whiten your skin and create a smooth tone for it. However, you have to be sure your skin won?t be irritated by these ingredients as they are highly acidic and concentrated. It is safe to first do a test to find out if there is any irritation. If you think these too concentrated for you, all you have to do is mix with honey or rose water. Then you can enjoy using the juice to clear your black neck. Use cotton ball to apply the juice on your neck and leave for 15 minutes before washing. Avoid the sunlight when you use lemon or lime juice as they are sensitive to UV and can further irritate your skin.



Oats is an effective neck scrub that works well for people whose necks are black mainly due to negligence. They do not cleanse the neck and because of this, the pores are blocked. Oats will wash all the dirt and grittiness and open up your skin pores.

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