How to Get Rid of Blackheads




how to get rid of blackheads

Till today, there is no crime in striving to be the best, to speak the best, to look the best. In fact, the world acknowledges and rewards those who succeed and excel at anything so far it?s good. That is why we consciously and unconsciously try to get approval our own and that of other people. Blackheads are one of the things that make us appear less than our best. If anyone will face it, beauty is important and it permeates every aspect of our lives. It even directly affects our self-perception. If you have blackheads, you probably want to know how to get rid of it and chances are, you have heard and read a lot on the matter.

No matter the cause of our blackheads, you can take solace in the knowledge that they can become history. No matter how long you have battled blackheads and lost, you can be rest assured that there are ways to get rid of them.

One thing you should bear in mind is that you won’t get anything done by acting desperately. When you try to clear your blackheads in desperation, you are likely to fall victim of solutions that will only worsen the situation. Not every postulation out there will work for you. Does that mean your options are limited? It doesn’t. In fact, there are still lots of ways out there that will work perfectly for you.

Your blackheads can be history. That is why this article exists. To give you the skin that you deserve; which is that perfect, smooth and flawless skin. It doesn’t have to be exclusive to supermodels and beauty queens alone. It doesn’t have to belong to that hot actor alone. It can be yours if you pay the price, digest the contents of this article and practice it accordingly.


What are Blackheads?

Blackheads are appearances on the skin that are caused by the oxidation of clogged skin pores with dead skin cells and excess oil, popularly referred to as sebum. Most people are apt to think the black spots are because of dirt and scrub their skins harshly but that isn?t the case at all. In fact, there is no treatment option that requires harsh treatment of blackheads. So be gentle in your applications. Almost everyone would have blackheads at some point in time in their lives and blackheads are generally harmless. They occur in some body parts like the nose and cheeks more than other parts. Blackheads also occur among both the young and old alike.


How to Prevent Blackheads

Blackheads may seem a normal part of life for some but that is not a fact. In most cases, you can take conscious effort to prevent blackheads in the first place and this will save you time, money and all the down feelings you have from blackheads. Following are tips that if followed carefully, will highly guarantee a blackhead-free life for you, and they are easy to practice too!

  • Wash your skin regularly but do not take that as a license to overwash. Overwashing can irritate and dry out your skin leading to blackheads.
  • Shower after rigorous tasks like exercising or anything that makes you sweat. Sweating will make your body conducive for the bacteria that causes blackheads
  • Remove makeup whenever you don?t need it because the more breathing spaces your skin pores have, the better. Clogging it with makeup without a break will most likely lead to a blackhead breakout.
  • Moisturize on a daily basis. Some people keep their skin dry because oil aids formation of blackheads but dryness also leads to its spread. What you should do is use water-based moisturizer.
  • Engage oily skin with products that will absorb the excess oil like clay mask, salicylic acid and so on
  • Wear loose clothes; remember how important breathing space is to your skin pores? Well, they won?t get that in snugs and you are opening yourself to blackheads. Natural fabrics like cotton will be a good option. Also remember to keep your garments clean so that bacteria will not use them as a means of transport to cause blackheads.
  • Diet- you may not fully believe this but your skin is what you eat. If you are eating food that makes it easy for you to develop blackheads, then, restructure your diet to options that are blackheads-free friendly
  • Exfoliate regularly- it?s just hard to imagine blackheads forming on the skin of someone that does this. Why not be that someone?


Home Remedies for Blackheads

While we have learnt how to prevent blackheads from happening in the first place, we do need to treat the one we already have to recommend treatment for our family members or friends that have them. Just know that this section isn?t only about how to get rid of blackheads overnight but more about using a form of treatment that will have no side effects.


Honey and Milk

Each of these ingredients is a powerful and effective natural ingredient and their combination promises to be the end of your blackheads. Honey has antibacterial and moisturizing properties that will not only remove the blackheads but leave your skin in a rejuvenated state with a bright and clear skin tone. Milk contains lactic acid that makes your skin youthful again and restores its vibrancy. I?m tempted to recommend regular usage of these two properties to give you a skin that many people will be jealous of. There is just no place for blackheads with these two agents. Make sure you are not using processed honey and the milk is organic as well. Mix them together in equal measures and heat for about 5 minutes till a paste if formed. As soon as it cools, apply on the blackheads and leave to dry completely. Then peel off and wash with cold water.


Lemon Juice

Lemon not only has acidic properties, it has antibacterial and bleaching properties. It will do everything that needs be done to get rid of blackheads. It kills the bacteria that acts on dead cells, shrinks and opens up the clogged pores. Lemon is an astringent that will tone the skin and clear the affected area of blackheads. Make sure the lemon is fresh and extract the juice fresh as well. You can mix with carrier oil, water or any other subtler agent. Apply the mixture on the affected skin area and leave on for as long as possible. It is advisable you do it at night so that you can leave it overnight. Note that lemon juice makes your skin extra sensitive to sun rays so you should avoid going out in the sun when the treatment is on or you should wear a sunscreen with high SPF value.


Baking Soda and Water

Baking soda is a natural exfoliator. Its minute granules seep into the skin pores to clear it of dead skin cells, excess oils and other things that may clog it thereby freeing it up. It is a highly effective remedy for clearing skin pores but it results in dryness. It is advisable that you apply it moderately and also have a water based moisturizer at hand to run after application. Add water to baking soda powder till you have a thick paste. Massage the paste gently to the affected area in a circular motion. Rinse completely with fresh water and pat to dry. Once it is dried, apply the moisturizer.


Egg White Mask

This treatment is not only quick, it is also highly effective. It is the most applied treatment for blackheads because of its ease-of-use. Egg white tightens skin pores for a while and this not only successfully removes blackheads, it is also a preventive measure against possible blackheads. What more? Egg whites are also nutritious for the skin so you have a many-in-one benefit. First, you have to crack the egg and separate the yolk from the albumen. Then wash your face and pat it to dry. You can now carefully apply the egg white on successive layers. After one full application, leave it to dry before adding another layer and continue like that. You can use a tissue paper to separate the different layers. Once the last layer dries, you can remove each layer successively if you used tissue paper until the last before washing your face. If you didn?t use tissue, just wash it and pat dry it. Then apply moisturizer.


Clay Mask

Cosmetic clays like Bentonite, Rhassoul and French Green clays will work wonders for your blackheads. They are sources of important minerals they detoxify the skin, have absorbent and drawing qualities and are just spectacular skin care products. The major plus of using clay to get rid of your blackhead is that your skin gets immensely nourished in the process. You can get clay at health food stores, herbalists shops, apothecary and online. In addition to clay, you can add rose water or ACV (not advisable if you have a dry skin). Make a paste with the cosmetic clay and rub it on your blackheads (if I were you, I would rub it on my entire face). The skin will sap all the nutrients from the clay while the clay zaps the blackheads from the skin (arguably the best symbiotic relationships that exists right?). You can leave the clay to dry before washing off but because of the tightening it causes, some people only leave it for some minutes before washing off. You can choose whichever option you prefer. The main thing is, it will make your blackhead history.


Sugar Scrub

Sugar is a natural exfoliator that will open up the clogged skin pores and prevent further outbreak of blackheads while waging war against the current one. By clearing dead skin cells away, there is room for the blackheads to be cleared along as well and that in turn gets rid of blackheads. Sugar scrub also enhances circulation which gives you that healthy glow that makes people think you just won a beauty pageant. You can mix sugar with carrier oil like olive or jojoba oil. Mix the oil and sugar together and massage on the affected body part in circular motion. Make sure you stir the content well before each application so that the sugar and the oil mix well together. You can repeat application 3 to 5 times a week. Ensure you are consistent as well.


Medical Treatment for Blackheads


Over the counter Medication

There are quite a number of products that you can buy at the drug store, but the determining factor is your skin types and what will suit it. The product that will work well on an oily skin may irritate dry skin. However, most treatments contain either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Note that if your skin reacts badly to any products, then you should discontinue use.


Use a comedone Extractor

This is a tool that dermatologists and licensed aestheticians use to get rid of blackheads but if you have the mind, you can also use it at home. It is easy to use. Place the loop on your blackhead, apply pressure, pool down gently and the blackhead will pop out of the clogged pore.


Use Prescription Medication

In some cases, particularly of sensitivity to many other treatment options, you should get recommendation from your dermatologist. Antibiotics and topical treatment are usual recommendations that get rid of your blackheads overtime.


Talk to your Doctor

Safety first! If you have tried everything and nothing appears to be working, especially after a long period of time, then please talk to your doctor. They will closely examine you and help you find a way to go. It could be a matter of your skin type or the severity of the blackhead. Your doctor will prescribe something that will help and don’t be surprised; it could from the options you have tried but in a different method of application.


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