How to Get Rid of Chin Fat




how to get rid of chin fat

If you feel like your face weighs a ton, it probably does and this means you are not comfortable with it. Many people live with imperfections and weaknesses but they are still able to smile the brightest because no one knows about them, such pretensions are not possible with chin fat. If you are affected, you are utterly concerned about how to get rid of chin fat.

Chin fat not only affects the way a person looks, it also affects the way they feel. It will be hard for a person with bloated face to believe they look good and if such isn’t seriously handled, it results in low self-esteem and feelings of being separated from the rest of the world. Strangely enough, this affects young people as well as adults. So, you are not feeling bad because you are too young to handle it right. You are feeling bad because that is what chin fat does to a person.

How then do we rid ourselves of this imperfection that is bare for the world to see? Fortunately, there are myriads of ways to get rid of chin fat, at the end of the day; you would be swimming in them. So, this is not an article that seeks to merely identify with those that have chin fat; it proffers several solutions among which you are bound to find what will work for you. Read on?


What Causes Chin Fat?

In many cases, knowing what causes chin fat is fundamental to knowing how to get rid of it. There are some causes that require preventive measures and not curative measures and there are causes that require special attention, otherwise, every attempt taken to reduce chin fat will be met with failure. That said, here are some factors that may be responsible for chin fat;



This is one cause of chin fat that may make several attempts to eliminate it unsuccessful. Some people, no matter how careful they choose to be regarding chin fat,just always amass it. They seem to gather chin fat easily and lose it rarely. It runs in the family. Does this then mean that all hope of losing chin fat f you got it genetically is lost? Not at all! It only means you will have to go the extra mile to not only lose your chin fat but also ensure that you hardly gather any in the first place.


Body Fat Gain

You may gather chin fat because you are gathering overall body fat. If you have chin fat because you are getting fat over other parts of your body, then targeting the face to reduce fat will be a frustrated effort as everything that contributes to your body fat will increase the fat in the face. Needless to say, for this type of case, you need to decide to eliminate unnecessary body fat and as a consequence, chin fat will also be reduced.


Body Fat Loss

When you lose fat in your body drastically, the loss isn?t necessarily regulated around the body parts and some parts may experience sudden and instant loss while others seem to be unaffected. Sudden weight loss weakens the skin and causes sagginess which may constitute chin fat.


Muscle Type and Bone Structure

The type of bone structure especially, facial bone structure a person has determines to some extent the chin?s ability to store fat. Some people that have a chiseled, downward sloping jaw line are more likely to accumulate chin fat than those whose jaw line isn?t so outlined. The muscle formation also, including its tautness or looseness also determines the appearance of fat on the chin.



As people age, their muscles loose tautness and begin to sag. The muscle around the chin area also weakens as facial skin loosens up. This leads to chin fat otherwise known as double chin. When you develop chin fat due to aging, making some lifestyle changes is the basic way to address the issue.


Gait and Facial Expressions

The posture with which a person carries his/her head can affect the distribution of fat around the face. Sometimes, for some people, it isn?t even that their aces have accumulated much fat but that they have this slouchy posture that emphasizes and magnifies the little fat there is on the face. Ensure that it isn?t your bad posture or facial expression that is creating fat which actually isn?t there. Even if you have chin fat, there is a way you can routinely carry your face that will make it difficult for the fat to thrive.


Home Remedies for Chin Fat

If you have money?loads of it, you may not mind going into surgery to get rid of your chin fat, but even then, many people with money are weary of going through clinical methods to get rid of them. Why should you use a knife and scalpel when more beneficial lifelong adjustments can achieve the same result? With little or no side effect? It has therefore become imperative to an increasing number of people to know how to lose double chin and chubby cheeks. You do not have to worry therefore, as this article is all about answering these important questions.

All that said, here are home remedies that can be used to get rid of your chin fat;


Sugar Free Gum

You have to chew sugar free gum regularly, several times a day in fact to get rid of your chin fat. Chewing gum exercises facial muscles and evens the facial skin tone. The gum must be sugarless because if it isn?t, you will be destroying your gum and teeth and adding weight with all that sugar. Chewing sugar free gum will help you maintain healthy teeth and healthy gum while helping you reduce double chin.


Green Tea

Green tea is particularly important in getting rid of chin fat because it increases the rate at which the body metabolizes food and other matters and helps burn down calories and sugars faster. The antioxidant and other properties in green tea make it highly effective for losing chin fat. It is advisable to drink green tea first thing in the morning before you eat anything and to drink several cups each day.


Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat germ oil is another effective remedy that can be combined with thorough massage to reduce chin fat. This oil, which is highly rich in vitamin E will tighten skin muscle and nourish the skin generally. You should apply wheat germ oil every day and night. After applying, rub it gently around the neck, jaw and cheek for about 10 minutes. If you do this frequently, you will see improvement in the tone and set of your facial skin.


Milk Massage

Milk is an important treatment for maintaining a healthy and glowing skin. Fresh milk has properties that make it highly effective in reducing chin fat. When milk is massaged to the chin, it tightens the skin on the face and evens the fail skin tone. Apply milk on the skin and leave to dry before washing. You could mix milk with other agents like turmeric powder to make a paste which can be applied when you are indoors. Apply several times a day and consistently over a period of 2-3 months and you will notice your facial skin becoming firmer.



Glycerin is also an effective home remedy for getting rid of chin fat. You should make a mask with a blend of glycerin, Epsom or olive oil and some drops of peppermint oil. Apply on the chin area and neck area and leave it for some minutes so that the pores can seep the nutrients from it. You can wash with cool water after some minutes. Repeat this action several times a week for quicker results.


Egg whites

Egg white can be used to make face mask which is applied on the face when you are in a relaxed state. Egg white has a tightening impact on the skin and will make facial muscles tauter. Egg whites effectively reduce chin fat and give your face that structure that you don’t have to hide under clothing. Moreover, egg whites are particularly good for maintaining good skin health so you have a bonus advantage from regular usage. You can easily make a mask with two egg whites. You can add honey and milk to make it more potent.


Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is good for improving the elasticity of facial skin and muscle. Routine usage of cocoa butter will help you get rid of your double chin. To use cocoa butter, warm a few spoons in the microwave so that its nutrients will easily be used by the skin. Then massage gently on your chin fat, note that massaging itself is a way of reducing chin fat. If you do this two times every day, you will begin to notice improvement in the set of your jaw lines and facial skin.


Lifestyle Adjustments

In some cases, using home remedy treatments without corresponding adjustment to lifestyle will not yield expected results. This is especially true regarding for people that have chin fat because of overall body weight. You can make lifestyle changes by exercising regularly and eating proper diet.



When it comes to any condition in our health and welfare, what we eat always play a pivotal role. If you have double chin mainly because of your diet, then you have to alter eat and form the habit of eating healthy. Even people that don’t have the tendency to be fat can accumulate it if they live on junk and unhealthy choices, how much more a person that is susceptible to fat? To begin with, you have to cut down on the number of calories you consume on a daily basis. Large calorie intake comes with foods that have lots of sugar, fat and starch. Avoid these as much as you can. Eat food that are rich in fiber and whole grains, eat lean proteins and lots of fruits and vegetables. You will also need to drink a lot of water daily to help body metabolism, flush out toxins and aid digestion. All in all, a healthy diet is the most pivotal step you can take to losing your chin fat because all other efforts that you take rest solely on this.



While it is no longer news that spot reduction is a myth, it is still possible for you to lose fat in a particular body area; you just have to apply the general rule to achieve such specific results. If you eat healthy, one other major step you can take to reduce your chin fat is to exercise regularly. Cardiovascular exercises are a must in this kind of case. Cardio exercises involve exercises like running, jogging, and so on. With routine cardio exercises, you can move on to exercises that will strengthen your facial muscles. Such exercises include;

  • Blinking, both regular and unilateral
  • Seated up-and-down nodding
  • Incline eyebrow raises
  • Decline eyebrow raises
  • Standing side-to-side nodding
  • Standing doorbell calls
  • Gum chewing
  • Lateral Smiling
  • Kettlebell fish-face swings
  • Reverse mouth open and close


Alternative treatments

There are instances where chin fat is a real nuisance to some people and they want something done about it fast. The limitation of home remedy treatment is that it requires patience and this, some people may not have. In such case, liposuction is the most common treatment available. Although it is expensive since your insurance isn?t likely to cover it. Treatments like these are regarded as cosmetic surgery and can be painful if you have the money and don’t mind anything else, you can make the run for it. There is also a drug that can be taken instead of liposuction called Zerona treatment or CoolSculpting, but this comes with many side effects.