How to Get Rid Of Diarrhea




How to Get Rid Of Diarrhea Fast


how to get rid of diarrhea fast

Diarrhea is a sign that the digestive system is not functioning properly and it is usually manifested by an increase in the frequency of bowel movements or stool resulting in loose and watery stool. If you have ever had diarrhea and you had to be outdoors, then you would most definitely want to know how to get rid of diarrhea fast, for while it is inconvenient to have diarrhea at all, it is more embarrassing to have it outdoors.

This article discusses at length the simple steps you should know to get rid of diarrhea whenever you have it. As it were, you are likely to have it once or twice in a year so knowing how to get rid of diarrhea is a must if you don?t want to be caught unawares. The tricks and tips I would be sharing are easy to purchase and use. If you are currently having frequent stooling, you will be fine in no time.


What is Diarrhea?

Diarrhea is generally regarded as a common and not serious but that entirely depends on its degree of severity. It can be defined as absolute when daily bowel movement or liquid stools are more than five times a day. It can be defined as relative when the number or bowel movements in a day increases compared to the regular frequency and stools are more liquid than normal. Diarrhea can also be either acute or chronic and each type has different treatments and causes.

No matter how mild diarrhea appears to be, if adequate care and immediate attention is not given, it can lead to dehydration, anal irritation and electrolyte or mineral abnormalities. Diarrhea lasts between 2-3 days and you can treat it with over the counter medicine or with some natural remedy treatment. It is normally to look pale and feel weak after frequent visits to the bathroom. Symptoms like fever, bloating and nausea can also accompany diarrhea. It is a situation that can easily escalate if nothing is done about it.


Causes of Diarrhea

Diarrhea in its common form is cause by stomach/intestinal flu. If you have ever wondered why you got diarrhea to begin with, here are other reasons you could have got it:

Intestinal diseases- people suffer from different kinds of intestinal diseases and many people are doing so right now. The most common type that leads to diarrhea is irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), ulcerative colitis and Crohn?s disease. If you expose yourself too often to situations and conditions that irritate your bowel, you may have frequent diarrhea.

Food allergy– when people eat certain food that they are allergic to, it can cause diarrhea. Normally, the body tends to release food products, but, when you take one that irritates the body, it purges itself of the irritant in form of diarrhea.

Contaminated water– 70% of our body constituent is water. So you can imagine how drinking contaminated water can gravely affect us? Even if you are new to a place, you can get diarrhea from just drinking the water. Not because it is contaminated but because it is alien to your system. So you know what harmful water can do to your body. Contaminated water easily leads to diarrhea.

Other causes include:

  • Surgery on the digestive system

  • Running (often called runner?s diarrhea)

  • Some types of cancers

  • Alcohol abuse

  • Radiation therapy

  • Some medications

  • Hyperthyroidism

  • Bacterial infection

  • Food poisoning

  • Malabsorption

  • Laxative abuse


Diarrhea Symptoms

Here are common symptoms to look out for when you have diarrhea and want to know how to get rid of diarrhea fast. Some are for acute diarrhea while others are for chronic diarrhea. Note that acute diarrhea can become chronic when there is persistent dehydration. If you experience watery stools more than three times a day, endeavor to drink water frequently so as to avoid complications. If you have taken this precaution and still show symptoms of chronic diarrhea, please consult your physician immediately.

Acute diarrhea symptoms

  • Thin or loose stools

  • Bloating, especially in your stomach

  • Watery stools

  • Urgent feeling that you must have a bowel movement

  • Cramps

  • Nausea and vomiting

Chronic diarrhea symptoms

  • Weight loss

  • Fever

  • Blood in the stool

  • Extreme feeling of weakness and paleness


9 Effective Natural Diarrhea Remedies



If your diarrhea is caused by bacterial infection, probiotics can help with the cure. Yogurt contains the live bacteria, lactobacillus acidophilus as well as bifidobacterium and will provide instant relief to your diarrhea. This is supported by a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2009 about how probiotics can reduce diarrhea associated with antibiotics. Don?t let the sour taste of yogurt turn you off from this highly recommended and effective home remedy. The good bacteria in yogurt will replace the bad bacteria by destroying them and flushing them out. You can add banana to your yogurt for added benefits and to enhance the taste. Note that it is recommended that you use fresh and unsweetened yogurt for best effect. You can take this remedy two times a day to experience ease and comfort from diarrhea.


Carrot soup

Carrots are used for many important health reasons and can be effective if you want to know how to get rid of diarrhea.. This is because of the antidyseptic effects they can have on the body. It is an important home remedy for diarrhea because it prevents against the loss of essential nutrients due to the frequent stooling. These nutrients will not only make you recover fast from the illness, they will also serve the body well for other purposes. Note that this treatment should still be continued for 1-2 days after you are cured of diarrhea.


  • Carrots

  • Salt

  • Half a Cup of Water


  • Wash, scrape and chop about 500g carrots.

  • Cook the carrots with a little with the water for about 15 minutes..

  • Drain the liquid.

  • Add a pinch of salt to taste.

  • Eat the soup daily and ensure you eat it fresh


Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea helps to relieve abdominal pains caused by diarrhea. The tea contains antispasmodic properties and is also helpful against intestinal inflammation. Chamomile tea is soothing to the aggravated parts of the digestive system and relieves from diarrhea within a short time frame. Chamomile tea is good for the digestive system generally and its use shouldn?t be limited to when you have diarrhea alone.


  • Chamomile Tea

  • Clean Water

  • Lemon or peppermint leaves


  1. Brew chamomile tea with a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes.

  2. Add peppermint leaves

  3. Strain the tea and drink it a few times a day.

  4. You can add lemon after straining it to enhance the taste if you didn?t add peppermint leaves.



Ginger is not good for the throat and voice, it is effective against food poisoning which may lead to diarrhea and it alleviates pains and cramps in the abdomen. Ginger is effective to maintain a healthy digestive system and keep stomach problems away. Although the taste may be strong, you shouldn?t drink water immediately after this treatment to ensure that it works well. If you don?t have access to fresh ginger, you can use powdered ginger instead.


  • Ginger

  • Grater

  • Honey


  • Grate a small piece of ginger and mix one teaspoon of honey. This mixture boosts the production of gastric juices and aids digestion.

  • Drink ginger tea three times a day and your diarrhea will disappear in no time. Slice a small piece of ginger and add the pieces to one cup of water. Boil the water for some minutes, strain it and add some honey to taste before drinking it.



Have you heard about BRAT diet but don?t know what you need it for? Well, for those who want to know how to get rid of diarrhea fast, it doesn?t get better than this. If you have had diarrhea before and tried this diet, then you know how it goes and can?t joke with the treatment. For those entirely clueless on what BRAT means, it stands for B-banana, R-rice, A-applesauce and T-toast. These four items will work wonders when used as a natural remedy for diarrhea.


  • Banana

  • Rice

  • Applesauce

  • Toast


  • Mix small portions of each of these items in a plate. You can mix the rice with the applesauce for taste.

  • Make sure you do not lay butter on your toast. Butter is bad for diarrhea and can aggravate the condition

  • Eat each item in small portion to avoid irritating the stomach and complicating digestion.



There is more to peppermint than candy flavor. Of course it is also used to flavor different soft drinks but if you have ever wondered at how to get rid of diarrhea, then you need to know this one important usage of peppermint. It is an effective natural ingredient for fast relief from stomach problems. It also aids digestion and prevents inflammation.


  • Fresh sprigs of Mint

  • Hot Water


  • Ensure you collect fresh and clean sprigs of mint only

  • Soak the sprigs in hot water and leave for 7-10 minutes

  • Strain and let the mix cool off

  • Drink as many times as possible until the diarrhea wears off.


Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is one of the best natural remedy treatments out there. This is because it can be used for broad range of conditions. You can cure your diarrhea with ACV particularly if it was caused by bacterial infections as ACV has antibacterial properties. It will kill off the bacteria that are causing the diarrhea and you will get immediate relief.


  • Apple Cider Vinegar

  • A Glass of Water


There are different ways to take this treatment. If you do not like the taste of ACV, you can mix it a teaspoon of ACV with a glass of water and drink but if you don?t mind the taste, you can first take a teaspoon before drinking water after. Repeat this treatment twice daily until your condition improves.


Fenugreek Seeds

These seeds come with high recommendation for treating diarrhea because of their high mucilage content. This means the seeds contain properties that will instantly relieve from the effects and symptoms of diarrhea. It is a potent and trusted home remedy against diarrhea and many people swear by it.


  • Fenugreek Seeds

  • Yogurt

  • Cumin Seeds


  • Chewing this seed alone is enough to cure diarrhea especially if no other ingredient is available

  • If you have some other ingredients available such as cumin seeds or yogurt, you can mix them together for a more powerful effect and a better taste

  • Take this natural remedy at least three times a day especially if you are going with the seeds only.


Clear Liquids

While it is challenging to meet up with your body?s daily water requirement, it is important you exceed it when you have diarrhea. This is because you lose bodily fluid through all that stooling and sometimes vomiting. Normal water intake recommendation is at 8 glasses a day but with diarrhea, it should become 10 glasses. If you are able to meet up, there will be no complication regarding your diarrhea and you will be cured in no time.


  • Water

  • Other Clear Liquids


  • Drink up to 10 glasses of water daily by drinking a glass at a time at regular intervals

  • You can replace the requirement with soups and broth if you don?t drink a lot of water. The soup should be made of healthy ingredients to avoid irritating the digestive system.


When to Call Doctor

Diarrhea is one of those conditions that can be addressed if you have researched how to get rid of diarrhea. However, you should know when the matter needs professional help and is beyond your care. Anytime you show signs of chronic diarrhea, please consult your doctor who will know how to get rid of diarrhea fast and provide medications that will get your body back into top form.

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