How to Get Rid of Dizziness




how to get rid of dizziness

Dizziness is a common phenomenon to many people, especially in these days when adults increasingly experience high levels of stress. Dizziness is one of the leading cases that make people see their doctors and happens more frequently among some people than in others. Dizziness occurs more as people grow older and it can be central or peripheral. Vertigo is a common symptom of dizziness as well and it is also common among people. Seeing it is a common thing that many people experience time and again in their lifetime, it has become important to know how to get rid of dizziness.


Causes of Dizziness

Dizziness is highly subjective as it covers a broad range of balance disorders. In some cases, some people can?t even explain how they feel while others feel the world spinning around them. Some feel like they are falling as well. The feelings can differ depending on the cause of dizziness and other factors. Causes of dizziness can include;

  • Stress
  • Migraines
  • Insufficient supply of blood to the brain
  • Loss of vision
  • Ear related disorders
  • Head injury
  • Improper breathing
  • Internal bleeding
  • Dehydration
  • Sleep deprivations
  • Medication


Symptoms of Dizziness

There are several symptoms that can accompany dizziness. They include;

  • Vomiting
  • Stiff neck
  • Nausea
  • Pseudo-motion
  • Unsteadiness causing disequilibrium
  • Weak limbs
  • Shortness of breath


Natural Remedies for Dizziness

Since dizziness is a fairly common phenomenon among people, especially adults, it is important to know how to get rid of dizziness naturally.

Sit or Lie Down

Anytime you feel dizzy, do not try to become active by walking about. Instead, lie down. If you are in a position where you don?t have access to a bed or sofa, and then sit up straight. It will help further if you take deep breaths as you lie or sit. If you stand when you are dizzy, you may sway, lose your balance and fall or faint. After sitting or lying for a while. Your whole nerves will be calm and the wave of dizziness can pass. However, in some cases and for some causes of dizziness, you may have to take medications or combine some other natural remedies before you fully recover.


When you experience dizziness based on loss of vision or any vision related experience, it won?t suffice to just lie down. You also have to focus on particular immobile objects around you. You can fix your gaze on the roof or the door or any other object around you. This will balance your body equilibrium and take away your attention from the dizzy feeling. Concent6raing is one of the most effective ways people use to get rid of dizziness and it always works. However, it is best adopted in a relaxed state. It will also get rid of lightheadedness and the floaty feeling that usually accompany dizziness.


This blessed natural resource is a quick answer for those who want to know how to get rid of dizziness. It always works for dizziness caused by dehydration and some other causes as well. So, whenever you feel dizzy because there isn?t enough fluid in your body or after you have perspired intensely, then the basic solution is to drink plenty water. There are however some tips to drinking water to get rid of dizziness. They include;

  • Take the water in small sips if you are already hit by a wave of dizziness
  • Take enough ounces till you feel your body has enough. In such cases, the suitable ounce will be half of your total body weight
  • Note that you are not expected to drink such amount of water at a go
  • You may combine water with other fluids especially fruit juices as the day goes by

Deep Breath

There are some cases when you get dizzy and even lie down, yet, it seems the dizziness has come to stay. In such cases, what you should do is close your eyes, try to calm your breathing and draw in deep breath. This method is most suitable for dizziness caused by improper breathing. Drawing deep breath will supply the body with enough oxygen to function normally without acting out. Here are a few tips to using deep breathe to eliminate dizziness;

  • Sit on a chair or lie on a bed
  • Start breathing while counting 1-5 in your head. It will help if your eyes are closed
  • Fill your stomach with air as well as it will help if you are dizzy due to anxiety
  • You can repeat the process until you have regained your equilibrium


This home remedy is a top choice for treating several health conditions including dizziness. Many people swear by basil and it has transcended the realm of ?old wives tale? to be something that is commonly used among several circles. One major advantage of basil is that it wades off dizziness for the long term. It is a kind of maintenance against dizziness as well as a cure. If you are quick to get dizzy, then make taking basil a part of your lifestyle. Here is how to use basil to get rid of dizziness;

  • Add 3-5 leaves of basil in a boiled cup of milk
  • Allow it to steep for 5-10minutes
  • Drink the milk before going to bed or when you are dizzy

Almonds and Pumpkin Seeds

This is another natural way to get rid of dizziness for good. It is one of those remedies that will make dizziness far from you if you adopt the treatment as part of your lifestyle. It is a very effective remedy against dizziness. Here is how to use almonds and pumpkin seeds to get rid of dizziness;

  • Mix two tbsp of wheat with 10 almonds and some pumpkin seeds till they soak together
  • Leave the mixture overnight
  • Make a smooth paste with it and add some cloves
  • Boil the mixture with some milk, you can add a little sugar to the new mixture


Yogurt is a feel good food that many people take to distress and eliminate anxiety. Thankfully as well, it is highly nutritious and gives the body vitamins and enzymes that boost the immune system and restore health. Research has found out that is a good antidote for dizziness. Whenever you are hit with a wave of dizziness or feel any of the symptoms, just consume a bowl of yogurt and you will feel re-energized. You can take yogurt as a rule every morning. This alone can prevent you from experiencing dizziness and you can also add slices of fresh fruits to deeply enjoy the treatment. Ensure that you take fresh organic yogurt for quick results.


Whenever you feel dizzy, massage can be a very helpful treatment. Massage boosts and enhances blood circulation and seeing that dizziness can occur when enough blood isn?t getting to your brain, then a massage, especially of your head will stop dizziness completely. Here are a few tips as regards getting rid of dizziness via massage;

  • Have a massage once a while or frequently if you are prone to dizziness
  • You should get professional massage once a while or frequently so that specific body parts can be targeted to reduce tension and anxiety
  • It is advisable to combine aromatherapy with your massage. Chose an essential oil like lavender which will give you a soothing feel alongside the massage.


Dizziness is a common phenomenon in that it not only affects the older generation but the younger as well. Dizziness can make it impossible to go about your daily activities as you normally would. It is therefore an important concern to know how to get rid of dizziness. Some people have spent huge amount of money trying to get their well-being back and as far as a cure for dizziness goes, exercise, may be the cheapest cure available. I can already imagine some readers smirking about this one. I know it sounds counterintuitive but exercise really is an important cure for dizziness. Remember there is a kind of dizziness caused by ear problems, well, that one can be easily cured through exercise. The exercise, known as vestibular rehabilitation targets the inner ear and effectively treats dizziness. It is based on a study by Professor Lucy Yardley of the University of Southampton.


Many cases of dizziness occur when people do not get enough rest the previous night. There is no substitute for enough sleep and dizziness is just one of the ways our bodies throw tantrums when we deny it the rest it deserves after serving us so well. For such cases, nothing will get rid of your dizziness like taking enough rest. You should sleep for nothing less than 6 hours and if you can?t do that immediately, then take intermittent rests till you are able to escape into the sweet oblivion of sleep. Always remember that sleep isn?t a pleasure some people can afford, it is a necessary way to refuel to keep you going. So, when you need to sacrifice sleep to get things done, think of how to pay your body back as well.

Mustard and Salt

The combination of these two will get rid of dizziness fast by improving circulation of blood around the body. It is highly effective for dizziness that is accompanied by nausea and fatigue. Mustard and salt combo has been in use for a long time to get rid of dizziness and many people swear by it. Moreover, it is a treatment that you can adopt for regular use since it helps blood to smoothly circulate around the body. It will do more than cure dizziness. It will keep it far from you as well. Here are some tips on how to use mustard and salt to get rid of dizziness;

  • Mix mustard, pepper, salt and vinegar together in equal proportions
  • Add a cup of water and stir well together
  • Drink the mixture immediately to get instant relief from dizziness.

Indian Gooseberry and Coriander Seeds

Indian gooseberries contain vitamins A and C and are effective against dizziness especially when combined with Coriander seeds. These two natural ingredients combat dizziness effectively and give quick relief so you can go about your daily business in top shape. Here are tips on how you can makes use of this combination to combat dizziness;

  • Make a paste with some Indian gooseberries
  • Add 2 tbsps of coriander seeds and a glass of water
  • Leave the mixture overnight
  • Strain in the morning and drink


Homeopathic Treatment for Dizziness

Treatment for dizziness isn?t limited to herbal and natural remedies alone. There are several homeopathic treatment options that can get rid of dizziness. Some people opt for homeopathic treatment as an alternative for medications as well.

Cocculus indicus

This homeopathic treatment works generally for sicknesses that impede motion and balance. If you feel dizzy anytime you are in transit, it is the most suitable treatment option for you


There are instances of dizziness that are worsened by lying on the bed. This is common among aged people who have overdosed on tobacco. The dizziness is often accompanied by numbness of the brain and some other body parts conium is an effective homeopathic treatment for such instances


Have you ever woken up, gotten up from the bed and all of a sudden, you are attacked by a bout of dizziness? There are some forms of dizziness that occur in the morning before you go through stress or have eaten anything. Phosphorus is an effective treatment in such instances.


Dizziness caused by blurry vision and that doesn?t go away either you lie down or stand up can be combated with gelsemium. Anytime dizziness makes you feel drunk and turns your movement into wobbly strides, this is a handy treatment you can use.


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