How to Get Rid of Ear Pain



How to Get Rid of Ear Pain

How to Get Rid of Ear Pain

Having ear ache can be very uncomfortable especially if it is painful and prevents you from doing your daily activities. Although feeling pain in the ear can happen to anybody, it?is occurs?more with children than teenagers and adults. This is because children are more exposed to various diseases including infections and germs as well as not having their immune system fully developed.

Ear pain can come in various ways.?For instance?it could be a persistent dull pain or more of a throbbing pain. On other?occasions?it could be a piercing pain which could indicate a symptom of a potential health condition. Due to how painful it can be, people are constantly seeking?for?ways on how to get rid of ear pain.



As stated earlier anybody can have ear pain. The following symptoms are common with children and babies. They include

  • Children and babies not being able to hear well
  • Babies do not eat well enough
  • Babies get irritated easily
  • Babies seem to be hot
  • Babies and children sometimes are seen pulling their ears as well as rubbing their ears
  • They might experience a fever that is high
  • They have problems hearing normally
  • They could experience problems with balance
  • They could experience stiff neck
  • They easily get tired
  • They do not respond properly and adequately
  • In the case of adults, they experience dull, sharp or throbbing pain which causes a lot of?discomfort



Pain in the ear is different?among?adults,?teenagers?and children. Below are causes of pain in the ear.

  • Build-up of fluid in the ear is a common reason for ear pain occurring. Normally, it builds up within the ear drum. This condition mostly affects children and it is also referred to as glue ear.
  • The ear canal being infected
  • The ear canal could also have an infected hair follicle or a boil could be present
  • The ear can canal could have eczema
  • Injury to the ear canal caused by sharp objects that are prodded in the ear or placing cotton buds hard into your ear
  • Having infections in the throat as well as having cold and flu
  • The ear is blocked due to a lot of ear wax
  • Pains in the joint
  • Infection of the tooth
  • Jaw pains
  • Problems with the wisdom tooth

Knowing how to get rid of ear pain can help you relieve your condition and get some comfort. Ear pain is caused by various reasons some of which are very serious. If your ear pain does not go away or it is exceptionally painful to the extent that you are unable to do some activities then it will be a great idea to pay a visit to your doctor.

In case you are unable to see a doctor immediately, there is no need to panic or be worried as there are ways you can treat your pain at home, at least till when you can visit your doctor. Even if you eventually get the chance to see your doctor, before any medication is prescribed there are several home remedies that can present the quickest way to get rid of an earache. Many people do not know this but there are many home remedies for throbbing ear pain.

So if you looking for ways on how to get rid of ear pain, there are some ingredient at home that can help you in controlling the symptoms of ear pain.




Make sure when this is done you do not end up burning yourself. You can soak a piece of clean cloth in warm water and squeeze it out. Then place it on the painful ear and leave it there until it gets cool. This will offer some relief and reduce any swelling on the ear. This method is particularly great for people experiencing ear pain because they have a cold as it helps in reducing their pain greatly.


For many years, olive oil has been used to treat ear pain. Olive oil serves as a lubricant and can reduce the pain. What you do is heat up some olive until it is warm but not hot and place about three or four drops in the ear canal where you are feeling the pain. Use some cotton wool to plug your ear and leave the oil in it in for about 30 minutes and then lie down for it to drain out of your ear. The pain should reduce very fast.


Garlic is one of the best natural remedies around that is used for various purposes including reducing ear pain. The great aspect about garlic is that it provides several alternatives for people seeking for ways on how to get rid of ear pain.

You can put?in?a few drops of garlic juice in the affected ear. You could also heat up some sesame oil until it is warm and add a clove of garlic. Once the garlic has mixed well with the sesame oil you can apply it to the affected ear. Another option is to mix garlic oil with Mullen flower oil and place some drops into the ear that is infected. Plug the ear with cotton wool so the oil will remain in the ear for some time to provide relief.


Onion is another potent natural food that is used to combat infections and fight dangerous bacteria. Also if any inflammation occurs due to ear pain, onions help reduce its effect. Get some onions and cut them and form a paste and mix it with water. Place it on the outer part of the ear and experience fast relief.


Eucalyptus oil is well known for its vapor effects as well as helping to open the body?s air passages. To use it, get a large bowl of very hot water and place some drops of the oil. Then place your head?above?the bowl covered with a towel. This keeps the steam trapped and goes through the body opening up its passages.


If the pain in your air is internal, one of the best home remedies you can use to provide relief is Lavender especially if you have been seeking ways on how to get rid of ear pain. The oil should be rubbed on the outer part of the affected ear several times all through the day. You could also use the oil along with a hot cloth and place on the ear. The oil?s scent is soothing and also helps children get irritated less.


Ear pain can lead to pressure in the Eustachian tubes and relief can be achieved by popping the tubes gently as that gets clogged sometimes causing pain. Fluids trapped within the air canal are drained through this process.

To achieve this, use your thumb along with your forefinger and hold the outer ear closely to your head and pull and rotate the ear gently as many times as you can without making you uncomfortable. Apart from?this?you can also try doing a fake yawn as this can help in relieving the Eustachian tubes through popping.



If you have used the home remedies for a couple of days and there is no significant improvement or you are still feeling a high measure of discomfort as well as experiencing symptoms then it is time for you to see your doctor before it leads to serious complications.

Leaving an infected ear untreated can be very dangerous as it can lead to a person losing their hearing ability permanently. It is essential to get medical attention if the symptoms continue and get worse. The doctor can help ease you ear pain by providing the following treatments


If you have symptoms and your ear pain is constant and does not seem like stopping, your doctor can immediately prescribe some medications for you. If the pain you feel in your ear is caused by a bacterial infection then the doctor can prescribe a set of antibiotics that can stop the infection as well as give you some analgesics to alleviate the pain.


The ear can be irritated by blowing your nose or coughing leading to ear pain. If you are experiencing other symptoms of cold this could be the reason for the pain in your ear. If this is the situation, you will be advised to get a nasal spray or decongestant. When used, the production of mucus will be reduced, relieving the pain you feel. For a better effect at least in the?beginning?you can use it with ibuprofen.


Despite being beneficial, too much earwax can lead to pain in the ear. If the pain you feel is caused by earwax your doctor can help you in treating your ear. The treatment will include recommending medicated ear drops to ease the pain and reduce the buildup of earwax.

If the wax in your ear has become hard and lumped together you doctor can perform a procedure which will help to remove the wax from your ear.?




The common cold is normally a major reason for ear pain. Though there is no cure for the virus of a cold, there are preventive steps you can take so you will not get it. They include the following

Regularly wash your hands especially before eating and if you have gone to public places. If you are not in an area where you can find a wash hand basin to use, make use of hand sanitizers that are alcohol based.

The cold virus is known for being very resilient and can remain for hours on surfaces which means it is possible that by going to a store or market you can easily contact a cold.

Regular exercises are also another way to prevent ear pain. Frequently exercise enables people have better and healthier immune system and this helps their bodies have the ability to withstand infections and resist the virus from a cold.

Eating meals that are balanced and rich in vitamins also helps to prevent ear pain. There are certain meals you can eat to have a balanced diet. Eat whole foods, paying particular attention to vegetables,?fruits?and protein. Foods like oranges, peppers and leafy greens that are dark contain phytochemicals which helps the body take in vitamins that help to boost the immune system. This is why it is actually good to take more of natural foods.


Reacting to allergies can cause the ear to itch and lead to pains. This includes food and environmental based allergies. Pay your doctor a visit for the allergy test. This could include a skin prick test or a blood test. The test will allow you to know the type of allergens that is causing your ear pain.



As stated earlier, children and babies are more affected by ear pain because they pick up germs and infections easily and also have an immune system that is not yet developed fully which is why it is important to try as much as possible to prevent ear pain in babies. Though babies having ear infections is common, by using certain strategies of feeding it can be prevented or reduced.

One way of preventing ear infection and pain in babies is to vaccinate your baby

For the first year try your best to breastfeed your baby. Breast milk consists of antibodies that are known to reduce infections in the ear. Babies that are?formula fed?tend to get earaches more than babies that are breastfed

If you feed your baby with a bottle, do so at an angle of 45 degrees and ensure that the baby is not laid down flat on the back as?liquid?can flow into the ear of the baby causing ear pain. To reduce the level of ear infections related to bottle try to wean your baby around nine months

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