How To Get Rid Of Face Fat






How To Get Rid Of Face Fat

Our bodies including our faces differ in shape and sizes. A lot of people have double chin or chubby cheeks and are always on the lookout for how to to lose face fat. Apart from focusing on how to get rid of face fat, you can also try various strategies to help you look better and feel healthier and extra confident.



Your focus may be on losing fat on your face but the weight around your body also matters. Before you start exercises to lose the fat on your face you have to first try to lose the weight on your body. The fat all over your body is stored in adipose cells.

When you burn more calories than you take in, your body releases some of this fat and transforms it into energy that can be used. When your body releases the fat it can start from any part of your body which means you cannot determine it starting from your face. So you should try to lose weight generally and as time goes on it will affect your cheeks and chin and make your face look better.

If you are overweight, generally trying to lose some pounds will go some way in helping you get your face to slim down along with the rest of your body. This can be achieved by eating fewer calories than what you burn. You can make use of an online calorie estimator to determine how much calorie you burn on a daily basis depending on factors such as gender, age, size and level of activity.

When you have determined your daily calorie intake you can go ahead and create a 500 ? 1000 calorie deficit from this number to help you in losing 1 to 2 pounds every week. In addition to this, doing more physical activities as well as eating food in smaller portions of healthy meals makes this deficit likely.

Make sure you do not go too far in cutting calories in order to get rid of the fat on your face. Having low calorie intake like 1, 800 for men and 1200 for women can disturb your metabolism and lead to muscle loss, nutritional insufficiencies and increased hunger which can lead to you giving up on your objectives.



Fruits, lean proteins, whole grains and vegetables give you a quality diet that helps you maintain a healthy looking completion as well as helping you to lose weight. To obtain and get a good portion take leafy greens or other fibrous and watery vegetables like spinach lettuce, kale, broccoli, eggplant and green beans and fill half of your plate. Put whole grains such as barley or brown rice on a quarter of the plate and then the remaining quarter of the plate should consist of lean proteins such as eggs or fish.

Another point you should note is that a bloating face could be due to water being retained in the body. To deal with this you should try to reduce the amount of sodium you take from foods that are processed. Ensure you take enough fluids so that your body stays hydrated and does not feel the need to retain water.

Water helps in reducing bloating in your face. This happens because water flushes out toxins from your body which increases your wellbeing and also makes your hair and skin look better. Drinking cold water also helps you burn a lot of calories. When your body is regularly hydrated it makes you feel much better and over a period of time it makes your face look more slender.

Basically, drinking more water and taking foods that are low in calories are some of the important changes in diet that are known to help reduce fat on the face. Studies have shown overtime that choosing and making the right changes to your diet and taking the recommended foods is one of the best ways to get rid of face fat.



Changing your diet to a healthy one is not totally effective if it is not done along with regular exercises. However, it is worth pointing out that not all physical exercises will be okay to eradicate excess fat on the face. With this in mind, there are specific exercises that should be done specifically for your face.

There are many people who are unwilling to take part in facial exercises because they are either too busy and do not have the time for such exercise or they just do not know about them.

Well the great aspect of this is that these exercises are not difficult to do and do not take a lot of time. These exercises have proven that they can actually help in making your face sweat. The exercises focus on specific areas on your face like the eyes, cheeks, neck, lips and jaw with changes expected to be seen as soon as possible.

These days there are some people that feel that facial exercises are actually more exciting and fun than regular exercises. Therefore if you have too much fat on your face and have not tried out any of these exercises then it will be worth your while for you to try them out soon and get the benefits.

When people talk about how a person looks, usually the first point of reference is the face which is a fascinating part of the body. Considering this, it is not enough to pamper and take care of your skin as doing facial exercises are also very important as well as physical exercises to help you lose weight and tone the shape of your body an face.

A lot of people ask how they can get rid of the excess fat on their faces. They usually compare themselves to their favorite superstars and wish they can have lovely cheek bones and jaw lines just like them. You have the chance to reduce the fat on your face by dong these exercises along with a healthy diet plan.


1. Lifting your chin is a very good way to get rid of double chin. Lifting your chin helps you to stretch and work many of your facial muscles such as your throat, jaw and neck. You should make sure that you do not make use of any other facial muscle while doing the exercise apart from the lips.

You have options to choose from when you are ready to this exercise. You can execute this exercise either by sitting down or you can do it when are standing up.

To perform the exercise you should start by leaning your head towards the ceiling and at the same time making sure your eyes are fixed on the ceiling. When you have done this, you should then go ahead and tighten your lips as if you want to kiss the ceiling. Stay in this position and count to ten then take a break. You can continue and repeat this for about ten times.


2. The next exercise entails you making a fish face. This fish face exercise is quite easy and simple and is considered as one of the best facial exercises to give you great cheeks. Another good aspect about this exercise is that it can be done almost anywhere like at home, at the office, and lot more places. You can do the exercise while watching your favorite show on television or listening to your favorite songs.

This exercise not only helps in making your cheek muscles spread and toning your cheeks but it also helps you get rid of face fat quickly. You begin the exercise by pulling or sucking in your lips and try smiling when doing this. Maintain this position for about 5 seconds and on your cheeks and jaws you will feel a burning sensation.


3. Another form of facial exercise you can do to get rid of excess fat from your face is releasing your jaw. This form of exercise can give you attractive high cheek bones along with a lovely jaw line. This is a facial exercise that is very effective in reducing double chin. This form of facial exercise helps in stretching the muscles around your jaws, cheeks and lips.

You start the exercise by standing or sitting in a straight position and start moving your jaw in a manner as if you are chewing gum or food with your lips closed while doing this. When doing this try to breathe in deeply and breathe out with a whistle like sound. You then proceed to open your mouth wide with your tongue placed along your bottom teeth. You should hold this position for about 5 seconds then breathe in and out just once. You can continue and repeat this for about ten times.


4. Pulling your lips is one of the most efficient and effective yoga facial exercises. When done regularly and properly it can help by lifting up your face and also helps to make your face look much better, making you look a lot younger with a prominent jaw line as well as high cheek bones.

You can start the exercise by being in a standing position or sitting position with your head placed in a normal position. When you have done this you should lift your lower lip upwards as much as possible by pushing out your lower jaw. When this is done, you will surely feel the chin muscles and jaw line stretch and some pressure build up in them. Continue with this position for about 10-15 seconds and take a break. You can continue and repeat this for about ten times.


5. Another exercise you can do involves you blowing out air from your mouth. This form of exercise helps to get rid of face fat by working most of your entire facial and neck muscles and it is also one of the efficient and effective exercises that help in reducing double chin and eradicating flabby cheeks.

It has great effect on the cheeks, neck and jaw muscles and tones them to give your face a lean look and appearance. You can begin by sitting straight up on a chair and lean your head backwards to the point where you face and look up to the ceiling. Then you pull your lips and go ahead and blow air from your mouth. Continue with this for some seconds and take a break. You can continue and repeat this for about ten times.


6. Another method you can try out is making use of a balloon. When you blow balloons it helps to tone your cheeks because it exercises the muscles within them. What you do is to blow a balloon and let the air in it out. Do this for about 10 times and you could notice some differences in a couple of days.

If you are not comfortable doing these facial exercises you can concentrate on your overall body by doing cardiovascular exercises such as cycling and walking. This helps you to burn calories and helps to lose fat on your face and your entire body. You can try walking for about 30 minutes couple of days a week or you can join a training program and class and participate some days a week.



There are many people that consider surgery as an option to get rid of face fat especially if they are unable to stick to a healthy diet or do not want to use diet pills or they have no time to do exercises.

This may not be a good option as surgery is usually expensive and cannot be afforded by everyone. It is also not a safe option as it can cause infections and it can lead to complications.

So before you decide to do plastic surgery, think about it for a long time before you checkout possible options. Be comfortable and happy with your body features to avoid having complications that could affect your skin and body generally.

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