How to Get Rid of Forehead Acne




How to Get Rid of Forehead Acne Fast



One of the dreadest places to develop acne in the body is the forehead. A lot of people can stand having this condition on any part of the body but the forehead. It is commonly found on the forehead because, it is part of the area where the most oil is produced in the face. Also, it is the part of the body that oftentimes come in contact with oils, shampoos, hair treatment compounds and so on. This is however, unpleasurable for most people as the forehead is one spot that can be easily seen and difficult to cover up.

For this reason, how to get rid of forehead acne is a common concern amongst people. The more the oil is produced and the less it is allowed out of the skin, the more the bumps. Generally, they are caused by the following:


Clogged pores

This is actually the main cause of this condition – whether it is on the face or any other part of the body. One of the ways this happens is through malnutrition or when an individual is overly dirty. It also happens when there is too much of the hand within the area of the body, which in this case is the forehead. Furthermore, as oil is produced excessively by the body, most of the times, the skin’s pores cannot pass it out on time and this results to the pores clogged.


Hormonal Changes

Another very common trigger of the acne condition is in the activity of hormones. This is particularly obvious in the stage known as puberty. This is one time where most people experience an explosion of the appearance of acne. Other issues having to do with hormonal activity include the menstrual cycle and other significant stages in ones life. Just before this cycle, there is a fluctuation of the hormones like testosterone. Acne steered by during this period are usually painful. Also, there are certain drugs like antidepressants that are known to activate the forming of acne.

Furthermore, when it comes to hormonal activities, one must avoid the hormone known as insulin. This implies avoiding anything that raises the level of insulin like sugar. Because, as the level of insulin rises, it has a way of boosting the oil-producing hormones like testosterone.


Digestive complications and issues

This has to with taking greasy foods in excess. When these kinds of food are taken in excess, one of the resultant effect is malnutrition. Apart from the fact that they have a way of upsetting the tummy, they also create in imbalance in your digestion, plus disrupting the proper function of the hormones, thereby causing the acne appearance. Also, when our diet is not balanced, the reaction it creates leads to the formation f acne.

Therefore, foods that do not favour proper digestion should be avoided. Examples of such foods include: chocolate, pizza, fried foods, caffeine etc. Also, foods or products that contain iodine is another cause of an imbalance in the digestion and as such causing acne.



Stress in itself is not a contributing factor to acne. However, when the level is very high, it can lead to the development of a lot of illness. It has been scientifically proven that one of the conditions you risk yourself when you are overly stressed is the acne. When the body gets stressed, there is a release of the hormone known as the cortisol by the organ called adrenal gland. This hormone is produced to help you deal with the stress. As the hormones is produced, it also in some way give room for release of a tiny leak of testosterone hormones together with it. The testosterone is one hormone that stimulates the production of oil. As this happens, the end result is usually the presence of acne. When the body is often not relaxed, a lot of things get to happen on the inside of the body.


Wrong use of products/wrong products

Whenever, you begin to notice the appearance of acne on the forehead, one of the things to look out for is whether you are using a product not suitable for you or your type of skin. For those with oily skin, the kinds of products to go for should be the ones with an ?oil-free?, ?water-based? or ?comedogenic? label. This way you reduce the likelihood that the lotion you’re applying is not going to clog. Also, some of these products and cosmetics contain chemicals that are irritating to the skin, causing allergic reactions and as such can trigger the breakout of acne if the skin is too sensitive.

For some products like blush and cover up, they simply fill the follicles with goop, and thereby causing clogging of pores and finally acne. Furthermore, even if the products are not applied directly on the face, like hair styling products, they still tend to find their way to the forehead, since it is somewhat close to the hair.


Too intense and frequent face cleansing?

It has been observed that when one over-washes the face, the likelihood of acne breaking out is increased. It also makes the already existing condition worse. Even though cleansing the face is a common advise on how to get rid of forehead acne, when it is overly done, like more than two times a day, it impacts negatively on the health of the skin. Too much cleansing usually causes a dry out of the skin, and as a result, more oil is produced by the body as a compensation plan. According to experts, it is important that cleansing of the face be minimised, as anything that rubs on the face in itself increases the chances of the breakout of acne. This implies that even face cleansers themselves have a negative effect on the skin and this effect is really evident when they are over-used.



This is one place where we don’t have much of a control over. For most of us, we usually come across polluted air and this just puts a lot of crap on our faces. You must have noticed that after taking a walk outside and back and wipe your face with a clean material, it always comes with the coloration of dirt, impurities and so on. When these impurities are allowed on the face for long, the block the pores and eventually causes clogging of the skin.



Ways to Get Rid of Acne Breakouts

Whatever treatments are taken towards the removal of acne is going to depend on the severity of the condition and how long it has been in existence. For some people, it may come in the form of topical medication (applying something on the skin spot, for others its an oral medication (taken by the mouth) or a combination of both.


Topical treatments

These are treatments that require application to the skin. They are known to be the most effective when they are applied on a clean skin. This is usually done about 20 minutes after the face is washed. The benefits of these treatments are not usually seen until about two weeks into the treatment and more or less depending on the response of the skin. At first, it comes with irritations such as dryness, redness, peeling of the skin; and you may need to get something to minimise such side effects. You may need to switch medications if it gets worse.

Common topical medications include:

Retinoids: This treatment come in the form of gels, creams and derived from vitamin A, tazarotene, tretinoin and adapalene. It is usually applied during the evening before going to bed. It is recommended to take three times a week and gradually taken daily.

Antibiotics: This form of medication aims at killing excess bacteria in the skin and reduce redness. It works together with the retinoids ? at least for the first two to four months. While the antibiotics will be applied in the morning, the retinoids is applied in the evening. To reduce the likehood of antibiotic resistance, these antibiotics are combined with benzoyl.


Oral Medications

Depending on how severe your acne condition is, treatment might be best taken orally ? that is through the mouth. This form of medication is usually for not-so-severe cases of acne. For moderate to severe acne, you may need oral medications. Oral medications also come in various forms, which include :


These antibiotics function in fighting inflammation and reducing bacteria. Choice of antibiotics for the treatment of acne include: tetracyclines, particularly doxycycline and minocycline.

Combined oral contraceptives: This is an ideal medication for children and women. They include:

Anti-androgen agent

This treatment is supposed to block any effect posed by the hormone called androgen produced by the sebaceous gland. They are ideal consideration for adolescent girls and women should antibiotics be ineffective. It also comes with its side effects like painful periods, tenderness in the breast and potassium retention.


This is a treatment reserved for the most severe cases of acnes. This treatment is very powerful and is only advised when all other treatments have proved ineffective. Also to note is that it comes with very serious side effects and as such patients going through this treatment require constant monitoring. Side effects include ulcerative colitis, serious birth defects and so on.


8 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Acne in the Forehead



Rubbing tomatoes on the forehead after cutting has been known to miraculously get rid of acne on the skin. This is usually recommended for twice a day. The aim is for the juice of the tomatoes to make contact with your skin and release its healing effect.



This is one treatment that may not be friendly, in terms of its smell and how it feels on the skin. However, eggs are one effective acne removal agent over the years. The particular part of interest is the white gooey stuff; and then you place on your forehead and watch it do its work.


Orange Peel paste

One amazing remedy for acne removal is the use of an orange peel. All you do is get it crushed in water and apply on the forehead. After doing so, allow for about 10 minutes after which you can wash off with lukewarm water. This is one effective way to get rid of acne on the forehead easily.


Coriander Juice

Applying this juice can go along way to eradicating acne breakouts on the face and forehead. Together with a mint juice or turmeric powder, it helps give the face an healthy look. It is best used in its natural state, rather than when it is processed.


Aloe Vera

According to an extensive study, aloe vera is a classic when it comes to skin health. This herb is anti inflammatory and antibacterial and can do a lot to get rid of a number of skin irritations and conditions. Make the aloe vera into a mild solution and apply on affected area and watch your forehead acne get healed.


Red Clover

One detoxification herb that is widely considered potent is the red clover. This herb thrives on its ability to get the liver detoxified and cleanse it of what ever is creating an undesired effect on the skin. Its benefits cuts across other forms of skin conditions.



This is a very well known ingredient in most anti acne products. This substance helps to keep the pores of the skin tight against bacteria and impurities. It possesses an incredible antioxidant abilities which go a long way in revitalizing the skin in times of damage and dryness and also improving acne condition.


Honey and Cinnamon Mix

When honey is combined with cinnamon, the resultant mixture becomes an effective remedy for skin conditions like acne. For maximum benefit, it is important that the certain types of cinnamon?s mixed with certain types of honey. For best results, the manuka honey (known as the medicinal honey) should be mixed with cinnamomum (cinnamon’s medicinal strain). Also note that both honey and cinnamon should be in their raw state.




Forehead acne like any condition should be handled early before it gets out of hand. It is advised that in severe cases of this condition, dermatologists should be consulted for the best practice of how to get rid of forehead acne. In summary, avoid too much contact with affected spots, ensure your body is always well hydrated and be mindful of the beauty products that you make use of. Go easy on face cleansing activities ? once or twice a day is okay. Finally, eat well and live well.