How to Get Rid of Freckles




how to get rid of freckles

Freckles make life unbearable to a point for those who have them. When you see how flawless and youthful your skin would have looked like without freckles, you almost want to skin them out. Add that to the annoying fact that they seem so comfortable on your skin and act like they are there to stay makes the feeling worse. So, you need to know how to get rid of freckles just so that you can get your skin back!

Freckles light skinned people of all age groups and it can make an otherwise beautiful skin become such that we can hardly give a second glance. For some people, it only takes over a part of their skin while for many others; it seems to c6ver the whole body part like a garment. Freckles can lead to social alienation and embarrassment for those who have them. While freckles in themselves are harmless, many people will do anything to get rid of them for cosmetic reasons and that is reason enough.

It is therefore a relief that freckles can be permanently handled. You can clear your skin of existing freckles and take measures to ensure that they do not recur again. This article will teach you how to do that alongside some other things that will restore your confidence and rejuvenate your skin.


What are Freckles?

Freckles are a form of appearance on the skin that are regarded by the American Association of Dermatologist one of the signs of skin damage. They are a combination of some skin cells that contain melanin which darkens skin tone. These skin cells are referred to as keratinocytes. Freckles don?t cause pain or inflammation since they are normal, do not lead into any form of lumps or growths on the skin and are enhanced by exposure to the sunlight. The specific melanocytes that are affected by the sun rays influence the melanin production and also affect the surrounding skin cells. This is why the color of freckles on a person is uniform. While freckles themselves range in color from yellow to dark brown, whatever color a person has is the color that will be uniform over the affected body parts. Light skinned people have more freckles than people with dark skin. Freckles are more common experience in the summer when people are exposed to sunlight and they reduce as people age. Freckle is also genetic, it runs in the family.


How to Get Rid of Freckles

While there are many things that can be done to get rid of freckles, the most important thing is to avoid getting them through preventive measure. When it is summer, avoid sunlight and if you have to be under the sun, then wear sunscreen on your whole body, not just your face. Never be caught unawares as it may take a little time to get freckles but it takes more time and effort to get rid of them. Protect your skin from freckles; avoid 10am to 4pm sunlight.

That said, there are several treatment options to get rid of your freckles including homemade treatment and medical treatments.


Natural Remedies for Freckles


Lemon Juice

Lemon is a bleaching agent with skin lightening properties. It works well on freckles and some other skin discolorations. It contains citric acid which works on the skin to remove freckles and other spots. However, lemon juice is more effective for freckles that are natural rather than those caused by exposure to sunlight. This may be because natural freckles are more uniform and lighter than artificial ones. Whatever the case, lemon is one of the most active natural bleaches and will lighten your skin until the whole tone is even.

Method of application

  • Squeeze fresh lemon into a bowl to extract the juice
  • Use a cotton ball to apply the juice to the freckled parts of the skin and gently massage
  • Leave the juice on the skin for 15 minutes
  • Rinse off with cool water
  • Apply everyday at least till your freckles disappear.



Honey helps the skin retain moisture and prevents it from drying out because it is a humectant. Moreover, it contains enzymes that are useful for lightening the skin and reducing freckles. It fades freckles overtime and moisturizes the skin thereby leaving it shiny and smooth. You can mix honey together with lemon juice for a quicker effect. Honey treatment is a great skin therapy that leaves it better and evens out your skin tone.

Method of application

  • Warm some tablespoons of honey and leave it to cool for some minutes
  • You can mix with lemon juice and if you wish, yogurt
  • Apply on the freckled area and leave for about 20 minutes.
  • Rinse completely with warm water
  • Repeat the action daily until your freckles clear away


  • Warm honey with microwave or oven
  • Add wheat germ oil to form a paste
  • Apply the mask and leave it on for about 10 minutes
  • Rinse first with warm water and next with cold water


Fruit Mask

Fruits are good for the body and that cannot be overstated. However, there is more benefits to many fruits apart from eating them. You can blend some fruits that are known to be of immense skin benefits and use them as a mask on your freckled skin. By mixing these kinds of fruits together and wearing them as a mask, you will be renewing your skin layers and stripping away the natural one. This is one of the safest and most efficient ways to get rid of freckles. You can use apricots, avocados, strawberries, cucumbers, banana, kiwi and tomato.

Method of application

  • Blend or mix the selected fruits together in a bowl
  • Apply the mixture on the freckled skin parts
  • Leave to dry out completely
  • Peel away after it is dried and wash your skin with cold water



Onion is a natural bleaching agent that lightens the skin. As such, it is powerful for removing freckles from the face. Onion contains sulfur which exfoliates the skin and makes it harder for the hyperpigmentation that supports freckles to happen. Red onions are even richer in sulfur and other properties that make it effective in getting rid of freckles than the white variety.

  • Slice juicy red onions
  • Place the slices on the freckled skin area and lightly rub it on
  • Do this treatment 2 times daily every day until freckles clear away


Honey and Lemon Juice

The combination of these two ingredients works wonders for getting rid of freckles. Honey has moisturizing properties that will leave the skin shiny, soft and smooth while lemon has lightening properties that will get rid of skin discoloration and even out skin tone. The combination of these two not only gets rid of freckles, but also gives a youthful and vibrant feel and look to the skin.

Method of application

  • Mix both ingredients together
  • Rub on the freckled parts and leave for 10 minutes
  • Wash off with warm water
  • You should also add wheat germ oil to make a paste



Papaya is a tropical fruit that works well to get rid of freckles from the face. It is available all year round, it is cheap and it works superbly. Papaya contains papain which is an enzyme that lightens the skin by clearing it of discoloration including freckles. You can apply the papaya pulp directly on the freckles or extract the juice for application.

Method of application

  • Extract fresh papaya pulp from the fruit or the juice
  • Use cotton ball to rub the juice on the freckles or just rub the paste on the affected area
  • Leave on the skin for 10 minutes and rinse off with cold water
  • Repeat the action daily for some weeks till you get the desired results.



Horseradish is high in vitamin C. this makes it naturally useful for getting rid of freckles naturally and effectively. Horseradish also serves as an antioxidant that gives the skin a vibrant and healthy feel. It is widely known to be active against skin blemishes and discolorations including freckles.

Method of application

  • Rub the juice on affected skin area and leave for 10 minutes. repeat the process daily for best results
  • Mix a table spoon of horseradish root powder with a cup of milk and boil both in the oven or microwave
  • After cooling and straining, apply to the freckled area and leave for 15 minutes. Repeat daily for satisfactory results
  • Mix grated horseradish with lemon juice to form a paste. Apply the paste on the skin and leave to dry. Wash off with cold water and repeat process daily.



Eggplant is not only rich in antioxidants; it is also a lightening agent that removes freckles and blemishes overtime. Eggplant is a natural plant that contains vitamins that also nourish the skin. Consistent application of this plant to get rid of your freckles will not only deliver a clear skin to you but will also give you a healthy and youthful skin.

Method of application

  • Slice a fresh eggplant to thick pieces
  • Place the slices on the freckled skin area
  • Rub the slices gently on the freckled skin area
  • Leave on the skin for 15 minutes
  • Repeat the process daily till you see improvement; this should happen within a week


Other Freckles Treatment Methods

If you want to know how to get rid of freckles fast, you may have to skip the natural treatment options and go for some other alternative. Thankfully, there are several options here as well. Some medical treatment options are quite expensive and some come with some side effects. All in all, consult your physician to be adequately informed on the options you have and what each entails.



Sunscreen is not a medical treatment per say and it is a highly preventive measure. With sunscreen, you likelihood of developing freckles is greatly reduced. When it is summer, you cannot afford to wear sunscreen when you feel like alone, it must be your constant companion. That is the only guarantee you have to not get freckles. You should apply it lavishly every 2-3 hours if you are going to be under the sunlight. Even when you already have freckles, it still works well to get rid of them. Wearing additional protection like hat and sun shades will make you safer.



These are prescription drugs that must be used with total guidance. Do not attempt to use retinoids like an over-the-counter medication even if you have access to it. Retinoids will peel of the damaged skin and in the process, get rid of freckles. They also quicken the formation on skin cells that will rejuvenate the skin.


Chemical Peels

Chemical peel is about using chemicals to strip off the layers of skin that are freckled. Chemical peel is highly effective to get rid of freckles fast. Accompanying medications are given for the skin to regenerate quickly so life can continue as usual (minus the over-exposure to sunlight of course!)


Laser Treatment

This is the use of laser to remove the freckled skin layers. Laser treatment gets rid of freckles permanently. Ensure that only a certified dermatologist gives you the treatment and that your skin is examined before the decision to opt for it is made.



This is a sure way of removing freckles from the skin but you have to be careful with this one so that your skin isn?t worse than it was before the treatment began. You can buy commercial bleaching products at drug stores. I recommend using those that are made from natural ingredients.



This is the use of freezing technique to deaden the skin cells around the freckled area. This king of treatment uses liquid nitrogen or some other chemical to carry out the procedure. Please discuss with your medical personnel before choosing this treatment option.

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