How to Get Rid of Hives




How to Get Rid of Hives

how to get rid of hives


Hives is a skin condition that is associated with an outbreak of pale, red and swollen bumps. Also known as urticaria, this condition is usually irritating, causing a great deal of itchiness, stinging and/or burning sensation. Hives are usually temporal skin conditions and can develop in any part of the body. These raised bumps occur as a result of response of histamine in the body. Histamine is a substance released by the body as a defense towards any appearance of threat or invasion of foreign materials. Read on as we look at the possible types, causes and how to get rid of hives.


Types of Hives


Acute Urticaria: This refers to hives situation that do not last up to six weeks. This type of hives are usually caused by infections, medications (either strange or newly introduced) or certain foods. It could be as a result of an internal disease or insect bite. Food commonly associated with hives include: chocolate, nuts, fish, eggs, milk, tomatoes, fresh berries. Medication and drugs that are likely to lead to hives are: anti- inflammatory medications such as ACE inhibitors (high blood pressure drugs), ibuprofen, or known painkiller like codein. Note that additives and preservatives also play a part in this type of hives.


Chronic Urticaria: This is otherwise known as angioedema. This refers to hives that last longer than six weeks. The cause of this type of hives are usually difficult to diagnose and identify compared to the acute type. For some people, it may never been identified at all and for others the cause maybe as a result of conditions like cancer, hepatitis, thyroid disease and various infections. This is the type of hives that can have a negative impact on the internal organs like the gastrointestinal tract, lungs and muscles. Some of the symptoms are vomiting, difficulty in breathing, diarrhea etc.


Physical Urticaria: This hives condition is caused when the skin is physically stimulated. This stimulation can be gotten from heat, cold, sweating, exposure to sun, exercise etc. This type of hives will only appear on the spot where the stimulation occur and hardly spreads. Whenever the skin gets unduly stimulated, within one hour, this outbreak begin to surface.


Causes of Hives

Before thinking of how to get rid of a condition like hives, it is very important that the causes be first known. There are various causes of hives, let us take a look at the major ones:


Allergies: This is a common and major factor that gives rise to this condition. Different people have different allergies, whether in food, environment and ingredients used in manufacture of certain products. It is however unfortunate that a lot of people are yet to discover substances that sum up their allergies. Most of the times, hives develop the moment people are exposed to or take in substance they are allergic to ? allergen. It is important that we get to know substances that we are allergic to.


Stress: A lot of people are unaware of the level of stress they encounter, and unknown to them, it has some form of impact on their body and health. One of the areas stress impacts on is in the condition of the skin. For most people, their reaction to stress is usually negative. It has been discovered that one of the causes of hives is an unmanaged stress. In the same vein, worrying, which is a form of stress can lead to development of hives.


Infections: The appearance of hives is sometimes an indication that something is not right in the body. Sometimes we can have an infection and not know about it until it becomes serious. Usually, before it gets serious, its possible symptoms could be the appearance of hives.


Changes in Temperature

For some people, this is a cause of hives. This could be as a result of the sun shinning profusely or putting on too much cloths. Which ever is the case for you, it is important that you discover and avoid them.

Other causes of hives include:

  • Food allergies

  • Nickel jewelry

  • Skin irritation caused by lotions or cosmetics

  • Exposure to extreme temperatures

  • Insect bites or stings

  • Pregnancy

  • Exercise

  • Sunlight


10 Effective Remedies for Getting Rid of Hives



This remedy is especially effective when it has to do with the facial hives. An oatmeal consists of some soothing properties that are effective for relief of itch. It also features anti-irritating and anti-inflammatory properties. With just a paste of oatmeal, you are on your way to a hives-free skin. To prepare this paste, mix two tablespoons of cornstarch and two cups of oatmeal in water. After a proper mix, apply on the affected area and allow for about 30 minutes. Clean with Luke warm water and repeat the next day; until the hives completely disappears.



One of the health benefits of ginger is that it helps gets rid of skin conditions like hives. When its anti-inflammatory antihistamine properties come in contact with this skin issue, it mellows down its effects, like reducing the itching, redness of the skin and swelling of the affected area. All you have to do to enjoy this benefit is to get a ginger root and peel the skin off. When the skin is out, apply it on the hives spot. To make it more effective, you can try storing he ginger in a refrigerator. This application should be done about three times daily. Alongside, you can decide to drink ginger tea, or take it in its raw form.


Cold Compress

This is another remedy for hives. According to a lot of experts, this actually falls amongst one of the best ways on how to get rid of hives. A cold compress helps to cause the blood vessels to shrink. As it does this, any further release of histamine will be blocked. Simply take some cube of ice and wrap in cloth and afterwards place the wrapped cloth on the affected area of the skin. Allow it to stay for about fifteen minutes. For best result, this procedure should be done as often as four times in a day. Ensure that the ice does not have a direct contact with the affected are, to avoid undesirable outcomes.


Green Tea

It is no news that green tea comes with a lot of benefits to the human health. One area of green tea benefits many people are not aware of is in the skin health. Conditions like hives surrenders to the power of green tea. It can either be taken fresh or dried. All there is to do is brew the green tea for about fifteen minutes. For the taste, you are allowed to add honey. It can be taken four times a day.


Baking Soda

This is another remedy for hives that is common. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties that helps to minimize the inflammation and itching. You can either bath with it or use it in the form of a paste. For bathing, fill your bathtub will warm water and add one cup of baking soda. Allow for about forty five minutes before using it. For the paste, allow for about ten minutes after application on the affected area, and wash it off. It is recommended that this treatment be practiced daily.


Vitamin C

This type of vitamins have be known to have a positive effect on the skin. Vitamin c helps to improve skin conditions, minimizing the rate at which the histamine is released, and as such can help to get rid of hives. Mix vitamin c with zinc and apply on your hives-infested skin area and watch an amazing relief set in. It only takes about 3 minutes for the skin to absorb. This process should be done at least two times daily.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Well, this is already a popular remedy for skin conditions like hives. Generally, it goes a long way in improving the health condition of our skin. It possesses anti-histamine properties that helps in giving the immune system a boost. With two cups of apple cider vinegar in water, you have yourself the perfect hives remedy. You can choose to have this solution done in your bathtub to bath with it or just using it to clean the affect area. Whether to bath or simply cleansing, allow the mix for about twenty minutes before applying. Do this for two to three times a day and watch the hives condition disappear gradually.


Aloe Vera

This remedy is not just one of the most popular but also effective for improving the condition of the skin, particularly the face. This makes it an ideal solution on how to get rid of hives on the face. With its anti-inflamatory and antimicrobial properties, hives don’t stand a chance of survival on the face. The aloe vera helps to reduce and control the redness, itching and inflammation. Apply the gel on the affected area and leave for up to twenty minutes before cleansing with lukewarm water. Repeat the treatment for at least three times daily and watch the hives walk away and your skin gradually rejuvenated.


Stinging Nettle

This is one remedy for hives that a lot of people are yet to be familiar with. Stinging nettle is one of major ingredients used in medications and creams. To take advantage of it, you can either get a topical cream that is rich in stinging nettle or better still, prepare them yourselves and apply directly on the affected area. Make sure to avoid the fine hairs of the stinging nettle, as it can aggravate and increase the severity of the hives situation. Applying the stinging should be done on a daily basis ? at least once.


Witch Hazel

This compound is known to shrink your skin’s blood vessels. As these blood vessels are shrinked, the release of histamine is minimized. Apply this compound on the affected area and allow for about twenty minutes. Wash with water and repeat everyday until your skin returns to its normal state.


Additional Tips

Pay attention to your diet and know what works for you. If you are allergic to a food, you are likely to trigger hives symptom when you eat that food. Possible allergens are peanut butter. So if this is the case with you, it is advised that you abstain from foods that contain peanut oil as much as possible.

Check your medication, if you’re on any. It is possible that this is a cause of the skin condition you are experiencing. If medications are the source, you will need to report to your physician for a drug that does not necessarily

Make efforts to learn ways of combating your stress. Take activities like reading a book, take long walks, go to the gym, etc. Find out and do whatever it is that makes you relaxed. Make sure to avoid clothes that are too tight, without loose fitting. And also clothes made of smooth textured cotton.


When to Consult a Doctor

Hives is a temporal skin issue that do not pose any form of threat to the life of humans. However, it advised that this condition be attended to anytime it appears. If after trying out the remedies above and it does not work, you should consider seeing your doctor. Also, if the situation comes with severe symptoms like difficulty in breathing, extreme pains, vomiting etc., do not hesitate to seek immediate medical attention.



The very first step towards how to get rid of hives is determining the cause. Get to find out if the breakout is as a result of a chemical contained any of your cosmetic products. According to experts, the best way to approach any treatment is to first all eliminate the source of reaction. To do this may require procedures like blood testing; all aimed at uncovering the main reason for the appearance of the hives. Also, since hives is largely related to your level of stress; check your anxiety and stress level and ensure that they are handled positively.

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