How to Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat






It is not just enough to be having a beautiful body; it is more enjoyable to tell the world about it. So, what happens when there is a part of that body you wish was desperately otherwise? It becomes a hindrance to your self-expression. The extra mass keeps you from sharing your beauty with the world and stops your being celebrated. Because this doesn?t have to be the case anymore, this article is about how to get rid of lower belly fat.

To begin with, it is an absolute myth to think you can lose any fat in a particular body part. According to; ?there is no such thing as spot reduction. Fat is lost throughout the body in a pattern dependent upon genetics, sex (hormones), and age. Overall body fat must be reduced to lose fat in any particular area?. There is lower belly fat when there is an excessive visceral and subcutaneous fat. Many people believe that when they do leg raise or other hip exercises, they are exercising their lower belly. But this is not the actual case. declares that ?storage body fat consists of fat accumulation in adipose tissue, part of which protects internal organs in the chest and abdomen?

The whole point here therefore is that it is practically impossible to choose to rid your lower belly fat when your whole body is fatty. Rather, you must work to reduce fat all over your body and most likely, your lower belly fat will also reduce as well. Then if it doesn?t, there are some exercises that will help put your belly in shape.

You can rid yourself of your lower belly fat and get introduced to your most beautiful version. Here?s how;



Quite a number of people are uncomfortable with their lower belly fat but few actually start any course of action to reduce it. Most just postpone the day they will act on getting rid of it. It is good that you are doing a research on how to lose your lower belly fat but that isn?t enough. Many people are already armed with the needful information but have not overcome the inertia that keeps them in the same tight spot. A good way to begin is to picture a version of you without that hindering belly fat. Imagine yourself in those snug and beautiful gowns and top. In short, let it be as if you have not begun to live until you start doing something about it. Then draw out a plan on how you will follow through on the other steps. It will be a great advantage to have a mentor to report yourself to. Share your determination to rid yourself of your belly fat and ask him or her to help your accountability. Having someone who has taken this type of step before is a major plus. This steps show you are serious with your decision to lose your belly fat and you will realize a surge of enthusiasm that will propel you to act.



To see any noticeable reduction in your belly fat, you have to watch what you eat. Reducing your lower belly fat fundamentally requires that you consistently eat a diet with low calories. This step is very important because if it isn?t taken into cognizance, every other effort you make to rid yourself of your lower belly fat will ultimately wash down the drain. So, the question you should be asking is; ?what kind of food should I eat that will rid me of my lower belly fat?? Thankfully, there are several options for you which are also readily available; you don?t have to embark on an intriguing and unpredictable adventure to find a diet plan that will help you lose your lower belly fat. Your dieting goal must always be to burn more number of calories than you actually consume which is regarded as calorie deficit. Through your body?s BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) you can determine the amount of calorie you burn in a day and that way, know the amount of calorie you should take daily. You can calculate your BMR with a BMR calculator at

Contrary to popular opinion, planning a fat-eliminating diet isn?t heck; in fact, it is way easier than you imagine. With a series of small steps, you can adapt a dietary lifestyle that will keep your lower belly trimmed and flat with these steps;


Eat more frequently: when you do this, you will keep your body from starvation mode. This is a bust to the myth that depriving yourself of food makes you lose weight. In reality, when you deny your body food, your BMR also decreases. A researcher for the Journal of the American Medical Association, G.L. Thorpe says ?eating less does not make us lose weight, ??by selective reduction of adipose deposits (body fat), but by wasting of all body tissues?therefore, any success obtained must be maintained by chronic under-nourishment?. Eating small meals like six times a day will help your body function more efficiently and you will still burn the fat.


Eat smaller portions: this is the balance to the first step. While you should eat frequently daily, you should ensure that you only eat in bits. Instead of eating heavy meals three times a day, break the same portion of food to six times and distribute it evenly throughout the day. Eating small portions of food will aid quick digestion and speed up body metabolism. Hence, you will use up the nutrient in the food as you go about your day with nothing ending up as excessive fat.


Drink ice cold water: fair enough, you probably already do this but not with the intention to lose your lower belly fat. Good news is that you can lose your lower belly fat by drinking cold water especially if you are the active person. When your body heats up, you will burn more calories as the water temperature also increases.


Eat healthy fat: there are a lot of diet packages out there but majority of them have eliminated the nutrients your body needs to survive. It is important to differentiate between a low fat diet and a diet that eliminates necessary fat. Healthy fat is needful for effective metabolism. Olive oil, fish, nuts and the likes are good sources of healthy fats. If you will take saturated fats at all, let it not exceed 7% of your total calories intake, while both saturated and unsaturated fat should not exceed 35% of your daily calorie consumption.


Eat fruits, fibers and vegetables: you don?t have to be a vegetarian but vegetables are perfect for you in your quest to lose your lower belly fat. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains will provide your body the nutrient it needs. Foods that are rich in fiber are also good for you as they digest quickly and are non-fatty.



Many people have entirely given up on the idea of getting rid of their lower belly fat even though they are highly motivated and have strictly adopted a healthy dietary lifestyle. The thing about these steps is that they coalesce. You have to do everything right to get that one result. The popular exercises people do to get rid of lower belly fats are hardly effective and they end up frustrated. But cardiovascular exercises are very effective in reducing belly fat. Another good thing is there are varieties of options for cardiovascular exercise so you won?t be stuck in a rut. The best cardio exercise for lower belly fat reduction is the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This workout takes you through different levels of intensity through a regulated pace. Cardio or aerobic exercises greatly boost the body?s ability to use fats while exercising. This in turn preserves intramuscular glycogen. Alternating between high and low intensity interval training increases Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) thereby burning more calories. An example of practicing HIIT is to include some seconds of sprinting during your walking sessions. To achieve any noticeable result after you have made adequate adjustments to your dieting plan, you need to exercise for at least 30mins daily to get rid of your belly fat. Some of the exercises that will do are;

  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Skipping rope
  • Jogging
  • Jumping jacks
  • Stomach Vacuum
  • Crunches
  • Rolling Plank exercise


Anaerobic exercise is also effective in eliminating lower belly fat. Strength training is highly beneficial to the body as it helps the overall well being of a person. One major area where strength training matters to your lower belly fat riddance is that it increases strength training exercises like boxing, weightlifting, hockey, soccer and others burn calories. According to the American Council on exercise, ?to help with fat loss, you should complete one or two sets of 1-15 repetitions. Some strength training exercises incorporate abs exercises to target abdominal muscles eg the different types of crunches.



This seems to be the oldest trick in the book but it is still potent. Sometimes, you eat when what your body craves is fluid to help if run excellently. Drinking 3-4 liters of water daily will boost your body metabolism and flush toxins out of your body. Moreover, water makes you feel full thereby reducing your urge to eat whatever will not be good for you like sugar and alcohol. This way, your lower belly fat is well on its merry way to becoming history



Green tea and weight loss go hand in hand. While drinking green tea alone has a very minimal effect on ridding your belly fat, combining it with other strategies like the ones we have been discussing will hasten the dawning of the flat-bellied you. Green tea contains compound called catechins which boost the total energy in the body; increase the release of fat from fat cells mainly in the abdomen and speed up the rate at which the liver burns fat. It also contains caffeine and polyphenols- two compounds that enhance metabolism. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 1999 published an article which disclosed that an extract made from green tea increased metabolism by up to 4%. Therefore, green tea is a small but mighty weapon in your fight against lower belly fat.



This is a nice one. To think that all your efforts will be adequately rewarded with a long serving of sleep time which will still count as part of your effort is simply relieving. If you can get up to 8 hour sleep, you are well on your way to reducing belly fat. Of course you have to know that sleep in itself doesn?t get rid of your belly fat. It is in synchronization with other efforts particularly dieting and exercising that sleep comes in handy. When you do not get enough sleep, your body releases the hormone called ghrelin which makes you long for fatty and sugary foods like you need them to survive. When you sleep enough and well, you are well rested and your body itself is ready to corporate in giving you the belly of your dreams.



Okay, there is still an acceptable measure if you trust yourself, otherwise, stay away from alcohol. Every gram of alcohol you drink adds up to 7.1 calories for your body. You don?t plan to sacrifice all those yummy goodies just to drink them up in a brimming foamy cup do you? In just one glass of beer, you would have consumed 85.2 calories. While only little alcohol is eventually stored as fat, your body will most likely stop burning fat just after one and half drinks and all fats and carbs you have been eating will simply be stored as fat.


Losing your lower belly fat is a challenging journey as it requires a harmony between all the strategies involved. However, placing the picture of the person you want to become will give you the strength to achieve what you really want.

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