How to Get Rid of Pimple on Lip




How to Get Rid of Pimple on Lip ? 6 Quick Natural Remedies


how to get rid of pimple on lipEveryone hates pimples. Even those who don?t have them can easily be irritated by their sight, and no one wants to harbor that thing that irritates the sights of others. Yet, the worse about pimples is its tendency to attack the most obvious parts of the body. One would think having pimples on your face is bad enough until you notice the small bumps on your lips or around it.

Then, all hell lets loose and for good reason. It becomes important to know how to get rid of pimple on lip. This is all the more so when you realize that it is unadvisable to apply the treatment you would have used for pimples on your back or your face. Pimple on the lip is indeed a peculiar development that calls for careful application of treatment, otherwise, you may irritate your lips further and the pimples may evolve into full blown inflammation situation.

Another point you must note when it comes to pimple on the lip is that it can easily be mistaken for cold sore. Many people have wrongly applied treatment measures that are suitable for cold sore to get rid of the pimple on their lip and they have been gravely disappointed. In this article, you can be rest assured there are enough details to help you identify pimple on the lips for what it is and to treat it appropriately.


What Pimple On The Lip Is Not

As earlier stated, it is easy to confuse pimple on the lip for other things. This article will make sure you have enough information to prevent such error and get to treat the acne on your lip the right way. That said, pimple on the lip can easily be mistaken for cold sores or herpes. This is because they also occur like swollen blister or zit on your lip or mouth area.

If you have cold sores, it will show up as small and painful blisters on or around your mouth area. Cold sore is mainly caused by the simplex virus. Cold sore is also often accompanied by fever, tiredness and muscle ache. The sores that are caused by oral herpes also cause painful, tingly, burning or itching sensation on the lips or wherever they occur. Usually, when the condition is being treated, it oozes as a yellowish liquid.


What Pimple on the Lip is

What really causes pimples? And why does it also occur on the lips of all places? Pimples occur on the lips when dead skin cells are attached to the hair follicles and become red lesions. Some of these small lesions have white tips which show that they are already filled with pus. Anyone who knows what pimples are knows that they don?t heal quickly in most cases and even after healing, they often reappear after some time. It is as if it?s impossible to get rid of acne permanently including the one that occurs on the lips. But that just a myth; you can permanently get rid of pimples on the lips.


Causes of pimples on the lips

Many people have felt assaulted by acne attack time and time again. The appearance and reappearance of pimples on their lips and there are some rare cases where such pimples refuses to go away. Since there are times when such occurrence is solely due to its cause, we have to delve into the causes of pimples on the lips as they may be a shortcut to treating pimples on the lips and preventing recurrence. Here are the causes of pimples on the lips:


Cheap cosmetics

While you don?t have to pay tooth and nails to get good cosmetics, there are some ridiculously priced cosmetics that will not do your skin any good. They are actually directly responsible for tons of skin condition including acne on the lip. Such products may include lipstick, lip balms, lip glosses and moisturizers. They contain harmful ingredients or the harmless ones have very low quality to offer any real benefit to your skin. In addition to all these, they aid the blocking of your pores and enhance the build-up of oils and dead skin cells to form pimples on different parts of the body including the lips.


Allergic Reaction

There are some cases where the problem isn?t that the products you use on your face and lips are cheap or of inferior quality but that you are allergic to them. It may take some time to understand that this is what causes your acne but if you often have pimples after using a particular product, watch out for such products and their content, you could be reacting to an ingredient it contains. In such case, you should discontinue using such products and replace them with suitable alternative. If you fail to do this, attempts to cure your pimples while still using the products will be in vain. In the same vein, you must ensure the cosmetics and facial care products you use are not contaminated or expired. If they are, they can single-handedly lead to irritation on your skin and develop into pimples. Always use verified cosmetics on your face and lips. Buy them from a trusted source so that you can complain or return in case of any hassles.


Hormonal imbalance

This is one of the major causes of acne especially among those in puberty stage. The levels of hormones in the body vary as different stages of growth and can directly lead to the development of pimples on the lips. This is also common among women who experience such hormonal fluctuations the most. Teenagers who are experiencing puberty may experience a surge in their hormonal levels and this directly causes pimples on the lips.



Every health condition we have is affected and influenced by our diet. You can?t remove how your body reacts from the food you eat. As such, it is important to eat right and on time to as a foundation to obtaining perfect health. If you eat food with too much saturated fats and refined sugars, you are paving way for pimple attack and other kinds of health conditions. When the pimples do attack, it can be on your lips. Eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and protein to nourish your body well and empower it against antibodies. Smoking can also cause pimples to appear on the lips.


Skin Type

Knowing how to get rid of pimple on lip may be as simple as knowing its cause. For example, people who have excessively oily skin are prone to having pimples on their face and this includes the lips. Thus, if you can manage your oily skin well by avoiding oil based moisturizer and cosmetics, then the probability of getting pimples on the lips will reduce greatly.


Sexually Transmitted Diseases

If herpes can manifest itself as pimples on the lips, then you shouldn?t be surprised if other sexually transmitted diseases, especially the oral versions use your lips to communicate their message. Practice safe sex to be free of lip pimples that can be gotten from STDs.


Certain Medications

There are some medications that will result in pimples on the lips. This is especially true of medications that contain lithium and corticosteroids. Fluoride in toothpaste may also aggravate or cause zits to appear on the lips.



You can be attacked from any angle if you don?t maintain a good personal hygiene. If you don?t clean your lips after eating oily or greasy foods, you can get pimples on the lips. Also, if you don?t exfoliate and clean your lips on a regular basis, you can reap the harvest through pimples on the lips.


Home Remedies to Get Rid of Pimple on Lip


Hot or Cold Compress

You need ice cubes or hot water for this treatment to work. If ice cube will be used, put some into a napkin or towel and place gently on the lips. Leave it on for a few seconds, remove, wait for some seconds and apply again. If hot water will be used, dip towel into the hot water and squeeze out the excess moisture then place on the affected area, leave for some seconds and reapply. Repeat the chosen treatment several times. It will loosen the pores and remove excess oil and dirt from the skin. You must never directly place ice cubes or hot water on your skin.


Apply Lemon Juice

This is a common acne treatment and it applies to acne no matter what part of the body it appears in. lemon is acidic and this kills off bacteria that causes inflammation and swelling. It also dries out the pimple that may already occur in the body because of its astringent nature. It is important to use fresh lemon juice for this treatment as processed lemon juice may contain ingredients that will further irritate your skin. All you have to do is dip a clean cotton swab into the juice and rub on your lips. You may wash it off or leave it to dry by itself. If your skin is sensitive, you are advised to dilute the lemon extract with water before application. Repeat treatment about three times a day for quick results.



Fresh tomatoes can work wonders to get rid of pimples on your lips and it will even nourish your lips in the process. This is because they contain antimicrobial properties that will repair the skin cells that have been damaged and weakened. They are also rich in vitamin C. All you have to do is cut a fresh tomato into small slices and mash. Then apply the juice on the affected area. You can leave it on for about 10 minutes before rinsing off. Since you won?t finish the juice in one application, you can refrigerate to retain its freshness for future application.


Castor Oil

Castor oil is another magic remedy for getting rid of pimple on the lips. Castor oil is a great absorbent that cleans and clears skin pores by absorbing the impurities that can easily lead to pimple formation. When mixed with essential oils that have antibacterial properties, you have the perfect remedy for getting rid of pimple in the lip. Mix it with essential oil such as eucalyptus oil or basil oil in equal measure and apply a drop to the affected area. You can leave in for the night and you will notice a huge difference before the next morning. You can also use this treatment during the day especially if you don?t have to be outdoors.



This particular remedy may shock you seeing as we have previously mentioned that toothpaste can be a causative agent of pimples. However, if you want to know how to get rid of pimple on lip, toothpaste can serve as a useful remedy. This is because toothpaste has antibacterial properties since they contain baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. You just have to be particular about the type of toothpaste you choose. A non-gel toothpaste should be used and you should avoid whitening toothpaste to get rid of pimple on the lip. Apply the toothpaste on the affected part and leave for about 15 minutes wiping off with a moist washcloth.


Benzoyl Peroxide

Apart from the popular consensus that benzoyl peroxide is a sure treatment for acne, it also applies to pimples that may appear on the lips. It unclogs skin pores and serves as an antibacterial. Wash the affected area, pat to dry and rub the gel on it. Leave it on as recommended. You should also note that the first application of this treatment for a few weeks may lead to irritation, so it may look worse before getting better. Don?t be alarmed, it is at work but if such symptoms exceed 3 weeks, discontinue use and see your doctor.

If different home remedy treatments don?t work for the pimples on your lips after extended time period, please see your doctor.

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