How to Get Rid of Ringworm




How to Get Rid of Ringworm ? 6 Remedies to Cure Ringworm Fast

how to get rid of ringworm

Ringworms don?t just look irritating, they actually are. The good news, however, is that it is common enough to have generated different ways to be treated. Thus, if you have been experiencing discomfort and have been wondering how to get rid of ringworm, you are reading the right article. Since ringworm is communicable, it is important to prevent it from spreading early on. Early treatment is also important because it expands wherever it occurs and can soon become a reason for hibernation if not nipped in the bud. Ringworm can happen to anyone and at anytime.


What is Ringworm?

Ringworm is a fungal infection that is highly contagious. It is important in addition to the treatment measures you adopt to ensure your environment isn?t conducive to the growth of the fungus causing ringworm. Whoever is infected must avoid sharing toiletries and clothing among other materials with others to curb the growth and spread of the infection. It is also important that such person maintains an impeccable degree of personal hygiene. Bedspreads, towels and others must be washed thoroughly and if possible disinfected.

Another name for the ringworm infection is dermatophytosis and it affects people of all age groups and sexes. If you are not already familiar with the name and infection, you may be quick to think it has something to do with worms but that is not true. No worms are responsible for the infection; it is purely caused by fungus. A ringworm attack can occur on any part of the skin and it often looks like skin lesion which is often round in shape. The pathogens that cause ringworm infection thrive in moist and humid conditions. They eat keratin which is a fibrous protein found mainly on the skin, hair and nails.


Symptoms of Ringworm

Based on where there are fibrous tissues that have keratin, ringworm is mainly formed on the face, palms, legs, scalp, feet and the groin area. The symptoms you will feel depend on the region of the body where it is formed. However, these are some symptoms you can feel when you have ringworm depending on the type of infection:

Tinea Corporis

This includes the fungal infections that occur on the arms, trunk and legs. The infection often appears as scaly patches or circular blister-like lesions. Ringworm infection in this area also itches due to exposure to sunlight and other elements.

Tinea Barbae

This is kind of ringworm is accompanied by crusting, itching and swelling and hair can break off or uproot from the affected area.

Tinea Ungunium

This type of ringworm affects the feet and can easily cause athlete?s foot. When left untreated, it can turn into full-blown fungal nail infection. It is often accompanied by itching but you should scratch cautiously or not at all.

Tinea Capitis

This is the most common form of ringworm especially among children. It occurs on the scalp with the affected part forming a bald patch. It is often accompanied by itching and looks scaly.

Tinea Cruris

This ringworm is formed on the groin. It is popularly referred to as ?jock itch?. It shows itself as raised reddish-brown patches that is raised from the folds of the groin and may extend all the way to the thighs. It often bears semblance to yeast infection and psoriasis, so you should be sure it is actually ringworm before going ahead with treatment.


How to Prevent Ringworm

Since it has been established that ringworm spreads easily when care isn?t taken, it is important to discuss how to avoid an infection in the first place and if you already have one, how to get rid of ringworm infection permanently. Note that the fungi responsible for ringworm will enjoy its life and actually thrive in dumpy and humid conditions, so you may want to start by properly aerating your surroundings. Here are other steps. Here is how to go about it:

  • Do not share personal objects such as bedspread, towels, combs, brushes, shoes, sport equipments and many more.

  • Maintain good personal hygiene at all times, wash your underwear and socks daily. if you suspect that you have had skin to skin contact with an infected person or have contacted their items, wash the affected part thoroughly.

  • If you already have ringworm, the greatest temptation you will face is to scratch the affected area but you must avoid doing this as it will cause the infection to spread to other parts of your body.

  • Protect your foot at all times especially in public places like gyms, public showers and locker rooms to avoid getting infected especially if the general atmosphere is humid and conducive for a ringworm infection.

  • If your furry friend or pet has a ringworm, or you are unsure but can see something like that on it, avoid touching such areas and take it to the vet instead for proper diagnosis and treatment

  • Shower thoroughly after activities that encourage skin to skin contact such as sex, sporting activities, dancing, wrestling and others

  • Avoid snug clothing that doesn?t help the skin to breathe. Such cloths can easily enhance fungal infection. Instead, choose loose underwear, jeans and pants.

  • Use clean and dry towel to clean yourself after shower and make sure to dry the used towel as well. This helps to eliminate the ringworm that can thrive on your skin

  • Use only sterilized equipment at the barber or hairdresser?s shop for cutting and styling your hair

  • If you suspect that you have ringworm, commence treatment immediately. Don?t wait till it gets too itchy or has scalded to prevent aggravating it.


Home Remedies to Get Rid of Ringworm Fast

Just because ringworms aren?t life threatening doesn?t mean they are welcome on our skin. Their existence can be absolutely embarrassing especially when an infection stamps itself where the world will see it. Moreover, the itchy feeling that accompanies ringworm is no joke. At its most intense, it can lead to skin irritation and inflammation. Below are 6 proven home remedies to cure ringworm fast that you can do at home:

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is arguably the fastest treatment that can be used to clear the skin of ringworms. Apply raw, organic and undiluted ACV on the affected region. Let it dry naturally and you will notice the ringworm drying out. This is because ACV has antiseptic and antifungal properties that can get rid of ringworm within 24 hrs. However, if you want this to work for you, you should apply the solution every 3 hrs and ensure you adhere to the preventive measures stated above to avoid counteraction. Note that you shouldn?t discontinue use immediately the ringworm vanishes but should continue treatment for at least a day to restore the skin pH. If you have a sensitive skin, you may opt for white vinegar which is also effective although not as much as ACV. ACV is more potent because it contains more antioxidants.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a popular skin remedy for a good reason and that is because it works. It works for various skin disorders including ringworms. This oil has antifungal properties and also has antiseptic agents that are helpful in fighting off the fungus that causes ringworm. To effectively use tea tree oil to cure ringworm, dip a clean cotton ball in the oil and allow it to soak. Then squeeze the extract and rub on the affected area. If the oil seems too concentrated for you, you can dilute with essential oil like lavender or water. You should ensure that the whole affected region is covered by the oil. You can repeat this process as soon as each application dries up.


Turmeric can do much more than spice up your diet. It is an effective natural remedy for fighting ringworm successfully. It is used to deal with many skin problems among which ringworm is one. Turmeric spice has antibiotic properties and both its powdered form and fresh form are effective. If you want to use turmeric powder to treat ringworm, mix with water to form a thick paste and apply the paste on the affected area. Leave it on the skin for about 30 mins before rinsing off with water. You should repeat this process even after the ringworm disappears. If you want to use fresh turmeric, blend it with a grinder or blender and extract the juice, then rub the juice on the affected area and repeat the process for the powdered application.


Garlic contains ajoene which is an antifungal compound that is highly effective in treating ringworm. It is one of the best natural ingredients for treating ringworm. Direct application on the affected area kills off t5he fungus, dries up the patches and restores the skin to its balanced state. There are more effective ways to use garlic to cure ringworm. When you mix it with olive oil and honey, it will work at a faster rate and it is easy to do. Just grind fresh bulbs of garlic into a paste and mix with the two stated above. It will form a paste that you can rub on the affected area. You can repeat this treatment about 4 times a day for a period of 4 weeks

Coconut Oil

This natural ingredient works like magic against ringworm. It contains lauric acid which kills fungi in their number, especially the type that cause ringworm. It is pretty easy to apply coconut oil on ringworm but you can mix it with olive oil or tea tree oil for greater and quicker effectiveness. To apply on the affected area, gently massage till the oil is absorbed. Leave it on overnight. You can wash off the next morning and if it is daytime application, you can just leave as is till your next bath. Repeat this treatment several times a day for a couple of weeks.

Aloe Vera

If you have done enough research on several skin conditions, then you would have been surprised if this didn?t make the list. Aloe vera is predominant in many skin cosmetics because it is highly effective for treating various skin conditions. Ringworm is one of such skin conditions and aloe vera has therapeutic effects that can make it easy. To treat ringworm, get fresh aloe vera gel and extract the juice from it. rub the gel on the affected area and leave overnight or rinse after 20 minutes during daytime. Repeat as often as possible and your ringworm will clear in days.


Medical Treatment of Ringworm

There are times when for one reason or the other, you would love to know how to get rid of ringworm medically. Here are some options for you:

Oral Drugs

This is the kind of treatment you should opt for when many other options fail and it is best done based on your doctor?s recommendation. First, your doctor must first diagnose the skin problem to be actually ringworm, a step which can easily be achieved by using a special light known to the medical community as ?Wood?s Lamp?. This kind of treatment is often applied to persistent ringworms that last beyond 4 weeks and that refuse to go after many other treatment options have been applied.

Antifungal Shampoo

Antifungal shampoos are the perfect solution for ringworm that occurs on the scalp. While these won?t actually cure the infection of the scalp, they hasten the rate of recovery from infection and can be used with other treatment options for best results. You can get antifungal shampoo over the counter and it is advisable to get those that contain ketoconazole and selenium sulphide. You may need to use it for duration of 2 weeks.

Topical Application

This refers to over the counter medication that can be used to treat ringworm such as powders, gels, lotions, creams or sprays. You should choose any of these that contain synthetic ingredient like clotrimazole, miconazole or econazole or natural ingredient such as phytozine. These same treatment options can be used to treat athlete?s foot or the ringworm that occurs on the fingernails or toenails. These treatments work within 2 to 4 weeks. You should use the complete treatment to ascertain that the fungus is dead.