How to Get Rid of Shoulder Acne




How to Get Rid of Shoulder AcneIf you think the face is all that matters to look presentable, then you have never had shoulder acne. Imagine a situation that will affect everything you do and want. It affects your choice of clothing, your dieting, your sleep and overall, your self confidence!

But shoulder acne isn?t the several headed hydra that can?t be conquered, rather this article is about how to get rid of shoulder acne so that you can be the best and most admirable version of yourself not only when your face is out for the world to see but also when your back is bare. With the right approach and treatment, your shoulder acne can become a thing of the past and you no longer have to dread summer or go shopping for lose clothing.

Here, you?ll learn how to get rid of shoulder acne effectively. You will be presented with various options from which you can choose which best suits your skin. Truth is, different skin types react to different acne medications differently, therefore, it may take you a while before you discover which treatment best suits your skin.

If you are using a product that doesn?t work for you, it isn?t due to the products deficiency as it must have worked for others before you opted for it. It is rather because it doesn?t go well with your skin type. But don?t worry; there are so many options from which you are bound to find something that will efficiently make your shoulder acne a thing of the past.



Shoulder acne is usually different from the more common form of acne that appears on the face. Facial acne is known as acne vulgaris and it is easy to treat. The easy to treat form of shoulder acne on the other hand is referred to as acne mechanica. Other types of shoulder acnes that may be difficult to treat are;

  • Swimming Pool Acne; this is caused by swallowing the pool?s chlorinated water
  • Yeast Infections on the Shoulders; occurs when Malasseiza furfur, a form of yeast, grows on the shoulders. It first begins to show as pimples.
  • Pustular Eruptions on the Shoulder; this is caused by adverse reactions of antibiotics. Such antibiotics may include the ones used to treat facial acne, and from drugs like chloramphenicol, hydrochloroquine and lithium.
  • Acne Conglobata of the Shoulders; it is a very intense form of shoulder acne. It is mainly a genetic condition but can also be caused by steroinds.

To begin with, it isn?t easy to reach your back and except for the itchy feeling you get when you have shoulder acne, you may not even know it is there. Sometimes though, shoulder acne is caused by small avoidable actions rather than be hormones and the likes. Here are the common causes of shoulder acne;

  • Shoulder acne can occur when you wear tight and fitted clothes. When you frequently wear snug clothing, your skin pores are deprived of breathing space and this is one of the best tantrums they throw to express their grievances.
  • It can occur when you do not take a shower after workout or when you take the shower too late. Oils gather on the shoulder after workout from the sweats and exercise, well the oils aren?t there to stay but if you accommodate or indulge them, shoulder acne becomes inevitable
  • Shoulder acne can occur as some sort of allergic reaction or irritation. If you are eating a food that contains allergens, this is a very efficient way for your immune system to scream a no! No! Also, if you are in an environment your body is not only used to but utterly hates, shoulder acne is the hidden weapon it uses to get your attention. Not cool.
  • It can be a contraindication of other medications including those used to treat facial acne. Shoulder acne can be a side effect of some other medication you are taking to treat something else entirely. It also can be an adverse reaction of a medication you are taking for face acne. Strange right?
  • Shoulder acne can be the effect of harmful chemicals being washed down your back from your shampoo and conditioning.
  • Nutritional imbalance is a cause of shoulder acne. If you lack some essential vitamins and minerals in your diet, shoulder acne can occur. This is because the shoulder is one of the body parts that have the highest oil glands.
  • Shoulder acne can occur when there are dead cells covering skin pores.

Apparently, you will have to take effort to know what in particular is responsible for your shoulder acne as this goes a long way in determining the cure that will work. For example, if nutritional imbalance is causing your shoulder acne and you begin to use exfoliation cream, the shoulder acne will remain and you will think the cream is ineffective. Sometimes, all you have to do to get rid of shoulder acne is stop using a particular cream while in another instance; you may need to see a dermatologist. Diagnosing the cause of your shoulder acne is a must for finding the right treatment, especially if you don?t have the patience and the time to sample through various medications.



It is clich?d to say prevention is better than cure but this is even truer when it comes to shoulder acne. While all you seek may be a cure, the fact that it may be difficult and time consuming to find one means you should know what makes your skin prone to shoulder acne and put maximum effort into avoiding it. Here are some tips on preventing shoulder acne, in some cases, these preventive measures are the direct cure to the shoulder acne

  • Maintain general hygiene: it still remains difficult for someone that maintains a moderate level of personal hygiene to have shoulder acne. You may have to wear your clothes only once and wash them immediately after pulling them off. You may have to spring clean every month. Just take steps to be neat and live in a clean environment. Make sure you don?t share your clothes with friends or other people no matter how clean they are or how close you are.
  • Wear lose clothing: So that this won?t sound unrealistic, interchange between snug and lose clothing and when you are going to bed, wear lose clothes. Your skin needs breathing space and you are suffocating it if you only wear tight clothes all the time. When you already have shoulder acne, desist entirely from fitted clothes until it is completely gone.
  • Shower immediately after workouts: You need to clean your body after sweating to get rid of shoulder acne
  • Exfoliate: use shower mitt to remove dead skin cells that block skin pores and cause shoulder acnes.
  • Eat nutritious food: a lot of shoulder acne conditions are due to bad nutrition. Ensure you eat balanced diet to give your body the boost it needs to fight shoulder acne. Eat foods that have low sugar and fat but high vitamins.


There are loads of treatments for shoulder acne. However, the most important treatment of shoulder acne is to stop whatever is causing it. Treating the common form of shoulder acne; Acne mechanica is mainly through the above mentioned preventive measures. However, the other causes of shoulder acne require serious attention and Acne conglobata, the most serious form of shoulder acne, requires serious combination of steroids and antibacterial to cease. Some of these treatments can be self applied but are best recommended by a dermatologist. Here are ways to clear up shoulder acne;

  • Use Niacinamide (nicotinamide) Cream: apply this cream only once a day and in a short while, you will begin to notice the effect on your shoulders. A university study at New York College of Medicine found niacinamide to be as effective as Clindamycin; the leading prescription cream for acne. An example of this cream is Acnessentials
  • Use acne fighting ingredients: make your choice body cleanser one that has acne fighting ingredients like Oxy Body Wash and face. Such cleansers have benzoyl peroxide or hydroxyl acid. They are very effective in treating shoulder acne.
  • For steroid acne on the shoulders, the best treatment is to stop steroid use. After some times, the shoulder acne clears up
  • Shoulder acne caused by pustular eruptions can be cured by using penicillin antibiotics. Sometimes, discontinuing the medications causing the adverse reaction will also clear shoulder acne.
  • For swimming pool shoulder acne, it is best to avoid swallowing swimming pool water.
  • Anti fungal treatment is best for yeast infections on the shoulders causing shoulder acnes.
  • Acne conglobata which is the most severe form of acne usually works with steroid drugs and antibiotics. Laser resurfacing helps deal with acne scars in this case.
  • Avoid soaps that contain fiber, alcohol-based skin rubs, capsaicin cream and other things that most likely cause irritation to your skin.
  • Limit exposure to sun as many of these treatment have sensitivity to the sun as a common contraindication.

If you are self medication treatments for your shoulder acne and after a couple of days, nothing has changed, it is best to discontinue use and see a dermatologist.

Some people are anti-chemical treatment for their shoulder acne. They believe chemical treatment will do more harm than good. Well, there are alternative traditional treatments for shoulder acne. However, these do not overall the overall need to apply preventive measures as a matter of lifestyle.

Natural remedies for getting rid of shoulder acne are the following:

  • Drink lots of water: this seems like a general panacea for many health conditions but it still remains important. Drinking lots of water alone will not rid your shoulder acne but it works well with your other efforts to generate maximum effect. Water flushes out toxins from our bodies and regenerates skin cells.
  • Avoid using shampoo, conditioner and hair spray that have chemicals that are harsh on the skin. This is because when you wash, these all go through the back and can adversely react on your skin causing shoulder acne. It is best to go for herbal cleansers that are friendly on your skin
  • Use tea oil: this is a great treatment for shoulder acne. Tea oil is both antiseptic and antibacterial. Mix a few drops with supplementary oil and rub on your shoulders after your shower. NEVER directly apply tea oil to your body as it will burn because it is in super concentrated form.
  • Use natural detergents for your clothing: use a dye-free detergent. Detergents contain harsh chemicals that may cause harmful reaction on your skin. Use natural detergents that are without artificial fragrance to cure your shoulder acne.
  • Natural sunscreen: using a natural, organic based sunscreen is a necessity as normal sunscreens have the tendency to retain shoulder acne
  • Eat quality fats: while fat is good for your body, eat only pure, unadulterated fats. Your skin quality is a result of the quality of fats you consume.
  • Raw apple cider vinegar: this mixture works like magic. Without appearing melodramatic, it clears shoulder acne in hours. Dip a ball of cotton lightly in the solution and gently rub on your shoulder, then, take a shower (because it has this pungent smell). Apple cider vinegar can be very concentrated, so, if you have a sensitive skin, dilute in water or other mild oil before application. If irritation occurs, please discontinue use.

Shoulder acne can be a mild occurrence that can be eliminated by taking some precautions or it can be an ultra-sensitive case that requires serious dermatological attention. Whether you prefer the chemical treatment of shoulder acne or the natural treatment, the most important thing is to rid yourself of the nuisance that wants you to shy away from personal comfort.