How to Get Rid of Sunspot on Face





It?s good to grow old; you reach the age of responsibility where you can do what you want as you want. But growing old also has its perk. You lose that brilliant shine and baby face which truth be told, is the envy of all. One of the factors that easily affect our faces and makes us wish we were once again like babes in cribs is sunspots. If you are an adult and are usually exposed to the sun, I bet knowing how to get rid of sunspot on face is one of your major fortes.

As the name suggests, sunspots are gotten from exposure to the sun. What you won?t garner from the name however, is that sunspots vary and affect people differently. The level of exposure that will cause serious irritation to some will only tan others. It is therefore vitally important to understand yourself first before you can correctly tackle your sunspot issues.

Sunspots are caused when the skin produces melanocytes in excess which consequently increases the amount of melanin on the facial skin. Sunspots affect several parts of the body including the hands, shoulders and backs but before it spreads to these other body parts, it usually would have assaulted the face. So, the fight against sunspots on face isn?t something you can put off till later. Some people rely on make up to cover up the sunspots but this is in fact doing more harm than good to the body as make up can further irritate facial skin causing the sunspots to become more complicated to handle.

Another name for sunspots is age spots as it is a more common occurrence among people as they grow older that among the young people. As sun rays on the skin darken it, it forms dark spots on specific body parts particularly on the face. There are even times when you get sunspots regardless of how careful you were to wear sunscreen. The thing is that sunspot assaults aren?t sudden reaction to exposure to sunlight. They are usually long term effect of long term exposure. So, if you think you have those spots because you stayed too late in the sun last night, think again. Moreover, the reason why people still get sunspot in spite of protection makes this the only plausible explanation?that it has been a long time in coming although they didn?t take notice.

The good news about sunspot is that it is one of those unwanted guests that you can send packing. In fact, you can create different exit routes depending on your skin?s susceptibility and reaction. That said, there are several ways by which you can know how to get rid of sunspots naturally. Several home remedies will sort this out for you. Moreover, it could be that your main concern is about how to get rid of sunspots fast, even for that, there are several ways out. So, sit back, wear some shade and learn how to kick sunspots the hell out of your face!


Home Remedies for Getting rid of Sunspots


Vitamin E

It is no news that vitamin E is good for the body especially when it comes to hair growth and skin care. Well, to be more specific, vitamin E is highly effective in getting rid of sunspots naturally. It is an antioxidant that will protect the skin from damages caused by the sun including sunspots. It is also anti-inflammatory thereby promoting skin health and vitality. Regular usage of this vitamin will eliminate your sunspots and keep the skin in great shape. You can get vitamin E from vitamin E capsules and you can use it by extracting the gel in the capsule and pouring directly on the sunspots. Then you should massage it gently and leave on over the night. Do this every night for a couple of weeks and you will notice the spots fading. You can also complement this treatment by improving your consumption of foods that are rich in this vitamin or by taking supplements.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an important natural remedy that is used for many skin conditions and health care. ACV has acidic properties that will clear it of sun spots with regular usage. It also acts as an astringent that closes blood vessels. It also reduces inflammation caused by sunburn. Its balancing ability makes it effective in healing the skin of sunburns and sunspots. Note that ACV dries up your skin and you should apply water based moisturizer after applying it. Moreover, it is advisable that you mix apple cider vinegar with a carrier oil or water before applying to your sunspots. Apply two times daily for some weeks and you will see your sunspots begin to clear.



Lemon is usually among the list of getting rid of almost anything on the skin. This is because it is highly effective thanks to its properties. Lemon contains vitamin C and nourishes the skin whenever it is applied but beyond that, it has acidic properties that make it a perfect but friendly bleaching agent. Lemon will rid the skin of sunspots or any other spots for that matter. All you have to do is apply fresh lemon juice to the sunspots and leave for 15 minutes before washing off. You can add other cleansing agent like oats or sugar to lemon juice for better effect. Use this treatment 2 times daily for quicker results.


Aloe vera

Aloe vera is super rich in minerals and water and among which is tannins which is a powerful astringent that works against sunspots. Little wonder aloe vera is a major constituent of many sunspot creams out there. If you can get the real deal for yourself, why depend on the processed version? Aloe vera does much more than grow your hair or smoothen your skin, it is a mild bleaching agent that will whiten your skin, clear it of sunspots and even the skin tone thereby making it look as if you never had any sunspots to begin with. Just try your best to ensure you are using fresh aloe vera gel. Rub it directly on the sunspots and do this as many times as you can on a daily basis. Even within as little as one week, you will begin to see its powerful hand at work.


Green tea

Green tea is a herbal remedy that will get rid of your sunspots in little time. This herbal remedy is popular for body and skin treatment because it contains minerals and nutrients that rejuvenate skin cells. It contains antioxidants and flushes away toxins from the body. Drinking green tea regularly is a way of refreshing the body and its extract is equally effective in getting rid of sunburn.


Buttermilk and Oatmeal

Buttermilk is rich in protein and creamy making it a soothing ingredient for the skin. It contains lactic acid which makes exfoliation possible and clears away dead skin cells. Buttermilk improves the general appearance of the skin and removes sun tan. Oatmeal is a rich source of fiber as well and rejuvenates the skin. The combination of these two ingredients not only rids the skin of sunspots but also makes it healthy and smooth by removing blemishes, exfoliating dead skin cells and improving skin tones.To use this combination, add equal tablespoons of buttermilk and oatmeal and mix together to form a paste. Then apply on your sunspots and gently massage it into the skin. Leave it on for 20 minutes before washing off with lukewarm water.



Maybe it has to do with its look but there is this way yogurt looks as if it only exists to give you a perfect skin. It is a natural cooling agent that will relieve you of the pain from sunburn and clear sunspots. You can use yogurt alone on your sunspots. Just rub it on your skin on a daily basis some minutes before you take your bath and also at night. For better result however, you should add tomato or cucumber to yogurt. Yogurt has bleaching properties alongside its cooling property so it will leave your skin feeling cool even as it does a thorough job of ridding it of sunspots. Ensure you use plain and fresh yogurt for your skin treatment and use the treatment n a daily basis for effective and quick results.


Red onion

Red onion has antibacterial and antifungal properties that make it suitable for getting rid of sunspots. Its juice is rich in vitamins and minerals but beyond that, it is also a natural bleaching agent because of its acidic nature and can be used to whiten the skin and remove sunspots from it. All you have to do is get fresh red onion and extract its juice by blending it. You should rub this juice on the sunspots or if you don?t blend it, slice red onion and place the juicy part directly on the sunspots. Leave on the skin for 20 minutes before either washing in the first instance or removing and washing in the second. Apply red onion regularly to sunspots and it will clear of in a matter of weeks.


Medical Treatment to Remove Sunspots

Medical treatments are preferred by some people because of their relative safety and seeming quicker time frame. However, because most treatments methods used to get rid of sunspots are regarded as cosmetic surgery, the bills may not be covered by insurance and will be relatively expensive.


Laser and light therapy

This treatment seeks to kill the cells that produce melanin while retaining the health of skin surface. It penetrates the skin surface via laser to the hyperpigmentation causing sunspots. This treatment isn?t a quick fix as it requires repeated sessions before the spots fade. Even the fading of sunspots is a gradual process. There are a few side effects to this kind of treatment and you need to protect yourself from the sun if you are receiving this kind of treatment for your sunspots. It is an expensive treatment for removing sunspots.


Chemical peels

Chemical peel treatment is also an expensive treatment and it can even be done in the office of the dermatologist. It is the process of using acid to burn the outer layer of the skin. Once the old layer wears and falls off, the new layer is without sunspots. However, the result for this treatment isn?t instant and you may receive several treatments before seeing noticeable changes. Those receiving this treatment are strongly advised to stay away from sunlight.


Freezing or Electrofulguration

This process is also known as cryotherapy and is the process of using liquid nitrogen to freeze sunspots. Within a week, the spots would have died and fallen off and this area will heal with the use of prescription drugs and time. As the healing happens the skin around the region will look normal again. There are also some other agents that can be used to make freezing happen but liquid nitrogen is still the most commonly used. This method is expensive like other treatment methods.


Preventing Sunspots

Many people have a history with sunspots. Their sunspots come and go. This can be totally avoided if preventive measures are regularly taken. Since sunspots are caused by direct sunlight, it is advisable to avoid it as much as possible. Some experts recommend that people should avoid sunlight between the hours of 10am and 4pm. Tanning booths are places where people develop sunspots. Stay away from these places as much as possible. If at all you have to be directly under the sun, then you should always wear sunscreen. Use SPF of at least, 12 to protect your skin from harsh or unfriendly rays.

There is no point to having sunspots only to become bothered about getting rid of them when you could avoid the whole scenario altogether. No matter how safe many treatment options are, prevention will always be safer, cheaper and better than cure.

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