How to Get Rid Of Sweaty Hands







You don?t have to be a die-hard socialite to find sweaty hands to be a nuisance. It is common among people of all walks of life whether young or old, male or female. Therefore, many want to know how to get rid of sweaty hands. I remember an instance that made me decide to find a lasting solution to my sweaty hands. It was my sister?s birthday and a really lively event. My sister is the thorough socialite who connects beyond superficial level with many people. As such, she had a lot of friends among which was my ex. Even after we broke up, he still maintained his friendship with my sister (and no, they weren?t hooking up at my back, my sister is just that kind of person). I knew my ex would be around and I was determined to present my best front to him. I wanted him to feel comfortable around me because even though our relationship didn?t work out, he is still someone I really respected (so, yes. He didn?t cheat on me). The party has already started before he arrived and I was anxious that my sweaty hands, a situation that intensified about three weeks to that time wouldn?t give the wrong impression about me. Well, my worst fears materialized as when he offered his hand for a handshake, my hands were as sweaty as they could get. My biggest concern was that he would mistake my sweaty hands as a sign of nervousness and think I?m uncomfortable being around him-and that wasn?t the case at all. This experience sent me on the quest to find a lasting solution. And find it I did. Now, my hands aren?t excessively sweaty and I haven?t has any embarrassing situation from that time.


Causes of Sweaty Hands

Sweaty hands are known to the medical community as ?palmer hyperhydrosis?. Palmer in this statement means hands while hyperhydrosis refers to excess moisture. Therefore, sweaty hands occur when there is too much sweat produced by then hand. The most annoying thing about sweaty hands is that it isn?t seasonal. It can occur all year round for some people no matter the season. This is hard to live with and has made it important to know how to stop sweaty hands naturally. Of course, sweatiness of the hands can be heightened when you are under intense pressure and feel anxiety but there are also many cases where nothing calls for the way our hands sweat. The reason we may sweat more under specific situation is because of the connection between our sweat glands and the nervous system. This is why sweat glands can open up whenever we are excited.


Natural Remedies for Sweaty Hands

Wash Your Hands

This may be an obvious solution to sweaty hands. Since you already have sweaty hands, you might as well wash them regularly to keep them dry. If you have sweaty hands, you have to wash your hands more frequently than those who don?t to keep them dry. Whenever you feel sweat in your hands, wash them and dry them thoroughly. However, it isn?t every time you wash your hand that you should do so with soap. When you use soap too frequently, you will dry out the skin in the hands and this can further irritate the hands leading to more sweat. In cases where you may not get access to sink and water to wash your hand, always have a sanitizer with you. Alcohol based sanitizers will dry up the sweat and keep your hands dry. Another thing you can do to complement washing your hand is to carry paper towels with you everywhere with which you can wipe your hand dry.

Baby Powder

Whenever you have the chance, which will most likely be when you are indoors, sprinkle baby powder on your hands. It will fight against sweat and dry out the sweat on your hands. You can still use powder even if you have to go out but you have to rub your hands together after application to reduce the whiteness. Baby powder can be an effective treatment for sweaty hands especially if sweaty hands stop you from carrying out some activities like jumping rope and lifting weight. Baking soda is also another alternative that you can rub on your hands to absorb the sweat.

Use Antiperspirant

We frequently use antiperspirant for our underarms. However, since it is the same problem of sweating in both cases, the chemicals that will solve the problem are also the same. You should use a clinical strength antiperspirant that contains aluminum zirconium for sweaty hands. You may also use prescription strength antiperspirants which contain aluminum chloride hexahydrate if your sweating is excessive. If you feel uncomfortable using antiperspirants on your hands, you can buy antiperspirant hand creams which are available in stores and drug stores. Antiperspirant hand creams are made for sweaty hands and will get rid of it thereby allowing you to interact with ease.

Cool Your Hands Off

General overheating of the body can result in sweaty hands. In such instances, all you have to do to get rid of sweaty hands is to cool your hands off and it is not only easy to do, it is highly effective. Here are ways to cool off your hands;

  • Hold your hand under fan or an air conditioner to regulate its temperature
  • Run the tap on your hand and let the water cool it off before drying with a towel
  • Avoid situations that will heat up your body and hands as well


What we eat affects the state of our health and body parts both directly and indirectly. To know how to get rid of sweaty hands, one of the most important aspects you must pay attention to is what you should eat and what you should avoid eating. Foods you should eat include anything that is rich in zinc. Zinc directly reduces sweating and that is why it is an active ingredient in most antiperspirants and anti-deodorant. You can boost your zinc intake by eating lots of peanuts, roasted pumpkin seeds, dark chocolates and many more. There are foods that enhance sweating which you must avoid to get rid of sweaty hands. They include onions, pepper, garlic and drinks such as coffee and alcohol. Smoking also triggers the sweat glands and should be avoided to effectively stop sweaty hands.

Deal With Stress

Anxiety is a major way to get sweaty hands. If you are always excited and having a case of nerves, you have to calm down to eliminate sweaty hands. Stress isn?t going to help you get rid of sweaty hands and even if you use other treatments and they work, the result will be short-lived. Tackle stress to get rid of sweaty hands by first deciding to end a stressful life. Let no one determine your joy and happiness for you. Address any situation that puts you n the edge and makes you feel insecure and get in charge of your life.

Olive Oil

When you work really hard especially with a lot of physical exertion, then you also sweat a lot and that extends to your hands as well. Those who are prone to sweaty hands can take solace in the ease with which the body digests olive oil. Olive oil is good for the overall well-being of the body and helps to maintain blood pressure. It also contains low cholesterol which means even after the body has broken it down, it doesn?t result in sweating. It is the ideal oil you should use for your meals if you have sweaty hands. Above all, it is delicious so you have absolutely nothing to lose. If you don?t mind going the extra mile, you can even swap your butter for olive oil in your quest to get rid of sweaty hands. Olive oil is a healthy way to balance your diet to give you temperate hands. Start using it now.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is acidic and can be a powerful drying agent. You can wash your hand regularly with ACV solution to ensure that it remains dry at all times. Mix it with water and use it to wash your hands several times a day. At first, it will only absorb the sweat but with continuous usage, it will keep your hand dry even when you do not particularly use it.

Use a handkerchief and Wipes

In some cases, it isn?t that the hand is sweating so much but that it is suffering from neglect. Since we physically exert ourselves frequently (which is a good thing), the hands sweat as well as other body parts and all you have to do is wipe out the sweat as you do your face. Instead, some people just leave it like that and it becomes irritable to those who contact them and themselves. Until you find a more permanent way to reduce sweating in your hands, you should keep it dry always by using a handkerchief or wipes. This will make the situation less annoying and is also a way of opening up the pores to fresh air which will eventually dry up the hands.

Take a lot of Vitamin B

Vitamin B will restore the energy that you use as you go about your daily activities and help your body to operate smoothly. It also enhances the metabolism of your body and allows it to function properly. Vitamin B is to the body as oil is to a car. For a car to run smoothly, you have to frequently change the oil. So also, for your body to run efficiently you have to load up on vitamin B. when there is vitamin B deficiency, the body expends more energy to function leading to more sweat which can lead to sweaty hands. You can load up on vitamin B by eating foods that are rich in protein, vegetables and whole grains or you can take vitamin B supplement.

Rose Water

Rose water is a natural remedy that is of immense benefit in getting rid of sweaty hands. Regular application of rose water to sweaty hands will absorb the sweat and make the hands dry at all times. Here are some tips on how to use rose water to get rid of sweaty hands;

  • Boil some rose petals in water and add some drops of rose oil as fragrance
  • Bottle the content and dab on the hand frequently to prevent sweating
  • Another method is to mix rose water with vinegar which you can also dab on your hands. This is more potent than the first and also works to stop sweaty hands.

Lemon and Orange Peels

The combination of these two will effectively stop sweaty hands and dry them out. They also sanitize the hands and leave it with a wonderful fragrance. Lemon and orange peels should be stored in a jar and applied on the hands daily to stop sweaty hands. You can use them in the powdered form or mix with water to stop sweating.


Things to Avoid Sweaty Hands

There are many things we do that stopping them will either reduce the rate at which our hands sweat excessively or stop such sweating altogether. Here are some of those things we do;


Avoid items that will aggravate the rate of sweating. Such do not allow air to flow easily on the hand and cause it to remain in a moist or damp state. Such items include gloves, mittens and other items that barricade the hands from directly receiving fresh air.

Petroleum-based lotions

These can cover up the skin pores and stop it from getting aerated. Since it is used to retain moisture by those with dry skin, it can prevent sweat from drying out therefore leaving the hands moist and sweaty. Other products that can have this effect include coconut oil and other cosmetic oils.