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There are some things we dislike about our bodies not because they are personally bothersome to us but because of the way they affect other people?s perception of us. In the case of underarm odor, this isn?t true. Even without the knowledge of a second party, underarm odor is a nuisance we want to be rid of. Without any public comment on how stinky our underarms are, we are personally fed up with it. So, how to get rid of underarm body odor is something we really want to know and practice to be rid of this embarrassing situation that limits our participation in our social circle and keeps us self conscious all the time.


Why do we have Underarm Odor?

According to Stop My Sweat; ?we are all used to associating sweaty armpits with offensive body odor, but actually sweat doesn?t have much smell at all?sweat is primarily water and is nearly odorless?? however, there is a strict relationship between our sweat and body odor. Underarm odor, like any other body part odor is fundamentally caused by bacteria. As it were, not all bacteria exist to make our life better. Some can be the nuisance being the chief reasons we find ourselves in situations that render us as social outcasts and reduce our self confidence like when we have underarm odor. What more? There are trillions of bacteria in the body and the more bacteria we have; the more waste we produce and eventually, the more sweat. Of these numerous bacteria, not a few are likely to find their way to parts where their presence will negatively affect the host. Bacteria specifically thrive in a moist environment where they will have lots of food and feel secure and a simple sniff test will tell us the body parts that meet these criteria; armpits, genitals and feet.

There are basically two types of sweat glands.

Eccrine Glands: this leads to the salty type of sweat that is produced to cool off your body. This sweat gland is available all over the body. The sweat produced by eccrine glands is rich in sodium chloride, potassium and bicarbonate. Its cooling off effect is due to the mechanism that aids thermoregulation.

Apocrine Glands: this is found in places including the underarms and produces sweat when the body is under stress. Naturally, the sweat produced is odorless but it is very rich in odoriferous materials like cholesterol, fatty acids, esters and the likes. Sweat produced by apocrine glands is oily and contains carbohydrates, ammonia and ferric iron. While this particular body operation might have become something undesirable, scientist believe it was once used to attract sexual partners in the history of mankind. This may be because of the chemicals that these glands secrete that can constitute some form of olfactory signature since they are distinctly unique to each individual. That being said, these chemicals are what the bacteria prey upon that ends up releasing that pungent smell you?ll do anything to be rid of. So, how do you permanently get rid of your underarm odor? By making life a living hell for these bacteria; at least, the ones that refuse to stay within their boundary. There are ways for you to get rid of your underarm odor right now so that you can flaunt your underarm with ease without any worry that someone might choke from the ooze.


8 Tips to Prevent Underarm Odor

While you may not be able to take a bath every time you sweat on the underarm, there are lifestyle adjustments you can make that will ensure that your underarm doesn?t even smell. These changes include;

Use antiperspirant before sweating– many people apply antiperspirant as a curative measure to underarm odor but this odor won?t even exist if they inculcate the habit of using antiperspirant when there is no likelihood of sweating. The most fitting time to do this is at bedtime when your body will be in a completely relaxed state. The chemical components of the product will effectively and maximally operate at such period.

Wear loose clothing– bacteria will thrive when your body becomes their breeding ground. Wear cotton clothes that absorb your underarm moisture and wash such clothes thoroughly after removal.

Keep your underarm dry always– this may seem daunting but having wet wipes and make up removal pads with you can make the job a lot easier. Bacteria breed and thrive in moist area and you will continually have to battle underarm odor if your armpit remains a safe haven for them.

Shave regularly– shaving not only makes your armpit less conducive to bacteria, it highly rewards the littlest effort to clean it up. So, for your underarm to remain odorless, you have to inculcate the habit of shaving regularly. Don?t just shave because you are wearing sleeveless cloth, shave to retain an odorless underarm.

Eat healthy– every operation of our body is invariably attached to what we eat. Because diet is often a factor in treating many conditions, people are apt to dismiss it as of any real help but it actually matters in the long run. Fatty foods can contribute to sweat breakout which will increase the chances of developing underarm odor. Some smelly foods as well like garlic and onions are so strong that their smell infiltrates our skin pores and breadth that many find irritable. You can switch from these kinds of food to safer alternatives if you notice that it gives your underarm odor. To rid yourself of foods that cause underarm odor, you have to stay away from caffeine and alcohol. According to Step to Health; ?bacteria that cause bad odors love sweet things?. Surely, the last thing you want is to give those nuisances a treat, so avoid eating whatever will make them love living.

Shower regularly– nothing can take the place of good hygiene in preventing underarm odor. You should at least shower everyday with soap so that skin oils may dissolve and be washed away and if you are the sweaty type, then twice a day to play it safe. Maintain this habit in combination with some other tips and your underarm will stay absolutely odor free.

Use airy wardrobe– it is not just enough to take care of your body, you have to ensure that everything you come in touch with doesn?t harbor bacteria. That said, your clothes need to dwell in a well aerated environment. Anything otherwise will be a breeding site for bacteria and all your other efforts to prevent underarm odor will wash down the drain.

Drink lots of water– this is another kind of panacea but for substantial reasons. Since the sweat that generates odor contains fats and some other chemicals, you will be doing yourself a lot of good to drink plenty water so that such fats will be passed out in different ways other than underarm odor.


14 Effective Remedies to Combat your Underarm Odor

It is important you know how to get rid of underarm odor permanently so that your day graph won?t be up and down. Underarm odor isn?t something you can rid yourself of once for all therefore, you need to School yourself in how to get rid of it so that you will apply such knowledge to your lifestyle.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) – apple cider vinegar has acidic properties that make it as effective as deodorants by reducing the skin?s acidity and wading off underarm odor. Its anti bacterial properties make it an effective fighter for bacteria that live under your armpit making it a very effective treatment for underarm odor.

2. Lemon– this also has acidic properties that destroy odor causing bacteria. All you have to do is rub sliced lemon on your underarms. If you dread irritation occurrence, then mix with softening agents like water or honey before applying. You can also apply as a spray on your armpit.

3. Baby powder– this is a good way to rid yourself of underarm odor. Apply baby powder to your underarm after bathing. It is softly scented and lasts long.

4. Deodorants and antiperspirants– antiperspirants are highly necessary if you sweat a lot as they contain aluminum and will regulate your sweating. Deodorants don?t inhibit sweat but swallow up whatever odor may be oozing from your armpit. It is better to use talcum powder before applying deodorant so that it?ll last longer and keep the underarms dry.

5. Exfoliate– ridding your underarms of dead skin cells, grime and bacteria is one of the things you must regularly do to rid yourself of underarm odor permanently. Therefore, exfoliate as often as possible so that your skin can have breathing space.6.

6. Baking soda– this is an effective home remedy for treating underarm odor. Apply baking soda to your armpit or mix with other ingredients like lemon or honey to make it very effective. You should rub the paste on your armpit and leave it for some minutes before washing it off. If you desire a paste that should stay on you, then add some fragrance to it

7. Hydrogen peroxide– this solution is very effective in fighting underarm odor. Mix it with water and spray on your armpit. You can also wipe it on your underarm with a towel. It not only fights the odor but also kills off odor causing bacteria.

8. Rose water– this has a deodorizing effect and as such, is good for treating underarm odor. Just rub on your armpit to maintain freshness all day long. For maximum impact, you can also add rose water to your bath water for its soothing relief.

9. Sandalwood powder– sandalwood powder is helpful in treating underarm odor because of its aromatic property. Mix water with some sandalwood powder and rub on the armpits. After the paste has dried off, rinse off with water and enjoy the rest of the day feeling confident

10. Essential oils– there are many essential oil that will utterly fight off your underarm odor. While one may be irritating to your skin, you will find a very suitable option that will keep your underarm odorless all day long. Chief among the essential oils that fight off underarm odor are tea tree oil and lavender oil and peppermint oil. You can prepare spray with these oils by mixing them with other ingredients or water and regularly spray them on your armpits to remove odor. Tea tree oil also has anti bacterial property that makes it a very effective remedy for underarm odor. It is one of the most efficient natural remedy for treating underarm odor. Peppermint oil is also antibacterial and leaves a freshness behinds it that makes its effect long-lasting.

11. Rosemary– this herb has anti-bacterial properties that make it very efficient in fighting underarm odor. Mix drops of rosemary oil in water and directly apply to your armpit for optimum results. You don?t need to wash it away.

12. Sage– since sage prevent needless sweating, it is both a strong preventive and curative herb for underarm odor. Apply under your arms over and over again intermittently before eventually washing off.

13. Crystal rock– crystal rock contains minerals that block sweat glands and naturally prevent perspiring. Like sage, it is equally an efficient remedy for preventing and curing underarm odor. It can also be applied as a deodorant to fight armpit odor.

14. Relaxation– inarguably, more stress leads to more sweat that helps odor producing bacteria to thrive. So, one effective way to eradicate your underarm odor is to cool and calm your frayed nerves. Relax even when you have tons of work to do and you won?t have such a smelly day


Note that these are pretty effective ways to treat moderate underarm odor. However, in cases where a person sweats excessively; a condition referred to as Hyperhydrosis, it is best to see your doctor for treatment. It is also possible that your treatment will be determined by the underlying cause of the excessive sweating. Therefore, it is not something you want to play around with.

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