How to Get Rid of Your Period Faster




how to get rid of their period faster

I wish I could say the only times I hate having my periods is when I?m on a romantic getaway or at an outing with friends that will involve cycling and swimming. No. even when I?m at the convenience of my home and within my sphere, I still find my time of the month to be a burden, a huge inconvenience and there hasn?t been a single month of my menstruating years that I didn?t wish it could end as soon as it came. If only I knew then, what I know now! Many women want to know how to get rid of their period faster. This is because for them, the time of the month steals the show away. It determines their mood, how they feel and limit their activities. No one likes to be restricted in this manner, and so regularly too.

To begin with, know that there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop your period once it starts. It is like a truck that has lost its brake?it can only continue till it meets its end. However, in the case of your period, there are many things you can do to hasten the flow and get your freedom back. Thank goodness!


Natural Ways to Make Your Period End Faster

Since we have our periods every month (except you are pregnant or there is some other peculiarity involved), it may feel safer to know how to stop your period early naturally. You don?t want to be swallowing pills every month just to make your period end faster. Thankfully, there are so many options, you will find several that work well for you and a few that you can only wink at (winks)


Eat Healthy

This may look like it can?t have any direct effect on the longevity of your ?flo? but it does. While it is good to eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables as part of daily life, it is even all the more so if you want to get rid of your period faster. There are certain foods that consuming them will make your period end faster. Here is how to use food to get what you want;

  • Eat a lot of green beans, many women swear by it as a regular means to make their period end faster
  • Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables like papaya, pumpkin, carrots, spinach and many more. They play an important role in making your period as brief as possible
  • Eat red meat, while there is a lot of controversy over when and how to eat red meat, one thing is sure, it can serve as an insulator that increases your body heat thereby giving you a steady flow and making the whole thing end faster
  • Reduce salt intake, this is because when sodium is increased in your body, then water and other bodily fluids are retained and this can impede your flow and drag it on
  • Drink turmeric and water, this also heats up the body and makes your flow easier and quicker


Drink Herbal Tea

While what you eat is important in making your period end faster, what you drink is equally important. By regularly drinking herbal tea during your period, you will be speeding up the rate of the flow and inciting it to end faster. Moreover, herbal teas have properties that make it stimulate women?s reproductive system and increase overall blood flow. A specific example of herbal teas that is used for menstruation is emmenagogues. These herbs not only ease the menstrual period but also dissolve clots that may serve as blockage and impede flow. Herbal teas can range from mild to strong depending on how desperate you are and how your body responds to them. Mild herbs include yarrow, sage and chamomile while the stronger ones include juniper berry, black cohosh and asafetida. It is safer to consult your doctor if you want to use herbal tea to make your period stop faster because they can have some adverse effect on the body if you don?t use the kind that your body can tolerate.



It is a broadly known fact that when women are physically fit, their periods are faster and easier than those of women that do not exercise regularly. Women who have less fat have shorter periods which are also light compared to those with serious body weight. What this tells us is that being physically active and exercising regularly will regulate the body and prevent blood clots that impede menstrual flow. Cardiovascular exercises like running, jogging and cycling will greatly help you to end your period faster. The thing about the amount of liquid that flow out of our bodies is that it is directly related to our weight. Therefore, we must get rid of heaviness to have lighter and shorter menstruation. Exercising during menstruation also has the blessed benefit of reducing or totally eliminating menstrual cramps. Note that exercising will make use of your bodily fluid. You therefore have to remain hydrated during exercise.



Chasteberry, with the botanical name; Vitex agnus-castus is highly effective for treating reproductive tract disorders among women as well as issues related to menstruation. In ancient times, it was thought to reduce sex drive but studies have shown that the herb has no effect on sex drive. What it does have effect on is premenstrual syndrome and it also balances the hormones in the body making it easy and quick for menstruation flow. Chasteberry has been termed ?women?s herb? and it uses transcend using it to stop period faster to using it to enhance fertility and manage menopause. It is becoming the top choice of doctors in Europe and other parts of the world as a recommendation for menstruation-related issues. Please use chasteberry only based on recommendation from your doctor as it has caused bleeding and cramping in some. Moreover, only your doctor can adequately recommend the dosage for you. Doing so on your own may also work but it will be based on trial and error.


Increase the Flow

You may not be able to stop the blood from flowing, but you sure can make it flow faster therefore, ending the entire business quicker. There are several ways to increase the flow so as to make your period end faster. They include;

  • Massage your uterus slowly and constantly. This will ease cramps and clear blockages that may be impeding the flow. You should massage down to the lower abdomen to ease the linings and support flow. Do this when you are alone or in your bathroom
  • Using heating pad is another surefire way to speed things up. Place a heated pad on your lower abdomen so as to ease cramps and open up blood vessels that may have blocked. You will feel its effect if you leave it long enough to pave way for blood to flow.
  • Similar to the method above is taking a hot bath several times a day or having a long soak in a hot bath. Your whole body heat will increase with a soak and your abdominal muscles will relax enough to ease blood flow.


Raspberry Tea

This is the lucky charm of some women as it never fails to deliver them from the clutches of menstruation. Raspberry tea is not only highly effective in helping to stop period faster; it also reduces heavy bleeding and acts as a pain relief from menstrual cramps. The tea contains alkaloid which powerfully works to make the uterus contract. Raspberry tea is not only useful for shortening periods but works excellently for several other conditions like labor, menopause and combats depression. It is a sole source that can supply daily need of calcium and is the answer to many women?s prayers to lord over their menstrual period.


Vitamin C

When you take vitamin C in large dosage, it will reduce the amount of progesterone present in the uterus. This eases abdominal linings and breaks down the uterus walls so that period can end faster. However, increasing vitamin C intake is a decision you should make with the approval of your doctor who should also recommend the dosage for you to take. Moreover, as you increase vitamin C intake, you should also drink plenty water to enhance body metabolism and menstrual flow.



This is a popular natural remedy that many ladies use to get rid of their period faster. While some may be quick to refute this solution in the ?old wives tale? category, there is substantial evidence that it really works for many women. However, some claim that it gives extra cramps or makes their next period painful but this is more likely to be true for women with general low tolerance and allergies than for anyone who uses it for the purpose of making period end faster. You should therefore be careful before adopting this treatment. It works, but if you are the extra sensitive person that reacts to acidic ingredients, you should consider using another home remedy. Lemon is acidic and it most likely detoxifies the body, causing the uterus lining to shed quickly such that blood flows quickly as well.


Acupuncture and Acupressure

These two methods can be used to stimulate particular pressure points on the body which are associated with blood circulation and flow including menstruation. Acupuncture also works well to suit PMS. However, it can be an efficient way to stop your period completely so you have to be clear with your acupuncturist on what you really want. Tell him/her that all you want is to shorten your period not get rid of your menstrual cycle. And be sure to use a certified acupuncturist so that quality service can be guaranteed. Note also that this peculiar service may cost more than the amount you pay for general acupuncture.


Drink Plenty Water

This natural remedy is easy to understand. Menstrual flow is a form of body liquid and drinking water flushes out liquids faster in the body. It therefore stands to reason that as you drink more water, you are enhancing your menstrual flow and getting rid of your period faster. In addition to this fact, water educes bloating and cramps which means liquid retention in the body is greatly reduced. To determine just how much water you need to drink to get rid of your body weight, con have to relate it with your weight. Divide your weight by two and drink the equivalent ounces of water daily. That means a person weighing 280 pounds will drink 140 ounces of water daily. You should also drink water whenever you exercise to remain hydrated.


Have Sex

Finally! Here is something really fun to get rid of your period faster. Of course, contrary to some women?s belief, having sex doesn?t mean your period will stop if it has started. What it does mean is that your period can end way faster than it normally would have if you didn?t have sex. Here is how sex works to hasten the period of your flow; during sex and orgasm, you experience contractions that not only contribute to pleasure but also quicken the movement of fluids from your body. This is why many times, after sex, you feel spent out (not that you are not) and need to rehydrate. If you happen to be menstruating as well, the velocity of the flow is equally enhanced and that makes your period end faster. The only downside of this is that you may be acting out the episode in anatomy of hell- but who cares if it guarantees the end of your period.


Medications to Get Rid Of Your Period Faster


Ibuprofen not only reduces pains and cramps from menstruation, it also reduces the flow by half thereby hastening the end of your period

Pills and Hormonal Supplements

These aren?t just for the ?no pregnancy? zone but can come in handy when you want aunty flow out of the way.