How to Heal Sunburn Fast




how to heal sunburn fast

There are two things I have promised never to do in life again; travel late at night and get another sunburn. There are two things I seem to enjoy too much to stop; traveling at night and basking in the sun. Now, here?s my story;

Anytime I found myself on the road late at night, I remember some stories I had heard and read and promised never to do it again until the next time I had to travel, then I broke my well-meant promise. The second is something like it. Whenever I got sunburn, I promised not to bask in the sun again or even receive direct sunlight without wearing sunscreen (smirks)?until the next glorious shiny day.

But I found myself in a situation; I had as usual, got my skin burned by the sun and I needed to recover ASAP. I was no beauty queen but it just so happened that I enrolled for this pageant (which I won?t tell you about lest you dig up my story) and so, I needed my skin back! Help!

This was my cry last year when I got this sunburn that almost ruined my small-thing-leads-to-big-things opportunity. I had put my heart and soul into preparing for this pageant but they kept postponing the D-day and just when I decided to indulge myself a little, we were summoned. I needed a quick fix for my recently acquired sunburn and thanks to a lot of research and support from friends and family. I was flowing in myriads of options; I didn?t even know which one to choose. Within a week, I has begin to notice incredible changes in my skin and by the time it was two, I didn?t even believe I had my own skin on anymore. I will be sharing with you these ingredients but before then, shouldn?t we talk about not getting burned in the first place?


Prevention will Save your Life

When people hear that prevention is better than cure, they usually equate both phenomena but that isn?t the case. You are saving your life by avoiding situations that threaten its well being either ther seem trivial or important. As painful and inconvenient as sunburns are, we quickly forget once the pain is over and we are fully recovered only to get another one shortly after. The sad news is, the each sunburn you get never leaves your skin the same again. Of course, you will recover and of course your skin will too but when it comes to the long run, something has been taken away. The quality of your skin has reduced even if by a negligible degree. Now imagine having four to five negligible over the course of five years. Does that still sound negligible? Save your skin, avoid getting sunburns at all costs.


Cool Off

As frantic as I was about getting rid of my sunburns, the first thing I had to do was to cool off. That experience was the first time I learnt that at least for me, I couldn?t keep calm outside if my inside was in turmoil. I was fidgety and couldn?t hold the compress on the sunburns for long. I would turn the AC on and off until one of my friends asked me if I wanted to be fine or to have regrets. Eventually, I settled my mind and was able to concentrate on cooling my surroundings. You see we get sunburns because of heat. One of the ways to at least prevent the case from worsening is to eliminate more heat. Add cold compress to your sunburn. Use the compress at intervals of 15 to 20 minutes. Take a cold bath if you like but avoid using soap and sponge. By the time my skin was cooled down, I moved to the next course of action which was


Aloe vera Gel and Honey

See, aloe vera is king. Prior to that time, I had been using aloe vera for various treatments. It was part of my DIY bathing soap and cream and I was enjoying it but when I got sunburn and my friend suggested it, I scoffed, I felt if it was working for everything else, it can?t work specially for this case and I needed something special, not regular. Anyways, I decided to give it a try like my friend suggested and for the first day, I can say I was on aloe vera all day. Hardly would an application have dried before I rubbed another. Don?t blame me, I was desperate for results and I actually got it. The first thing I noticed was the redness reducing. My skin that was all blotchy and red began to become paler. I knew it was working? (Though not fast enough if you ask me) but that was the best I could get out of aloe vera gel and I wanted more. It was then I decided to mix honey with the gel (genius me). This combination I used throughout the second day and it worked like wildfire. By the third day, the red had turned pink. Now, I am sorry I will lose the vividness I am using to tell this story because truth be told, after the red-turn-pale miracle on the third day, I stopped seeing changes or improvement per se. it was my folks who were marveled by the speedy rate at which my sunburns were disappearing.



If there is a saying in the future that goes thus, ?pop pills like champagne?, I know where they got it from. I found myself swallowing, chewing and gulping antioxidants into my system like my life depended on it. Sincerely, when I look back at those times, I could only wonder. I wouldn?t be exaggerating if I say I had never been that desperate in my life. I wasn?t going to leave room for sunburn to conquer me and it didn?t. As the aloe vera gel and honey were working outside, the antioxidants were working inside and both were making life a living hell for the sunburn that threatened to take my dream away. Maybe this is a good time for me to say that I agree that a sunburned skin wouldn?t suffice to make me lose my pageant crown but tell that story to the gods. I told myself I was brilliant, beautiful and intelligent and nothing could stop me from trying my best but I felt my confidence oozing out as I looked at myself in the mirror. I suppose the channel it used to ooze out was my face as my friends soon took away all the mirrors away from my room and bathroom claiming that I always looked like I had lost the most important battle of my life whenever I looked at it. I can?t count the packs of Vitamin C and E that I finished within those two weeks but I doubt all the ones I had taken in my entire life till that point could suffice. I am proud of myself now because my efforts paid off and who knows whose life might be saved by this story that I?m telling?


Diet and Food

I have always been a healthy eater. Truth be told, if there was any truth I bothered to live by, it is that what I eat is what determines everything else. So, when it comes down to it, I was okay at the roots. I not only ate food rich in fiber, I ate lots of vegetables and drank water like a horse. Ha! I remember what I became those days just to be well. If someone had told me that I can be such a cautious eater, I would have said, ?Where?s the need?? well, I had the need then and my usual careful self when it came to food matters quadrupled over. I ate both raw and cooked tomatoes. Of course, they were fresh and I also rubbed on my sunburns when I felt like taking a break from my aloe mix. Now that I think back on it, my sunburn was never free at any moment except when I was washing. The minute I got out of the bath, something was on it. Poor thing, it didn?t even have breathing space! My tomato mask was doing a terrific job on the outside and sometimes, I could use oats or green tea or onion, whatever food I could lay my hands on went either to my mouth or to my back. After the first week, I had people that weren?t even aware of the battle I was fighting asking me what I was using for my sunburn. I really became a stammerer at those times because what could I tell them?



Okay, I know, except I say otherwise, I really was leading you to believe I became a social recluse during that period right? No way! I wasn?t built to stay indoors so I didn?t. My life continued as normal and don?t ask me how I could gout with the application on my skin. That was too little a price to pay for my folly of getting the sunburn in the first place. I however immersed myself with sweet fragrance. Another thing I really don?t need to tell you I did but that I will say anyways is how I avoided the sun like a plague. Even when I was under the shade, I tried to make sure the sun was not trying to get me. I wore sunscreen when I had to go directly under the sun but I tried to make such encounters brief. I ensured my skin was never dry at any point in time and I stayed away from oil based moisturizers. When I wasn?t using any of my treatments, then I was water based moisturizer. I wore long sleeves and tightly woven clothes that were not snug themselves. My hat, my umbrella and my shades became my trademarks. They all supported me in the fight against sunburn. Now that I?m looking back, ain?t no way I couldn?t have won that war!

I will not pretend not to know that some people are into medical treatment. You want what science has set its seal on without having to go to the doctor. Well, since I have experienced this, it didn?t take me much to dig further on the options for people like you. They include;


Hydrocortisone Cream

This is an over the counter treatment that will soothe and clear your sunburns within a week. It reduces inflammation and relieves from pain. Hydrocortisone cream will restore your skin to its former state and clear it of irritation. It can come as a lotion, spray or ointment.



The reason why some can?t wait to get rid of their sunburn is not because of the inflammation in itself but because of its accompanying pain. Anesthetic will work for this by relieving the pain and itching. Anesthetics that contain benzyl alcohol, lidocaine and some other chemicals are perfect fit for instant relief from sunburns.

There are some other over the counter prescriptions that will work for you, you can use any that suits you best. Do note that some drugs in themselves make you extra sensitive to sunlight. You should be sure you aren?t taking such drugs or if you need to, you abstain from sunlight. Drugs like antibiotics and oral contraceptives can cause photosensitivity according to Dr. Baser.


Know when to see a Doctor

There is no health condition that is trivial in the realistic sense of the word. If you are taking medications and nothing seems to have changed after 48 hours or maybe your condition even worsened. You need to talk to your doctor. So also if you are using home remedy and after one or two weeks, there is no improvement or there are further complications, then please talk to your doctor. Those with severe burns should not even bother attempting self treatment either with home remedy or over the counter drugs. They should also see their doctors.

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