How To Lose Breast Fat




how to lose breast fat


Our breasts are integral parts of us. Both men and women alike have breasts although it is more pronounced in women and their functions differ. With women, breasts are part of the features that emphasize their sexuality and feminism. Among men, it helps their whole body build. Breasts also happen to be parts of the body that can easily accumulate body fat. Some men have breasts that embarrass them because looks very feminine in shape while some women have bigger breasts than they would have loved because of fat accumulation. One major fact about breasts among both sexes is that the firmer it is, the more appealing it also is. It has therefore become a major goal of many people to know how to lose breast fat. It is also good to be sure that your breast doesn?t garner unnecessary fat as that will make it prone to cancer and some other health risk.

Breasts can absorb fat due to various reasons; nutrition, lifestyle, genetics, and some seasonal fluctuations among women like pregnancy, breastfeeding and hormonal changes can also affect the amount of fat in the breast. Breasts can also accumulate fat as a contraindication of medications used. It is important to many people to know how to lose breast fat fast as it has been a huge impediment in their social life. While some find it hard to fit into the clothing of their choice, others find it tasking to exercise or simply go without brassiere. Needless to say, if you have breast fat, it will affect every area of your life and many people are willing to pay the price to have the breast of their dreams.

Breasts are formed by mammary glands which contain layers of several types of tissues. These tissues are glandular, connective and adipose tissues. The tissues are highly susceptible to changes in the hormonal operation in the body and become fully activated at puberty.

There are several ways to get rid of breast fat. However, it is usually important to know why you have breast fat to begin with. There are some breast fats that are best left alone because they are the body?s responses to changes in your body and are necessary. For example, a pregnant woman or a nursing mother shouldn?t worry too much about the size of their breast until they are well past that stage. This kind of changes in breast size is seasonal and even if the level of fat has increased, it is because the body needs it. Suffice to say, not all breast fat is a nuisance. For those who are sure something can and should be done about their breast fat, there are several effective ways to go about this. However, no matter the treatment method you adopt, you still need to make notable lifestyle changes in order to achieve a permanent result.


7 Ways to Lose Breast Fat

You may be in for a big surprise with this one- while your goal is to reduce breast fat, thing is, it is not possible, at least not in itself. You see, the fat in your breast is an indicator that you have fat in your body overall and if you have paid attention, you would have realized this, except that sometimes, nature plays tricks on us by giving us fat in needed places like our bums. Spot reduction is an absolute myth. You can?t target specific body parts to tame to perfection while others are ranging free. You can only truly get rid of your breast fat by getting rid of your body fat. Afterwards, you can do some specific exercises that will further help the structure of the breast and at last, have the breast of your desire. Any other article or person who says otherwise is simply being unprofessional and deceitful.


1. Cardiovascular and Strength-Training Exercises

Cardio exercises are the surest exercises for losing body fat. If you get into a routine on some cardio exercise and spend considerable minutes daily doing them, then in a matter of weeks, you will begin to see changes over your body including your breasts. Luckily for you, you can narrow down the option to cardio exercises that target the chest area and the upper part of the body. This only makes the job easier as you can easily find general cardio exercises more tasking than necessary thanks to those fatty lumps. You can minor on exercises like running, swimming and the likes while you major on the equipment exercises like riding stationary bikes, treadmills, jogging, and other aerobic exercises.

As for strength training exercises, these will help strengthen the chest muscles and make it firm including the breasts tissues thereby eliminating sagginess. Exercises that you can do to achieve this include push up and bench press. It will be good if you can do these exercises after your cardio exercises. But you should have a break between the two so as not to wear yourself thin. Note that the point of exercising is to put the breast in shape. To achieve this, you must wear tight fitted sports bra to prevent your breast from sagging as you exercise.


2. Anaerobic Exercises

These exercises are geared towards increasing the rate of your body metabolism. As a result, the body is able to use lots of its constituents compared to if you were not exercising. With these exercises, breast muscles will get in shape and the size of your breast will reduce. For their great effect on your breast fat, aerobic exercises are easy to do. Aerobic exercises include bench impress, climbing stairs and quick walking. When it comes to this kind of exercises, consistency is more important than duration. You have to do them at a stretch before taking a break.


3. Push Up and Pull Up Combination Exercises

There are other body works that you can use to reduce your breast fat. By consistently doing these exercises, your breast muscles will be firmer and stronger and you will reduce the fat in your breast. These exercises include push ups and arm lifts. You can do push ups by lying flat on the floor or a flat surface, then you put your hands near your shoulders and begin to push yourself upwards by applying force to your knees. You can combine both push up and pull up (arm lift) together. You do arm lift by lying flat on your face and lifting yourself to your toes by applying pressure to the elbows. These two exercises are good for your body muscles and will give you a firm build all around your body parts among which the breasts are major. You can also practice Yoga to reduce fat in your breasts. While Yoga is good for maintaining physical well-being, there are some Yoga exercises that will help to tighten your breasts as well as tone them.


4. Diet

This should probably have topped the list. We can?t even begin to talk about reducing the fat in your breast without extensively discussing the food you eat and other things that you consume. It is easy to discuss but difficult to practice. Truth is, your desire for a smaller and firmer breast will cost you. You will have to change what you have been eating (probably your whole life) to create a feasible climate for the kind of breast you want. You have to reduce the calories you take. While you must have heard that you shouldn?t eat more calories than you burn- and it is true, you need to know that it is way better to avoid eating unnecessary calories in the first place. You will be greatly helped if you can stick to a vegetarian or vegan diet but it is not a necessity. Eat a lot of fibrous foods and plenty of fruits and vegetables. These will supply you the nutrients your body needs to function without contributing to the problem. Taking fibrous foods is a necessity particularly for women as it will neutralize the fat forming effect of the high estrogen produced by the body.

By all means, avoid sugary and fatty foods. Stay mainly on whole grains. Resist the temptation even to indulge once in a while. That once can cost you weeks of hard work that could have gotten you further in your goal if you were focused. Ginger, green tea and flaxseeds should be of regular intake for you. Furthermore, drink lots of water. It will flush away toxins and hasten your body?s metabolism. You should also avoid alcohol by all means. Alcohol can easily water down the effects of your attempts to reduce breast fat. It exponentially raises your sugar level and leads to water retention in the body thereby causing bloating which may affect your breast size. If you must drink alcohol at all, it is best consumed minimally and rarely. Alongside this is also smoking or tobacco use. Truth is, these are very complementary products that leave you wanting to consume more of what will not do your bid to reduce breast fat good. If you must use these at all, use them rarely and minimally.

If you can strictly adhere to a helpful diet and combine it with exercises and some other remedies, it will only be a matter of weeks before you begin to see the emergence of your new and much welcomed breasts.


5. Massage

Massage is not only a relaxation and de-stress therapy but is highly effective in reducing total body fat. This ancient therapy is highly effective for reducing breast fat especially when it is combined with a serious cardio and anaerobic exercise routine. For massage therapy to work, you have to massage both breasts at the same frequency and thoroughness so that fat reduction will be uniform. To reduce fat in the breast with massage, get some oil that will act as a lubricant and rub softly on your breasts. Then, use two of your fingers to massage each breast in a circular motion for about 10 minutes each.


6. Fish Oil

Women who want to reduce fat in their breasts cannot afford to miss out on the helpful properties of Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Fish oils are necessary to reduce the levels of estrogen produced by the body which in turn, reduces the amount of fats present in the breasts. Another good thing about fish oils is that it is both a curative and preventive measure. You can use it to prevent accumulating much fat in the breasts in the first place and if you already do, you can use it to put a stop to more accumulation as you get to work on reducing your breast fat. An easy way to use fish oil to reduce breast fat is to take it regularly as a supplement. However, you should consult your doctor to know what dosage and frequency is suitable for you. If that is not your preferred option, there are many food sources that will provide you with necessary dosage of Omega-3 acids. Such food sources are; nuts, soybeans, flaxseeds and flaxseed oil.


7. Breast Reduction Surgery or Mammoplasty

This is a fast and easy way to lose breast fat. It will only cost you more money compared to adopting home remedies but you can see the impact within the shortest time frame. Breast reduction surgery will remove the excess fat in your breast and glandular tissue and skin thereby making your breast size balance with the rest of your body. Another advantage to this procedure is that the effect is pretty much permanent although changes may occur if you adopt unhealthy lifestyle or as you begin to age. You should also seek medical advice to know if this option is suitable for you as there are many factors to consider including your medical history, past reaction to drugs, present medications and other things that your doctor will need to make an informed consultation.


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