How to Lose Cheek Fat






Cheek fat! Most of us have had it at one point in time or the other, the dreaded cheek fat. One interesting fact is that it can be cute in children, pregnant women and other few exceptions but apart from these cases, it?s a no no!. Most people, even chubby people do not want cheeky chubbiness and for those who have it, every glance in the mirror is a reminder of how much they need to lose this seemingly stubborn fat. Losing cheek fat is not as complex as it may seem and in this case, it is actually easier done than said! Losing cheek fat can be achieved through specific exercises, diet watching/adjusting and surgery. One or a combination of these three will do the trick in no time at all!



For starters, poor diet is a major contributor to cheek fat. This diet is not all about fat though. Losing fat from your cheeks is not equivalent to eliminating all forms of fat from your diet. There?s good fat and there?s bad fat and it?s this bad fat that?s stockpiling in our cheeks that we need to we need to be conscious of. When we?re thinking of good fat, we should think of olive oil, fish, nuts etc. this is not all about diet though, being conscious of your diet involves making right adjustments to achieve leaner cheeks and a better total body image. You should consider the following;


Watch what you eat: what our cheeks look like is a reflection of what goes into our mouths. So if you?re thinking of lean, well sculpted and contoured cheeks, you should be thinking of lean cuts of protein, varieties of fruits, fibre vegetables and healthy prepared food. Your food does not have to look good, it has to look healthy.

Watching your diet also means reducing and eliminating (as much as possible) fatty and processed foods from your diet and incorporating more home cooked meals. Keep your snacks nutritious and healthy. Junk and fast foods will do no good in this wise as you cannot be sure of the kind and measure of fat content in it. You?ll see results on your cheeks in just a matter of time if you go by a healthy eating habit. Major things to minimize or avoid apart from bad fats include

  • Salt: Salt increases moisture or water retention and this can encourage puffiness in the cheeks
  • Sugar. As much as possible reduce your sugar intake. Much more, avoid products that claim to be ?sugar free? and be careful or artificial sweeteners. Some of them are worse than sugar
  • Alcohol : certain alcoholic beverages cause the cheeks to become bloated and puffy
  • Smoking: smoking is not a direct cause of fat cheeks , but it causes skin to age faster and can frustrate your efforts towards losing cheeks fat


Watch what you drink: yes, what you drink is as important as what you eat. For well sculpted cheeks, water should be your best friend and companion while soda, alcoholic drinks and beverages should be kept at arm?s length. Dehydration can sometimes manifest itself in a bloated face, so hydration is key. The cleansing and revitalising benefits of water alone is enough to your cheeks good but these efforts can be thwarted by other non-water drinks that can clog up your whole system, your cheeks included and make your exercises and diet changes in vain. Also, while exercising, make sure there?s always water handy

Just making the right choices as regards your diet intake is enough to reduce puffiness and lose cheek fat, even without including exercises. Exercises are important though, for effectiveness and for a long lasting change.



For exercises, there are general body exercises that will reduce general body fat which includes the fat in cheeks. There are also facial exercises that target the face and facial muscles to give it a toned look. A combination of these two forms of exercises will help you to lose cheek fat. Whatever you do, never forget that staying active is vital


Facial Exercises

Facial exercises are physical exercises that focus on the face. They are easy to do and in no time at all. They target specific areas of the face and so the results will be observed in good time. For those with soft facial muscles, these exercises will firm them up. They can also be fun to do, so no stress at all.

  • The Lips Pull: this exercise is an effective yoga exercise that tones your cheeks by lifting up the facial muscles. To do the lips pull, sit o0r stand with your head in a normal position. Lift up your lower lip as much as you can, pushing your lower jaw out. Maintain this posture for about 10-15 seconds, relax and do it again for about ten times. You?ll feel the tautness in your facial muscles
  • The Jaw Release: the jaw release is a sure exercise for losing fat bin the cheeks and firming it. To do this exercise, sit or stand in a normal straight position and move your jaw like you?re chewing, keeping your mouthy closed. Breathe in deeply and then breathe out while humming. Open your mouth wide afterwards, with your tongue pressed within your lower teeth. Maintain this posture fir about 5 seconds and then breathe in and out again. Repeat the whole process again 10 times.
  • The Blowing Air. This exercise is great, not just for cheek fat, but also for the whole of the face and neck muscles, providing a natural face lift. Sit uprightly on a comfy chair and tilt your head as far back as possible, making sure that your face is upturned towards the ceiling. Pull your lips and blow air out of your mouth. Do this for ten seconds, relax and repeat 10 times.
  • The Fish Face: this is probably one of the simplest facial exercises. it is also known as the smiling fish face and can be done anywhere and at anytime. To do this, simply suck in your lips and cheeks and try smiling. Maintain this posture for about 5-10 seconds, relax and repeat ten times.
  • The Wide Smile: Smiling, laughing and talking regularly will exercise the muscles in your face and help you lose the chubbiness in your cheeks. The wide smile exercise goes hand in hand with the cheek lift to make chubby cheeks firmer. Sit in a comfortable position and smile widely. Lift up your cheeks towards your eye. You can close your eyes for a better lift. Maintain this posture for about 10 seconds, relax your face and do it again. For optimal results, do this for about 15 times at a go.
  • The Mouthwash Move: This exercise focuses on the cheek muscles to reduce flabbiness. Sit comfortably; fill up a side of your cheek with. Transfer this air from one side to another, like you would do while using a mouthwash. Do this for a minute, relax and repeat about 5 times at a go.
  • Blowing Balloons: this is another face exercise to lose cheek fat. It?s as simple as taking a balloon and filling it with air. As you blow air into the balloon, your cheeks are at work. Release the air and repeat this procedure ten times at a go. Your cheeks will thank you!
  • Chewing Gum: the art and act of chewing gum is a good way to keep the facial muscles toned and lose cheek fat. For effectiveness, chew sugar free gum and know when to stop chewing before your jaw hurt
  • Facial Massage: facial massages are a subtler form of exercises that can come in handy after the usual facial exercises or after a long day. Apart from relieving your sore facial muscles, a regular facial massage will stimulate a healthy blood circulation, decrease water retention in the cheeks and decrease puffiness.
  • The Hot Towel Treatment: Alongside the regular facial massage, a hot towel treatment can help reduce cheek fat. To do this, boil water and allow it to cool a little. Dip a towel into it, squeeze to remove excess water and place the steaming towel on the fatty are4as of your face. Repeat this about five times, an hour before bedtime.


Physical Exercises

Fat in the cheeks are a reflection of excess fat in the body. Thus, Physical exercises that target general weight loss are sure ways to lose cheek fat too. There are diverse physical exercises especially for those who have a high percentage of body fat alongside cheek fat. By exercising regularly, general body fat will be reduced and this will in turn lead to a reduction in cheek fat

Skipping/Jump rope; using a skipping or jump rope, about a hundred turns, 3-4 times a week will tone and firm the body generally. This will also reflect in the cheeks as it will become trim.

Jogging/Running/Swimming: these are general body exercises that target fat loss in every area of the body. One great advantage of these exercises is that they also tone muscles and the skin?s appearance. Thus by engaging in any or all of these, you?ll lose fat in your body as a whole and also in your cheeks. Not just this, t6he resulting appearance will be a toned and well defined body (and cheeks)

Sleeping: this is not a physical exercise per se, but it is as vital as one. Cheek fat can be heightened by lack of rest or adequate sleep, making the face look bloated or puffy. As much as possible, don?t compromise on a good night sleep and other opportunities to take a rest as this will go a long way to keep your facial muscles relaxed, giving a more attractive appearance.

Brisk walks, cycling, squats, push ups and water sports are also great for general body trimming and toning. These exercises can also help to reduce stress and anxiety, especially when you listen to music alongside. The trick is just to stay active and relaxed and you?ll see results in your cheeks. Aim to do these at least three times a week. Apart from exercises;



There?s liposuction, mostly a last resort to losing fat in the face, cheeks inclusive. The fat is removed from the cheeks with the aid of a suction device. There?s also a more specific surgery for reducing fat in the cheeks and it?s referred to as Buccal Fat Pad Extraction or cheek reduction. It is a minor surgery that?s usually considered as an alternative to dieting and exercises or if the two ?fail?. It?s a plastic surgery procedure that reduces prominent cheeks by removing the buccal fat pad tissue. It is performed under sedation or general anaesthesia, and involves the extraction and resection of fat tissue in the cheeks to achieve the desired cheek reduction. The final result is usually a sculpted face with improved chin and jaw line definition. This procedure is a quick one but sensitive. like all procedures, there are possible side effects to be aware of and they include partial; facial paralysis or facial numbness, reduction of one?s sense of taste, hematoma, etc. this notwithstanding, an appointment with a registered doctor or specialist will be sure to allay unnecessary fears and help you make up your mind whether it?s a risk worth taking or not. The surgery is also a great alternative to cheekbone implants, and its results are more natural too

There are also other ways by which slimmer cheeks can be achieved, albeit temporarily. These options include the use of makeup (highlighting and contouring) and certain hairstyles/haircut. Also, avoid over-the-counter medications that cause water retention in the body.

To lose cheek fat and keep it lost, consistency is the key. Diet changes and exercises especially, should be regular, not a once in a while thing, unless you want irregular cheeks! With consistency, you will see changes within a month


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