How To Lose Neck Fat




How To Lose Neck Fat


In life, there are some things that should be a part of you that are not and some things that shouldn?t be a part of you that are. Neck fat is a hindrance to the people that have them. The fact that they cannot be covered up like fat in the belly and thighs makes them even more worrisome. Even if a person is fat on the face, there is a way they can makeup to downplay the effect but neck fat can?t be hidden or downplayed. Neck fat is out there for the world to see and its presence has hindered many people from socializing to their heart?s content. This article is about how to lose neck fat in the smoothest, most effective way.

So, it?s time to get rid of that notorious selfie-killer, turkey neck. Turkey neck occurs when fat accumulates around the neck. For this reason, it is more common among fat people. However, some people genetically have double chin. If you recently lost weight and there is still this wobbly mass around your neck, something can be done about it.

These are the ways you can lose neck fat



Don?t just ignore your neck in your desire to look good. Truth be told, its not as if there is anything that can be used to hide flabby neck, there is a way you make your face up that can conceal the undesirable elements and features it has but not so for the neck. Moreover, as people age, the neck is one of the first places that begin to show signs by looking saggy, loose and wrinkled. We need to pay attention to our neck so that it will corroborate the beautiful story our face is telling. Therefore, if you have the money and you want it fast, surgery is the good way for you to go to lose your neck fat. Surgery is a good option for people are at a healthy weight yet having turkey neck. There are different surgical options for eliminating turkey neck. They are neck liposuction and neck lift surgery.


Neck Liposuction

Liposuction gives the neck a more graceful and well defined neckline. It removes excess fat from the neck but doesn?t remove deeper fats. Because of this, it is the best for young people whose skins have a higher elasticity. Liposuction improves on the neck?s sagginess and it is very fast. After liposuction, the skin will contract evenly and smoothly. After the procedure, patients will wear a chin support strap for 4 days and within weeks, their normal life continues. Liposuction completely improves the appearance of the neck and it has a permanent effect.


Neck Lift Surgery

Neck lift surgery is a good way to help you achieve a natural looking attractive neck. Through neck lift surgery, excess skin and fat deposits around the neck area is removed, it may also include a restructuring of underlying muscles. Neck lift surgery results in a firmer, smoother, attractive and more youthful neck appearance. It is a successful way to rejuvenate your neck. Neck lift surgery will smooth out wrinkles and creases around the neck, it will also improve vertical neck band appearance. Its impact is permanent and a patient can resume normal activities after two weeks.



If for some reason, you don?t want surgery, there is also the option of using drug for your turkey neck. Kybella is a FDA (the Food and Drug Administration) drug that destroys cell membranes in the submental area. It is administered as an injection into the cell membrane and has a permanent effect. Many people consider neck fat as a real problem and this drug is a major breakthrough to eliminate such fat. According to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, 68% of those surveyed named excess fat around the chin and neck as one of their top concern. Kybella eliminates moderate to severe chin fat. However, this drug should only be recommended and provided by licensed health care professional. Moreover, Kybella should only be used for submental fat and not for any other part of the body. It is packed in a dispensing park that has a unique hologram on the vial label. A Kybella product without hologram should not be used.

Other more conventional ways to lose neck fat are;



What you eat is absolutely fundamental in losing neck fat. The primary goal is to eat a diet with low calories. This step is very important because if it isn?t considered and appropriated, every other effort you make to rid yourself of your neck fat will ultimately come to nothing. In this case, you should be asking; ?what kind of food should I eat that will help me lose my neck fat?? There are several options for you which are also readily available; it is in fact quite easy to come up with a diet that will help you lose neck fat. Your dieting goal must always be to burn more number of calories than you actually consume which is regarded as calorie deficit. Through your body?s BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) you can calculate the amount of calorie consume on a daily basis and from there, know the amount of calories you should take daily. You can calculate your BMR with a BMR calculator at


Avoid too much Salt: you should reduce your salt intake. Avoid foods that contain a high level of sodium, although sodium is important. Nutritionists say that salt causes water retention which in turn results in fatty deposits in different body parts. This may be the reason why your neck is flabby, because you are eating too much salts.


Eat Healthy Fat and Carbohydrates: the thing about food is its delicacy. In your bid to lose neck fat, you must be cautious so as not to starve yourself which will result in nothing but more fat. Fat and carbohydrates are necessary for a healthy diet but you must avoid the processed carbs and saturated fats. Olive oil, fish, nuts and the likes are good sources of healthy fats. While whole grains are needful carbohydrates. Saturated fat should not exceed 7% of your total calories intake, while both saturated and unsaturated fat should not exceed 35% of your daily calorie consumption. If you follow a healthy diet plan, you will automatically lose neck fat, especially since the neck is one of the first places to lose fat when losing weight.


Eat Fruits and Vegetables: vegetable diet is a necessity in your quest to lose neck fat. To lose neck fat, your overall lifestyle has to change. Veggies aren?t the food you eat when you are on a sick bed in the hospital. Fruits and vegetables will provide your body the nutrient it needs.


Eat Lean Protein: if you want to reduce neck fat, and dieting is a must for it to happen, then you have to ensure that you watch what you eat and avoid unnecessary fat like the one in red meat. Yes, red meat is has protein but it also has unhealthy fat. Rather, you should eat lean protein that can be gotten from foods like, chicken and turkey and other white meats. Processed and canned fish and meat contain high sodium and is therefore a deterrent to neck fat reduction. Lean protein will give you the advantage of building your muscles without the disadvantage of accumulating more fat than needed.



Your decision to lose neck fat will make you lose body fat. While your neck may be your focus, you will get the overall bonus of complete body fat elimination. While many fashion and beauty magazines promise that some exercises will help you lose your neck fat, the truth is that the best form of exercises to lose fat on your neck are the same ones you will use to lose fat generally on the body.

The most effective exercises to reduce neck fat are cardiovascular exercises. Moreover, there are lots of options for cardiovascular exercise so you are bound to find something that will work for you. The best cardio exercise for fat reduction is the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This workout takes you through different levels of intensity through a regulated pace. During aerobic exercises, the body uses fats that are released through labored breathing and sweat. This in turn preserves intramuscular glycogen. When you alternate between high and low intensity, interval training increases Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and in turn, burns more calories.

Below are examples of cardio exercises that will eventually lose neck fat;

  • Skipping or jumping rope: when you skip or jump rope about a hundred turns at 3-4 times a week, the body will generally tone down. As a consequence, the neck will also trim down.
  • Sleeping: hurray! Sleeping is an exercise, sounds good right? This is a beautiful twist to the whole story. To be perfectly healthy and have a fully functional system, you should sleep a minimum of 8 hours daily. To think that dwelling in your fantasies will reduce your neck fat is just bliss. Okay, you need to be cautioned: just because sleep will help you lose your neck fat doesn?t mean sleep in itself will help you lose your neck fat. Rather, it works together with your other efforts and is more of a reward for your hard labor than an indulgence for your pleasure. If you do not get enough sleep, your body releases the hormone called ghrelin which makes you long for fatty and sugary foods as if your survival depends on them. When you sleep well and your body is well rested, then every part of you is ready to corporate in giving you the neck you so seriously crave for.
  • Jogging, Running and Swimming: these exercises target fat loss in every area of the body. These exercises generally keep the whole body fit and in shape and tone the person?s appearance. These cardio exercises will help you lose your neck fat.


Non Cardio Exercises that will help you lose your neck fat are the following;

Although spot reduction is not possible, it is still possible to exercise strategic muscles which lead to fat reduction around strategic places. Lisa Feldermann of Blank Fitness recommends these exercises as daily routine;

  • Maintain a sitting or standing position but make sure you are firm. Then look up to the ceiling or sky depending on what is above you, start chewing as if there is something in your mouth even though there is nothing there. Do it for 30 seconds , rest for 10 seconds and repeat the whole exercise for 2 times.
  • Maintain a sitting or standing position but make sure you are straight either ways, roll your lips over your teeth and open your mouth wide. Tilt your head backwards and hold for 30 seconds then rest for about 0 seconds. Repeat this exercise twice.
  • Lie straight and flat on a bed. Make sure your head is hanging on one edge of the bed, slowly lift your head till it is on the same level with your torso, and then hold it or 10 seconds. Lower your head back to its dangling position. Repeat this exercise two times and take a 10 seconds rest in between.

Other exercises include;

  • Neck rolls: while your neck is straight, and your head is shouldered centered between your shoulders, roll your chin towards your chest and next to your right shoulder. Then move it back from there. Try not to snap your neck muscle by doing this exercise gently
  • Rolling bridges: put a towel between your wall and the top of your head with your feet apart. Rotate your whole body as you lift your head from the towel. Once you have completed a whole rotation, rotate in the other direction.

Neck fat can be a thing of the past and in fact, as you lose neck fat, you also lose other body fats making your skin tone beautifully.


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