How to Lose Weight in Your Face







Whether we admit to it or not, how we appear to other people matters to us a great deal. Moreover, more important than other people?s perception of us is our own perception of ourselves. We love to look beautiful and appear so to other people. That is why we hate it when our faces look as if they are inhibiting the entire world?s weight. There are a lot of talks, articles, and trainings about ?how to lose weight in your face? but many of them are not comprehensive and refuse to take into cognizance, individual peculiarities. This article on the other hand is largely comprehensive and discusses the causes of weight in our face and how we can lose such weight to get the faces of our dreams.

Technically speaking, it is impossible to target any trouble spot in our body for weight reduction. This is not however to say that weight can?t be reduced in the face. If you care to find out, you have unwanted weight in your face as a result of unneeded weight in the whole of your body, you just happen not to be bothered by the other weight in your body. For this reason, it is practically impossible for you to ?spot reduce? in your face. Rather, your desire to reduce weight in your face will set you on a broad journey to rid yourself of overall body weight. Moreover, how weight is distributed in our body is largely as a result of genetics; therefore, the safest way to successfully lose weight in your face is to set out to lose weight in your body. While this may seem like a daunting task, if you stick to it, you will be all better for it since at the end, you will not only have a chisel shaped face that attracts everyone but an overall healthy body that works magic for you.


Why You Have Weight in the Face

A good way to losing weight in your face is to discover what brings about all that weight in the first place. In some instances, simply knowing why you have weight in your face is the only knowledge you need to know how to lose it. This knowledge is important because while there are myriads of ways to lose weight in your face, not all of these ways will work for you because of your uniqueness and sensitivity. However, by knowing why you have weight in your face, you may be automatically unlocking how to lose the said weight. These are the reasons people have weight in their faces;



This happens when your facial structure is in similitude with that obtainable in your family. If your family members usually have weight in the face; that is most likely why you have weight in your face as well. Many people rule this cause of weight in the face as something that can?t be helped but that isn?t true. Just because it flows within your family doesn?t mean you should accept it without a fight. After all, adaptability is a necessity for survival in this world, who knows, you just may change the trend forever.



When you eat a lot of junk foods that are laden with sugar and salts, you not only increase the chances of face bloat, you also increase the weight in your face as a result. Junk foods are only full of carbohydrates and fats in excess measure and your face becomes puffy as a result. If you are a junk food addict, you don?t need to wonder where all the weight in your face comes from. This is a serious cause of face bloat and sag in many people.



Many people maintain a healthy diet, they even exercise regularly and you would expect them to have normal weight in the face as a result but voila! All that hard work washes down the drain every night when they indulge in bottles of alcohol. Alcohol increases water retention in the body which makes your face puffy as a result.



Water is fluid and when taken, finds a way to exit itself from the body, but, when you starve your body of water, the system will retain whatever water you have left in your body and this retention often leads to weight in different parts of your body including your face. Taking lots of water, fruits and vegetables will rehydrate your body.


Health Conditions

You could garner weight in the face as a result o medical conditions in your body. Automatically, if you take care of this condition and become well, then the weight in your face also disappears. This is one of the chief reasons to know why you have weight in the face. Imagine using medications, doing exercises and some other things without addressing the cause of the problem?



This is one of the most common reasons people have weight in the face. As you grow older, the skin starts sagging due to collagen reduction in the body. Collagen is responsible for skin tightness and compactness. So, does this mean you should take all the sagginess and increase in facial weight without a fight? Not at all! There are many facial exercises and lifestyle changes you can adopt that will still make your face look healthy and young.


Losing Weight in the Face

To lose weight in your face, you must call these three things to attention:?Food,?Lifestyle, Exercise



You are exactly as you feed. No one can look skinnier than the fat they consume or healthier than the junk they live on. This is the most fundamental thing to work on to reduce weight in your face. You can lose weight in your face and your body at large by watching the calories you consume and eating healthy. Some people go into starvation mode in the bid to lose weight in their face but this doesn?t work in the long run. In fact, Medline Plus says ?you need a minimum of 1200 calories per day as a woman or 1,500 as a man to support nutrition for bodily functions like breathing, cellular repair, hormone production and pumping blood?. In talking about food for face weight loss, we have to talk about what to eat and what not to eat.


What Food to Eat

There are foods that you will eat and get fat in your face and body while there are foods that you?ll eat and become trim and prim in the face. To lose weight in the face, you have to give your body the nutrients it needs even as it doesn?t accumulate fat. The only way to do this is to consistently eat a balanced diet. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetable because they are rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients. Whole grains are a must for your facial weight-loss goal as they are rich in fiber and other nutrients thereby aiding metabolism and helping your body use up energy and nutrients. Your diet must also contain lean protein which contain varieties of food that make you feel fuller for longer thereby discouraging the urge to eat unnecessarily. Eat foods that are high in potassium like carrots and raisins. To get the best of the right foods, you also have to eat them at the right times and in the right proportions. It is advocated that smaller portions should be eaten several times a day. In conclusion, any food that will not add to your calorie intake while providing other essential nutrients passes the green light. You can follow up on your calorie consumption and usage at


Food Not To Eat

To be candid, we usually develop affinity for those things that won?t do us any good simply because they appeal to something in us. The same thing goes for the foods that will crash your facial weight loss goal; they satisfy our taste bud cravings. In this light, eating healthy to lose weight in the face is most importantly a matter of discipline. That said you should stay away from foods that have sugar and salt if you intend to lose weight in your face. Salty and sugary foods disturb body metabolism and cause water retention in the body. Salty foods don?t just lead to puffy face but also cause other serious health issues. To eat less salty food, you have to cut off on junks, fast foods and processed foods and eat more homemade foods. To further get rid of excess sodium from your body, drink lots of water to flush it out of your body. Also avoid alcohol and caffeine.



If you will reduce weight in your face, it is the same as having a healthy face, and it is impossible for your face to be healthy while the rest of your body is as it is. Any effort you take to make your face attractive is an automatic decision to make your whole body. Suffice to say, there is no shortcut to a chiseled face. You have to assess every area of your life and only adopt such habits as will contribute to your general well-being. Talking about these lifestyle changes are the following;


Maintain a Straight Gait

It is possible the weight in your face isn?t actually bad if you changed your posture and maintained a straight gait. If your posture is usually hunched, slouchy or bent, your face will appear to have a lot of weight and you may even develop a double chin which you wouldn?t have had if your posture was straight. The best posture is one with your back straight and your head high.


Sleep Well

I personally love this part. To think sleep is one of the hard works I have to do to achieve anything is actual bliss. Research and average observation has shown that when adults don?t sleep enough, they have bag around their eyes and their faces become saggy. So, give yourself enough sleep so that your facial muscles will maintain their tautness. This is however not limited to sleeping after a day?s hard work alone. Even while at work, take intermittent rests to ensure that you are not over stressed at any point in time.


Drink Water Frequently

This is always important to many treatments that you may be tempted to downplay it and move to more ?practical? guides but this is golden. When you drink lots of water, the body remains hydrated which means water retention that may lead to facial bloating is eliminated. Moreover, toxins are frequently flushed from the body and that makes your metabolism excellent. Without exaggeration, taking water frequently is a strong to-do for your weight loss program.



Nothing can take the place of exercise in any weight loss program and the same applies to face weight loss. The following exercises will do wonder to your face


Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises will help you to lose total body fat, and if you do so consistently enough, the face will be part of the first body parts to show off your efforts. Exercises like walking, jogging, running, skipping rope, swimming and the likes are perfect for this.


Chewing Gum

This is one of the most efficient exercises to work the facial muscles. Just ensure you chew the sugar free gums so that you won?t be gaining in one aspect and losing on the other end.


Chin Lifts

This exercise will stretch and work your facial muscles so that your facial structure will become more emphasized rather than covered up in fat. Sit or stand, tilt your head to the ceiling and focus on it, tighten your lips as if you want to kiss the ceiling.


Blowing Air

This exercise is one of the most effective ways to lose weight in the face. It exercises facial and neck muscles. Just sit straight on a chair, tilt your head back and your face to the ceiling, pull your lips and blow air from your mouth.