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Some things we want and we are glad to have. Some other things we don?t want but can do nothing to remove from our lives while there are some things we don?t want, but have and can send out of our lives. Sunburn belongs to the third category. No matter how hard or harsh your sunburn is, fortunately, there are things you can do to make them history. If you want to learn how to make your sunburn go away, you are reading the perfect article.

There usually seems to be no harm in getting a little warmth. So we dress scantily and lay ourselves lazily on the tan bed. It feels good for some minutes but we soon begin to feel warmed enough. So, we take the glass of juice we were merrily sipping and relocate to the shades?safe enough right? Wrong, for all the harm in the world had been done. After some hours, especially followed by a long or brief shower, we begin to notice red spots on our bodies and within minutes, these spots may or may not be accompanied by itchiness. Then it dawns on us, the rays have got us! We have been sunburned!

Another reason you shouldn?t take your sunburn so lightly is because the higher and more frequently you experience them, the higher your chances of developing melanoma, a serious skin condition in the future. In fact, statistics says that if you have more than five sunburns from when you were 15 years to when you are 20, then your chances of having melanoma are greatly increased. Melanoma is the most deadly skin cancer out there and you don?t want any skin condition you may experience and melanoma in the same sentence.

Exactly when sunburn happens, many people do not know or they would have done enough to avid the occurrence. Many people even get sunburn in spite of their usual safety precautions. It seems they either totally abstained from the sun or paid the penalty through sunburn. None of these alternatives are pleasing to the flesh but we usually put our pleasures above potential harms and so, many people sunbathe anyways and pay for it later.

This article will not pretend to have the keys to avoiding sunburns, although we will share with you some precautions that can reduce or eliminate your chances of getting sunburned. What we will however focus on, is share how you can make your sunburns go away and restore your skin to its original glow and shine.

Before sunburn turns your summer cruise into a nightmare, equip yourself to the teeth with ways to nip its bud. Before redness and itchiness make your skin a living hell for you, learn how to deal with the symptoms before they even rear their ugly head. And if you are already in the harsh clutches of sunburn, just read on as you learn how to deal with this subtle monster.

According to Dr Lipner who is a certified dermatologist at Weill Cornell Medicine, ?what you do after sunburn can play a large role in how fast you heal?. You therefore want to do everything right to get the best and fastest healing possible.


Home Remedy Treatments for Making Sunburn Go Away Fast


Prevention of Sunburns

Nothing works like stopping an evil from happening in the first place. The thing about sunburn is that we are so used to it, we don?t really try to stop it from happening to us and this is very dangerous. There are several skin diseases out there and if there was a way to exempt ourselves from becoming subject to them we should. Of course, this article discusses at length measures we can take to make sunburn go away but we also at the same time recognize that it is better if we don?t get these sunburns in the first place. Why not determine therefore to make this sunburn your last all things being equal?


Retreat to a Cool Environment

Once you know that you have sunburn, it is important for you to remove yourself from the direct reach of sunlight. Go indoors and close your blinds. Turn on the air conditioner or fan. Create an atmosphere that is directly opposite the one that gave you the sunburn and dwell in it as much as possible. If you have a basement, it will be a good place to go as this is shielded from sunlight. If it is impossible for you to stay indoors all day, then minimize your exposure to sunlight. The more the amount of sunlight reaching your skin, the more corrosive it is on your skin and the more sunburn you will have to show for it. Getting out of the reach of sun rays is the first step to sending sunburns packing.


Take a Cool bath

Well, it doesn?t have to be a bath except that is your preference. The point is that you have to cool down the area that has been sunburned. This can also be done with a cold compress as it is likely to last longer than a bath and you can target specific body parts with a compress. If taking a bath, resist the temptation to stay too long in the bathroom or shower. If you do, your skin will become too dry and this will worsen the condition of your sunburn. Also, do not dare to use soap and sponge except you want to use something extremely mild like dove bathing soap. Once you are done cooling down the irritated area, ensure you moisturize with water based moisturizer like aloe vera gel or aloe vera products. Do not use oil based products


Change into Loose clothing

By now, you are itching to receive names of ingredients and methods of applications but first things have to come first if you truly want to make your sunburns go away and not just read some articles on that. You need to change from snug and fitted clothing to loose clothing. Cotton material will suit you best in this kind of condition. Truth is, before sunburn can happen, many things have happened to the skin already. It has become dry, dehydrated and skin pores have lost their breathing space. All these altered conditions have to be restored if your sunburn is to be history. Therefore, to send sunburn packing, change from those fitted clothes to loose ones particularly in the body parts that are affected by the sunburn. This will allow fresh air blow on your skin and kick-start rejuvenation process. Mind you, your loose clothing has to be a smooth material like light cotton and not something that is rugged and rough.


Tea Bag

Tea bag treatment is one of the most popular treatments used to drive sunburns to oblivion. Boil water and when it is hot enough, dip some tea bags in it. Do not leave the tea bags to dissolve into the water before removing. Allow it to cool before placing directly on the sunburn. Tea bags contain tannins, a powerful astringent that reduces inflammation thereby healing the sunburns. If you feel like, especially in cases where the tea dissolves well into the water, you can also rub this on sunburns. Tea bags will heal sunburns and also prevent infections of the affected area till it is completely healed courtesy of its antibacterial properties.


Potato paste

Potato is fast becoming a highly recommended home remedy for treating several skin conditions because of its pin relieving and astringent properties. Either the juice or the paste on the skin is sure to restore the skin?s health and glow while forming a protective base as long as it is applied. It soothes itches and burns on the skin including sun itch and sunburns. All you have to do is blend the potato to extract the juice and rub it on the affected area if that is your preference or in another instance, slice fresh potato and place directly on the sunburn. Leave on the sunburn for 20 minutes before washing off.


Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is one of the most popular home remedy for a notable reason, it always works. While some people don?t use it because it seems to answer to everything, it does answer to making sunburn go away. Truth be told, it is easy to understand why this powerful ingredient works. ACV is acidic which means it restores balance to the skin?s pH. Moreover, as a bleaching agent, it works to clear the skin of anything that gives it a non-uniform appearance making it a perfect agent for making sunburn go away. Next time you read that apple cider vinegar is good to make your sunburn history, don?t just roll your eyes, give it a try and you will see people aren?t just yarning dust.



I?m almost rolling my eyes myself. Here we go again? I thought yogurt was a DRINK. Well, you are right but so also am i. yes, yogurt is a drink and should be done but it is also what you need to make your sunburn disappear so you should give it a try. I promise, I don?t manufacture yogurt so I?m not just saying this to sell my wares, I am because it works. If the yogurt is plain, sugarless and fresh, trust me, you have powerful but natural bleach, astringent and skin smoothening cream. All you have to do is use it. You can also mix yogurt with honey or turmeric for a more effective combination.



This is so effective, it could have come way ahead but it didn?t because I want to focus on its usage not as a bathing ingredient but as a rubbing ingredient. So you heard right. You can actually make your sunburn go away by having an oatmeal bath. This will remove dead skin cells, rejuvenate the skin, moisturize it and clear your sunburn. Another use for oatmeal is that you can soak it in water and sieve the shaft away. Then rub the extract on your skin burn. Guess why that matters? That solution contains saponins which not only clean and clear your skin but also moisturize it. Imagine getting rid of your sunburn in one of the healthiest ways possible? That is oatmeal for you.


Beef Tallow

Beef tallow contains vitamins A and D which are pretty powerful when it comes to making sunburn go away. In fact, from a perspective of how important it is, it is like blowing air on sunburn and seeing it disappear. Once you are sure that the beef tallow you use is the one I recommend which is the organic version gotten from grass-fed cow, you will understand how easy it is to make your sunburns melt into thin air. While vitamin A inarguably promotes healthy skin, vitamin D helps in the repair of worn out tissue. So you see, you are in for a complete package by choosing beef tallow. You not only get your old skin back, you get it better.


Over the Counter Medication

Truth be told, we all don?t have the patience of a saint and while some people will choose the time they have sunburn to discover what remedy actually works for them and which doesn?t, others are already at the chemists? shop seeking something they can use to relieve the pain in the short term and the sunburn in the long term. For such people, you should take anti-inflammatory medication and some pain relievers. Ibuprofen will do both work perfectly with time while Tylenol will only reduce the pain. It is advisable that you should stick to one course of action to make your sunburn go away. If you will use home remedy, stick with it and if it is medication, use it well.

Note however, that if you are using medication and there is no improvement after two days, you need visit your doctor and for home remedies, within one or two weeks.

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