H?w t? Prevent S??d?r V??n?



H?w t? Prevent S??d?r V??n?


h?w t? prevent ???d?r v??n?


N?w?d???, people are v?r? ??n????u? ?b?ut th??r physical ?????r?n??. Th? r??? ?n th? ???ul?r?t? of ??l?n?, ???? and ???m?t?? ?l?n??? is one proof that people ?r? g?tt?ng obsessed w?th m??nt??n?ng their b??ut? ?nd k????ng th??r skin ?m??th ?nd fl?wl???. Small ?r?bl?m? like ?l?ght bl?m??h?? on the skin ?r a l?ttl? excess fl?b ?n th? butt ?r? ?n?ugh t? dr?v? m?n? ?r?z?.

One minor cosmetic problem th?t ???m? t? ?rr?t?t? b?th m?n and women ?? ???d?r v??n?. Th??? ?r? the red ?r blu? f?n? thread-like bl??d vessels that ??n b? ???n ?n th? l?g?, arms, ?h?n, f???, and ?v?n the n???. Alth?ugh th??? un??ghtl? v??n? do not ??u?? ?x?ru???t?ng pain ?r ?n? ??r??u? ?r?bl?m?, m?j?r?t? ?f th??? wh? h?v? th?m w?ll d? ?lm??t anything ju?t t? make these v?r? fine bl??d v????l? disappear fr?m th? ?k?n surface. Read on t? l??rn how to prevent ???d?r v??n?.

Surv??? ?h?w th?t 40 t? 50 percent ?f m?n ?nd 50 t? 55 ??r??nt ?f w?m?n h?v? ???d?r v??n?, so th?? ?? a v?r? ??mm?n ?r?bl?m.


Spider V??n?

Th? t?rm “spider veins” w?? ???n?d because ?f th??r appearance, wh??h ?? r?m?n????nt ?f ???d?r w?b?. T?l?ng???t???? ?r v?nul??t????? (???d?r v??n?) are ????ll?r???, th?n vessels ??nn??t?d directly ?nt? th? l?rg?r venous ???t?m. Th??? tiny, t?ngl?d blood v????l? ???ur und?r th? ?k?n’? ?urf??? ?nd ?r? ?l??rl? v???bl? ?? ?ur?l?, blu? ?r r?d l?n??. Th??? veins m?? b? ???l?t?d ?r ???????t?d w?th “f??d?r” v??n? ?r l?rg?r v?r????? v??n?. (S??d?r veins ?r? different fr?m varicose v??n?, wh??h bulg? ?b?v? th? ?urf??? ?f th? ?k?n ?nd may require medical treatment.)

While ???d?r veins can be v???bl? ?v?r l?rg? portions of skin, th?? ?r? ju?t a ???m?t?? ?r?bl?m. Th??? v??n? m??t ?ft?n occur ?n th? thighs, ??lv??, ?nkl??, ?h??k? ?nd n???. S??d?r v??n? can b? caused b? the f?ll?w?ng:

  • F?r?? of gravity, b?d? weight ?r???ur? ?nd ?um??ng blood from th? l?w?r body u? t? the heart
  • Ag? (v?lv?? weaken w?th ?g?)
  • L?ng periods ?f ?mm?b?l?t? (?n?lud?ng ?t?nd?ng)
  • H?rm?n?? (?n?lud?ng puberty, pregnancy ?nd m?n???u??, birth ??ntr?l ??ll?)
  • Pregnancy (increased bl??d ?n the b?d? ??n ??u?? veins to enlarge ?nd increased ut?ru? ??z? ?ut? pressure ?n v??n?)
  • Ob???t?
  • F?m?l? h??t?r?
  • Runn?ng or ?th?r h?gh impact activities
  • Injur???
  • Blockage by bad v?lv?? in th? d??? ???t?m ?f v??n?
  • Cr????ng l?g?
  • Sun ?x???ur?

Alth?ugh spider v??n? are ?r?m?r?l? a cosmetic ?r?bl?m, th?? ??n create discomfort ?n the l?g?. Th?r? are ?ft?n n? symptoms fr?m spider veins, but they ??n ??u?? an ?t?h?ng ?r burn?ng ??n??t??n. Infr??u?ntl?, th??? v??n? can b? bl??d backing up d????r under th? skin ?n which ???? th? symptoms w?uld b? th? same as h?v?ng v?r????? veins.


D?ff?r?nt Shapes Of S??d?r Veins

Kn?w?ng th? d?ff?r?nt shapes of ???d?r v??n? ??n help ??u in d???d?ng th? ?xt?nt ?f tr??tm?nt th?t ??u mu?t u??. Th? ?h???? ?f your ???d?r v??n? ??n ?nflu?n?? the w?? that ?k?n ??r? tr??tm?nt w?ll b? ???l??d on ??ur ?k?n.

F?r?t, ??u h?v? the l?n??r ?h???. Most l?n??r spider veins ??n b? seen ?n th? ?nn?r kn??? ?nd l?g?. As th? name ?m?l???, l?n??r ???d?r veins are a collection ?f ?m?ll ?tr??ght ???d?r v??n? ?n a particular ?r??. Th?? look ??m?l?r t? ?m?ll r?d stretch m?rk? ?x???t th?t th?? ?r? mu?h f?n?r ?nd ?m?ll?r.

S???nd, you m?? d?v?l?? br?n?h-l?k? ???d?r veins. If you see ???d?r v??n? that l??k v?r? mu?h l?k? tr?? br?n?h?? or a d??r’? ?ntl?r?, ??u h?v? br?n?h-l?k? ???d?r v??n? ?nd th?r?f?r? you may n??d a w?d?r application ?f ?k?n ??r? tr??tm?nt. This ?h??? ?f ???d?r v??n? ??n u?u?ll? b? seen on th? upper thighs.

L??tl?, your ???d?r v??n? may ?x??t tru? t? their name, meaning in ???d?r-l?k? ?h????. If you l??k ?t your f??t and ??u see a w?b-l?k? ??ll??t??n ?f purplish, blu??h ?r r?dd??h ?r?trud?ng bl??d v????l?, th?n you are l??k?ng ?t ???d?r-l?k? shapes of ???d?r veins. In f??t, th? reason why spider v??n? are ??ll?d ?? ?u?h ?? th?? particular shape.


S??d?r V??n? Symptoms

Th? most ?bv??u? sign that ??u ?h?v? ???d?r v??n? ?? the ?????r?n?? ?f blu??h ?r r?dd??h f?n? l?n?? on ??m? ??rt? ?f ??ur body. You will know th?t th?? ?r? spider v??n? b???u?? they ?r? ??rm?n?nt. Furthermore, ??u may also ?x??r??n?? tingling, burn?ng ?r ?t?h?ng on the ?r?? wh?r? th? ?lu?t?r of ???d?r veins is located.

Spider veins ??n often b? ???n ?n th? ?k?n. S?m? ?th?r ??mm?n symptoms ?f varicose veins ?n th? l?g? ?n?lud?:

  • A?h?ng ???n th?t m?? g?t worse ?ft?r sitting ?r ?t?nd?ng f?r a l?ng t?m?
  • Thr?bb?ng ?r cramping
  • H??v?n???
  • Sw?ll?ng
  • Rash th?t’? ?t?h? ?r irritated
  • D?rk?n?ng ?f th? ?k?n (?n ??v?r? cases)
  • Restless l?g?


Ar? ???d?r v??n? d?ng?r?u??

S??d?r v??n? rarely are a serious h??lth ?r?bl?m, but th?? can ??u?? un??mf?rt?bl? f??l?ng? ?n th? l?g?. If th?r? ?r? symptoms fr?m spider veins, m??t ?ft?n th?? w?ll b? ?t?h?ng ?r burn?ng. L??? ?ft?n, ???d?r veins can b? a sign of bl??d b??ku? deeper inside that ??u ??n’t ??? ?n th? ?k?n. If so, ??u ??uld h?v? th? same symptoms ??u w?uld have w?th varicose v??n?.

V?r????? v??n? m?? n?t cause ?n? problems, ?r they m?? ??u?? ??h?ng ???n, thr?bb?ng, ?nd d????mf?rt. In ??m? ?????, varicose veins can l??d to m?r? ??r??u? h??lth ?r?bl?m?. These ?n?lud?:

  • Sores ?r skin ul??r? du? to ?hr?n?? (l?ng-t?rm) b??k?ng u? of blood. These sores ?r ul??r? ?r? ???nful ?nd hard t? heal. S?m?t?m?? they cannot heal unt?l the backward bl??d fl?w ?n th? vein ?? r????r?d.
  • Bleeding. The ?k?n ?v?r the v??n? b???m?? th?n ?nd ????l? injured. Wh?n an ?njur? occurs, th?r? can be ??gn?f???nt bl??d l???.
  • Su??rf????l thr?mb??hl?b?t?? (throm-bo-fli-BYT-uhs), which ?? a blood ?l?t th?t f?rm? ?n a v??n ju?t b?l?w th? ?k?n. S?m?t?m? include ?k?n r?dn???; a f?rm, t?nd?r, warm v??n; and ??m?t?m?? ???n ?nd swelling.
  • D??? v??n thr?mb????, wh??h ?? a blood ?l?t ?n a deeper vein. It ??n cause a ?pulling? f??l?ng ?n th? ??lf, pain, w?rmth, redness, ?nd swelling. However, ??m?t?m?? ?t ??u??? n? significant ??m?t?m?. If th? bl??d ?l?t tr?v?l? t? th? lung?, it can b? f?t?l.


Sh?uld I see a d??t?r about varicose v??n??

Y?u should see a d??t?r ?b?ut v?r????? v??n? ?f:

  • The vein h?? b???m? swollen, r?d, or v?r? tender ?r w?rm to th? t?u?h
  • Th?r? are ??r?? or a rash on th? l?g ?r near th? ?nkl?
  • Th? ?k?n on th? ?nkl? and calf b???m?? thick ?nd ?h?ng?? ??l?r
  • On? ?f th? v?r????? v??n? b?g?n? to bl??d
  • Y?ur l?g ??m?t?m? are interfering with d??l? activities
  • The ?????r?n?? ?f the veins ?? ??u??ng ??u d??tr???

If ??u’r? h?v?ng pain, ?v?n ?f ?t’? ju?t a dull ache, d?n’t hesitate to g?t help. Also, ?v?n ?f ??u d?n’t n??d to see a doctor ?b?ut ??ur v?r????? v??n?, you should t?k? ?t??? t? k??? th?m fr?m g?tt?ng w?r??.


H?w ?r? v?r????? v??n? d??gn???d?

Y?ur doctor m?? diagnose ??ur varicose v??n? b???d ?n a physical exam. Your d??t?r will l??k at your l?g? wh?l? you’re ?t?nd?ng ?r sitting with ??ur l?g? d?ngl?ng. H? ?r she m?? ??k ??u about your ??m?t?m?, ?n?lud?ng any ???n ??u’r? having. S?m?t?m??, ??u may have ?th?r t??t? t? f?nd ?ut th? ?xt?nt ?f th? ?r?bl?m ?nd to rule out ?th?r d???rd?r?.

Y?u m?ght h?v? ?n ultr???und, wh??h ?? u??d t? ??? th? v??n?’ structure, ?h??k th? blood flow in ??ur v??n?, ?nd look f?r blood ?l?t?. This test uses ??und w?v?? to ?r??t? ???tur?? ?f ?tru?tur?? in ??ur body.

Alth?ugh l??? l?k?l?, you m?ght have a v?n?gr?m. This t??t ??n b? u??d to g?t a more d?t??l?d l??k ?t bl??d fl?w thr?ugh your v??n?.

If ??u ???k help f?r your v?r????? v??n?, there are ??v?r?l t???? ?f doctors ??u ??n ???, ?n?lud?ng:

  • A ?hl?b?l?g??t, which ?? a v??n ??????l??t
  • A v???ul?r m?d???n? d??t?r, wh? f??u??? ?n th? bl??d ???t?m
  • A v???ul?r surgeon, who can perform surgery ?nd do other ?r???dur??

An ?nt?rv?nt??n?l radiologist, wh? ??????l?z?? in u??ng imaging t??l? t? ??? ?n??d? th? body and d? tr??tm?nt? with little ?r n? ?utt?ng

A d?rm?t?l?g??t, wh? ??????l?z?? ?n skin ??nd?t??n?

Each ?f th??? ??????l??t? do ??m? or ?ll ?f th? ?r???dur?? for tr??t?ng v?r????? v??n?. You m?ght ?t?rt out by ??k?ng your regular d??t?r wh??h specialist h? ?r ?h? recommends. You ?l?? m?ght ?h??k w?th ??ur ?n?ur?n?? plan t? ??? ?f ?t w?uld ??? for a particular ?r?v?d?r ?r procedure.


H?w ?r? ???d?r v??n? tr??t?d?

Varicose v??n? are tr??t?d w?th l?f??t?l? ?h?ng?? ?nd m?d???l tr??tm?nt?. Th??? ??n:

  • Relieve ??m?t?m?
  • Pr?v?nt ??m?l???t??n?
  • Improve ?????r?n??

Y?ur doctor m?? r???mm?nd lifestyle ?h?ng?? ?f your v?r????? v??n? don’t ??u?? m?n? ??m?t?m?. If ??m?t?m? are more severe, ??ur d??t?r m?? r???mm?nd m?d???l tr??tm?nt?. S?m? tr??tm?nt options ?n?lud?:


C?m?r?????n ?t??k?ng?

Compression ?t??k?ng? put h?l?ful pressure ?n ??ur v??n?. Th?r? ?r? 3 k?nd? of ??m?r?????n ?t??k?ng?:

  • Su???rt ??nt?h???, wh??h ?ff?r th? least amount of ?r???ur?. These ?l?? ?ft?n ?r? n?t ?gradient? ?r ?gr?du?t?d.? Th?t m??n? th?? ?r?v?d? pressure all over instead of wh?r? it is needed m??t.
  • Ov?r-th?-??unt?r gradient compression h???, wh??h g?v? a l?ttl? m?r? ?r???ur?. Th?? are ??ld in m?d???l supply ?nd drugstores.
  • Pr???r??t??n-?tr?ngth gr?d??nt compression h???, which offer th? gr??t??t ?m?unt of pressure. Th?? ?r? ??ld ?n medical supply ?nd drugstores. Y?u n??d to b? f?tt?d f?r them b? someone wh? has been tr??n?d t? do this.



S?l?r?th?r??? (SKLER-?-th?r-?-???) is th? m??t common tr??tm?nt f?r both ???d?r veins ?nd varicose veins. The doctor uses a n??dl? to ?nj??t a l??u?d ?h?m???l into th? vein. Th? chemical causes th? v??n walls to swell, stick t?g?th?r, ?nd ???l shut. Th?? ?t??? th? fl?w ?f bl??d, ?nd th? vein turn? into ???r t???u?. In a f?w w??k?, the v??n ?h?uld f?d?. This tr??tm?nt d??? n?t r??u?r? anesthesia ?nd can b? d?n? in ??ur d??t?r’? office. You ??n r?turn t? normal ??t?v?t? r?ght ?ft?r tr??tm?nt.

Th? same v??n may n??d t? be treated m?r? th?n once. Treatments are u?u?ll? d?n? ?v?r? 4 t? 6 w??k?. Y?u m?? b? ??k?d to wear gr?d??nt ??m?r?????n ?t??k?ng? ?ft?r ??l?r?th?r??? t? help with healing and decrease ?w?ll?ng. Th?? tr??tm?nt is v?r? ?ff??t?v? wh?n d?n? correctly.


Surf??? l???r tr??tm?nt?

In some ?????, l???r treatments ??n ?ff??t?v?l? tr??t ???d?r veins ?nd ?m?ll?r v?r????? v??n?. This technique ??nd? v?r? ?tr?ng bursts ?f l?ght through th? ?k?n ?nt? th? vein. Th?? m?k?? th? v??n slowly f?d? and d???????r. Not all ?k?n types and ??l?r? can b? ??f?l? tr??t?d with lasers.

N? needles ?r ?n?????n? are used, but th? heat from the laser ??n be ?u?t? painful. Cooling h?l?? reduce the pain. L???r treatments l??t for 15 t? 20 m?nut??. G?n?r?ll?, 2 t? 5 treatments are n??d?d t? r?m?v? spider v??n? in th? l?g?. Laser th?r??? usually ??n’t effective f?r v?r????? v??n? l?rg?r than 3 mm (?b?ut a t?nth ?f ?n ?n?h). Y?u can return t? normal ??t?v?t? r?ght ?ft?r treatment.



Surgery ?? u??d m??tl? t? treat v?r? l?rg? varicose v??n?. T???? of surgery f?r v?r????? v??n? include:

Surgical ligation ?nd ?tr????ng. W?th this tr??tm?nt, ?r?bl?m veins ?r? t??d ?hut ?nd completely r?m?v?d fr?m th? l?g thr?ugh small ?ut? ?n th? skin. R?m?v?ng the v??n? does n?t affect th? ??r?ul?t??n ?f bl??d ?n th? l?g. V??n? d????r in th? l?g t?k? ??r? of th? l?rg?r v?lum?? of bl??d. Th?? ?urg?r? requires general anesthesia and must b? d?n? ?n ?n ???r?t?ng r??m. It t?k?? b?tw??n 1 and 4 w??k? t? r???v?r from th? surgery. Th?? ?urg?r? ?? generally ??f?. P??n in the leg ?? th? m??t ??mm?n ??d? effect.


H?w can I ?r?v?nt ???d?r veins?

Not ?ll varicose ?nd ???d?r veins ??n be ?r?v?nt?d. But, there ?r? ??m? ?t??? ??u can t?k? to reduce your chances of g?tt?ng n?w v?r????? and ???d?r v??n?. Th??? ??m? things can help ???? d????mf?rt fr?m th? ?n?? ??u ?lr??d? h?v?:

  • W??r sunscreen t? ?r?t??t ??ur ?k?n fr?m th? ?un ?nd t? l?m?t ???d?r v??n? ?n the f???.
  • Ex?r???? regularly to ?m?r?v? ??ur l?g strength, ??r?ul?t??n, ?nd v??n strength. F??u? ?n ?x?r????? th?t work your l?g?, ?u?h ?? walking ?r runn?ng.
  • C?ntr?l ??ur w??ght t? avoid ?l???ng too much ?r???ur? ?n your l?g?.
  • D?n’t ?r??? ??ur l?g? for l?ng times wh?n ??tt?ng. It’? ?????bl? t? injure ??ur l?g? th?t w??, and ?v?n a minor ?njur? can increase th? r??k ?f v?r????? veins.
  • Elevate ??ur legs wh?n resting ?? mu?h as ?????bl?.
  • D?n’t ?t?nd ?r sit f?r l?ng periods of t?m?. If you must ?t?nd f?r a l?ng time, shift your weight fr?m ?n? leg to th? other every f?w m?nut??. If ??u mu?t ??t f?r l?ng ??r??d? ?f t?m?, stand up ?nd move around ?r t?k? a ?h?rt walk ?v?r? 30 m?nut??.
  • W??r elastic ?u???rt ?t??k?ng? ?nd ?v??d tight clothing th?t constricts ??ur w???t, groin, ?r l?g?.
  • Avoid w??r?ng h?gh h??l? f?r long periods of time. Lower-heeled ?h??? ??n h?l? t?n? ??ur ??lf mu??l?? t? help blood m?v? thr?ugh ??ur veins.
  • E?t a low-salt d??t r??h ?n h?gh-f?b?r f??d?. E?t?ng f?b?r reduces the chances ?f ??n?t???t??n, wh??h ??n ??ntr?but? to v?r????? veins. H?gh-f?b?r f??d? ?n?lud? fr??h fru?t? ?nd v?g?t?bl?? and wh?l? grains, l?k? br?n. Eating less ??lt ??n h?l? with the ?w?ll?ng that ??m?? w?th varicose v??n?.


G?tt?ng Rid Of S??d?r Veins

If ??u have a l?t of m?n??, ??u will n?t have a hard t?m? f?nd?ng a spider vein treatment ?n ??ur n??r??t spa ?r ???m?t?? ?urg?r? ?l?n??. M??r???l?r?th?r??? th?t entails th? ?nj??t??n ?f drugs ?n th? ?ff??t?d veins ?r l???r treatment th?t m?k?? u?? ?f l?ght beams to d??tr?? th? ?w?ll?n thr??d-l?k? bl??d v????l? ?r? the most popular ?l?n???l m?th?d? ?f making the ???d?r veins ?n ??ur ?k?n d???????r or l?ght?n u?.

You can ?l?? u?? ??m?r?????n stockings. Th??? ?r? ??????ll? d???gn?d ???k? th?t h?l? ?r?v?nt and m?n?m?z? the ?????r?n?? ?f ???d?r v??n?. However, ?f ??u h?v? ???d?r v??n? on ??ur face ?r ?rm?, a compression ?t??k?ng m?? n?t be that helpful.

A b?l?n??d d??t and regular exercises ??n ?l?? h?l? a lot ?n b?th ?r?v?nt?ng and m?n?m?z?ng th? appearance ?f th??? un??ghtl? bl??d v????l? ?n ??ur f??t, l?g? ?nd ?v?n ?rm?. Since excess weight ??n ??u?? ???d?r v??n?, ??t?ng h??lth? and ?n?r????d l?v?l ?f activity w?ll ?n?bl? you t? ?tt??n the r?ght w??ght so that ??ur l?g? ?nd f??t w?ll not h?v? t? ?uff?r unn??????r? ?r???ur? from ?x???? ??und?.

An?th?r effective w?? of g?tt?ng r?d ?f ??ur ???d?r v??n? is b? u??ng ?r??m? ?nd lotions th?t ?r? specifically designed t? lessen the ?????r?n?? of un??ghtl? veins on ??ur ?k?n. Y?u w?ll n?t h?v? a hard t?m? l??k?ng f?r ?u?h products b???u?? many are ?v??l?bl? in b??ut? stores and on the Internet. If you ?nt?nd t? u?? creams and l?t??n?, ju?t m?k? sure that th? ?r?du?t? ??u u?? ?r? made w?th natural ?nd ?r?v?n ?ngr?d??nt?.