H?w to Pr?v?nt V?r????? V??n?



How to Prevent Varicose Veins

how to prevent varicose veins

What ?r? v?r????? veins?

V?r????? v??n? are the ?w?ll?n, ?nl?rg?d v??n? that ?????r ?l??? to the surface ?f the ?k?n. Th?? ?r? usually dark blu? ?r purple ?n ??l?r. An? vein ??n become v?r?????, but most commonly affected v??n? ?r? th??? f?und in th? l?g? ?nd f??t. This usually h????n b???u?? ?t?nd?ng ?nd walking u?r?ght ?n?r????? pressure in th? v??n? ?f th? lower body wh??h causes malfunction ?f th? v??n? ?nd results ?n v?r????? v??n?.During the course of this article we will discuss how to prevent varicose veins.


V?r????? V??n? May Ind???t? M?r? S?r??u? Pr?bl?m?

M??t varicose v??n? are n?t a ??r??u? ??nd?t??n but th?? may ??u?? aching pain ?nd ?n certain instances ??n ?l?? l??d t? more ??r??u? ??nd?t??n?. V?r????? v??n? can ?l?? b? a symptom th?t indicates a h?gh?r r??k ?f other circulatory ???t?m disorders.


Wh?t causes varicose v??n??

Th? n?rm?l fun?t??n of l?g veins is t? ??rr? bl??d b??k t? the h??rt. Dur?ng w?lk?ng activity, th? ??lf muscle acts ?? a ?um?, ??m?r????ng th? leg v??n? and forcing bl??d back towards th? h??rt. T? ?r?v?nt bl??d fr?m g??ng ?n the wr?ng d?r??t??n, v??n? have ?n?-w?? v?lv?? v?lv?? th?t ?r?v?nt bl??d fr?m fl?w?ng backwards d?wn th? leg. If th? v?lv?? are f?ult? (a ??nd?t??n known ?? v?lvul?r ?n??m??t?n??), bl??d fl?w? b??k into ?u??rf????l v??n? ?nd down th? l?g. This process ?? known as reflux. Reflux r??ult? ?n veins ?nl?rg?ng and b???m?ng varicose. Once veins become v?r?????, th?? l??? th??r ?b?l?t? to snap b??k into th??r ??rr??t shape, ?nd become m?r? ?l??t?? rather than ?l??t??. V?r????? v??n? unfortunately cannot h??l themselves, and th?? ??nd?t??n ?? either stabilized w?th ??m?r?????n hose, or managed w?th ?n? ?f th? vein tr??tm?nt ?l?n?. Th? greater ???h?n?u? v??n ?? one ?f th? most fr??u?ntl? damaged v??n? th?t l??d? to v?r????? veins in th? l?g.

Ob???t? ??n also be ?n? of th? ??u??? ?f varicose veins. This ???ur? b???u?? the ?xtr? w??ght u?u?ll? ??u??? ?tr??n ?n th? l?g? ?f obese people. We should always maintain average b?d? weight t? r?du?? the chance ?f getting varicose v??n?.

Exercising regularly is ?l?? a good ?d??, ?? it w?ll help improve bl??d circulation. On? ??m?l? exercise you can d? regularly is walking or j?gg?ng.

D??? vein thrombosis ?? another ??u?? ?f v?r????? v??n? which l??d? to the v??n? becoming blue ?r d?rk purple ?n ??l?r. Varicose veins u?u?ll? ???ur wh?n th? v?lv?? ?n th? veins f??l b???u?? of aging or the v??n? l???ng elasticity. This ??u?? bl??d to ???l ?n th? veins ?nd b???m? v?r?????.

Another ??u?? ?f varicose veins ?? hereditary, ?? th? r??k ?f g?tt?ng v?r????? v??n? for w?m?n w?th a family h??t?r? ?f varicose v??n? are gr??t?r th?n ?th?r?.

On? r?r? ??u?? ?f varicose veins ?? ?v?r?x???ur? to the ?un. T?? much ?un m?? ??u?? varicose v??n? ?n our face. T? r?du?? ?h?n??? ?f g?tt?ng v?r????? v??n?, ?n? should l?m?t ?x???ur? t? th? h?rmful ?ff??t? ?f the ?un, maintain b?d? w??ght ?nd healthy d??t ?nd ?x?r???? r?gul?rl?.

Who ?? ?t risk for v?r????? v??n??

There ?r? numerous r??k factors f?r v?r????? veins. Th??? r??k? ?n?lud? a f?m?l? h??t?r? ?f v?r????? veins, obesity, pregnancy, h?rm?n?l ?h?ng?? ?t menopause, w?rk that r??u?r?? prolonged ?t?nd?ng or sitting, ?nd past vein d??????? such ?? ?hl?b?t?? (?nfl?mm?t??n ?f a superficial v??n) ?r d??? v?n?u? thr?mb???? (bl??d clot ?n the deeper v??n?). Women also t?nd t? suffer fr?m varicose v??n? m?r? th?n m?n. In ?dd?t??n, varicose v??n? can appear after trauma to th? ?r??.


Wh?t ?r? the ??m?t?m? ?f v?r????? v??n??

V?r????? v??n? m?? ??u?? aching ?f the l?g?. The ?nkl??, ??lf ?nd f??t m?? ?w?ll t?w?rd? d??’? ?nd, ???????ll? in h?t weather. Varicose veins ??n b???m? sore ?nd ?nfl?m?d, causing r?dn??? of th? skin ?r?und them. Sk?n changes fr?m long ?t?nd?ng v??n problems ?n?lud? th??k?n?ng ?f th? ?k?n, a brown discoloration, r?d r??h??, ?nd ?k?n infections. S?m? ??t??nt? with ??v?r? vein ?r?bl?m? ??n d?v?l?? sores ?n th? ?nkl??, kn?wn as venous ul??r?t??n. Th??? ?r? ?ft?n difficult t? h??l, ?nd can be h?l??d b? tr??t?ng the underlying vein ?r?bl?m to ?r?v?nt th? reflux th?t led t? the ul??r?t??n.


How ??n v?r????? veins b? tr??t?d?

There are ??v?r?l ways t? treat v?r????? v??n?, d???nd?ng ?n th? ??m?t?m? ?nd types of veins ?r???nt:

1. Compression stockings: Th? conservative m?n?g?m?nt ?f v?r????? v??n? ?? to wear compression hose, ?x?r????, control ??ur w??ght, ?nd elevate your l?g? ?b?v? ??ur w???t ?? mu?h ?? possible ?n ?rd?r t? drain th? v??n blood ?ut of ??ur l?g?. C?m?r?????n h??? will ?????t th? vein ?n ?um??ng blood u? the leg ?nd b??k to th? h??rt. However, th?? technique w?ll n?t m?k? the v?r????? veins g? ?w??. N?v?rth?l???, th? u?? of compression hose ?? v?r? ?m??rt?nt ?n not ju?t ?r?v?nt?ng worsening ?f v?r????? v??n?, but also ?n preventing recurrent problems after tr??tm?nt.

2. S?l?r?th?r???: Th?? t??hn??u? ?? used f?r th? treatment ?f ?m?ll?r v?r????? v??n?, as w?ll ?? r?t??ul?r veins ?nd spider v??n?. A small ?m?unt ?f a medication (??l?r???nt) is ?nj??t?d d?r??tl? into th? diseased v??n. The m?d???t??n irritates th? ?nn?r lining ?f the v??n ?nd ??u??? ?t t? ???l shut. The newer t???? ?f sclerosants ?r? n?t ???nful wh?n ?nj??t?d u??ng a v?r? t?n? needle, and mult??l? ??t?? of injection ?r? t?????ll? n??d?d. In addition, one usually needs ?n?wh?r? fr?m 2-6 tr??tm?nt? to ?bt??n 70-80% ?l??r?n?? of th? ???d?r v??n?. The procedure ?? performed ?u??kl? ?nd easily w?th?ut the need f?r ?n??th????. S?m?t?m??, we u?? ultr???und guidance f?r sclerotherapy. Th? numb?r ?f tr??tm?nt? r??u?r?d w?ll vary w?th each ?nd?v?du?l, depending ?n th? extent of v???bl? v?r?????t??? ?nd ???d?r v??n?. A range ?f 2-6 tr??tm?nt? ??n b? ?x???t?d ?n ?rd?r t? ??h??v? a 70-80% ?l??r?n?? ?f the spider v??n?. We also use a L?r? 1064 nm YAG laser to tr??t ?tubb?rn ???d?r v??n?.

3. Surg???l Str????ng: In the ???t, ?urg???l r?m?v?l ?r “?tr????ng” ?f th? diseased v??n ?ut ?f the l?g w?? th? b??t treatment w? ??uld ?ff?r ??t??nt? with v??n ?r?bl?m?. This ?r???dur? required ?n ???r?t?ng room, general or ???n?l ?n??th????, and r???v?r? times that varied from 2-6 weeks. Vein ?tr????ng ?? ?n ?nt??u?t?d ?r???dur? ?nd ?h?uld b? v?r? r?r?l? u??d ?n th? management of v?r????? veins w?th th? n?w?r techniques th?t are ?urr?ntl? ?v??l?bl?.

4. Microphlebectomy: Th?? procedure ?nv?lv?? the u?? ?f several, 1 mm, t?n? ?n?????n? along the ??ur?? ?f th? l?g veins in ?rd?r t? r?m?v? th? diseased v??n in ??gm?nt?. Th??? t?n? ?n?????n? h??l w?ll w?th minimal discomfort. M??r??hl?b??t?m? can be ??rf?rm?d b? itself or ?n ??mb?n?t??n w?th another type of vein tr??tm?nt.

5. End?v?n?u? Laser Th?r???: The u?? of l???r? ?n th? management ?f v??n ?r?bl?m? ?? r??l???ng the ?t?nd?rd ?urg???l approach t? tr??t?ng large v?r????? v??n?. With Endovenous L???r Therapy (EVLT) a v?r? th?n fiber ?r catheter is ?n??rt?d into the d??????d v??n thr?ugh a ?m?ll needle puncture in the l?g, r??u?r?ng ?nl? l???l anesthesia. The laser d?l?v?r? ?n?rg? directly t? the ?nn?r lining ?f th? vein, ??u??ng the v??n to ?l???. Th? ?r???dur? ??n be ??rf?rm?d ?n th? ?h??????n’? ?ff??? ?n ???r?x?m?t?l? ?n? h?ur. P?t??nt? ?r? u?u?ll? ?bl? to r??um? their r?ut?n? ??t?v?t??? ?mm?d??t?l? ?ft?r the procedure.


Compression Str?ngth

C?m?r?????n h??? ?r? manufactured ?n v?r??u? strengths. Mild, m?d?um ?nd ??v?r? strengths ?r? ?r??t?d t? tr??t th? various levels ?nd different t???? ?f vascular d??????. Th? f?ll?w?ng descriptions break d?wn ??m?r?????n strengths into thr?? ????-t?-r?m?mb?r categories.


M?ld: C?m?r?????n 8-15 mmHg

C?m?r?????n ?tr?ngth? ?f 8-15 mm Hg ?r? r?f?rr?d t? as m?ld ?tr?ngth. Th??? r?t??l grade ?tr?ngth hose provide mild relief f?r t?r?d aching l?g? and f??t.

Some diabetic socks ?r? designed with m?ld ?tr?ngth ??m?r????v? m?t?r??l? to ?m?r?v? ??r?ul?t??n ?n th? l?w?r ?xtr?m?t??? ?nd feet.

Diabetic socks l?k? Jobst’s S?n??-F??t ???k? ?r? un??u?l? d???gn?d t? ?r?t??t ??n??t?v? f??t.


M?d?um: Compression 15-20mmHg

C?m?r?????n hose w?th the ??m?r?????n ?tr?ngth of 15-20mmHg are ?ft?n recommended f?r women who are ?r?gn?nt t? ?u???rt ??r?ul?t?r? h??lth and h?l? ?n th? ?r?v?nt??n ?f v?r????? v??n?. Th?? ?r? ?l?? ??mm?nl? used as t??l in th? ?r?v?nt??n ?f D??? V??n Thr?mb????

Dur?ng ?r?gn?n??, ?dd?t??n?l strain ?n th? v???ul?r ???t?m ?? ??mm?n ?n the l??t trimester. BSN Jobst ?? ?l?? a l??d?ng supplier ?f maternity ?t??k?ng? ?nd h???.

M?d???l doctors and v???ul?r ?urg??n? m??t ??mm?nl? prescribe 15-20 mmHg or 20-30 mmHg stockings ?r socks t? ?r?v?nt ?r tr??t ?mb?l??m?, ?l?? kn?wn ?? bl??d ?l?t?. Th??? hose ?r? r?f?rr?d t? as ?nt?-?mb?l??m h???. M?n? medical ?r?f?????n?l? refer t? th??? ?t??k?ng? ?? T.E.D.s. Ant?-?mb?l??m h??? ?r? m?d? by many d?ff?r?nt manufacturers.

A? ?mb?l??m? can be life thr??t?n?ng if not tr??t?d, the wearing ?f ?nt?-?mb?l??m hose ?r socks ?? particularly ?m??rt?nt to ?nd?v?du?l? wh? ?r? n?n-?mbul?t?r?, as they help ensure h??lth? blood flow.


C?m?r?????n After Surg?r?

C?m?r?????n ?? ?l?? ?m??rt?nt to individuals who und?rg? ?urg?r?. Th? r????n f?r this is t? k??? ?r???ur? ?n th? circulatory ???t?m wh?l? patients ?r? less mobile. In particular, wh?n mu??l?? ?r? motionless, l??? bl??d fl?w ???ur?. An?th?r ?m??rt?nt r????n t? wear compression products h?? t? d? with the h??lth ?f th? l?m?h?t?? ???t?m. Wh?n th? l?m?h?t?? ?nd ??r?ul?t?r? systems are damaged, ??m?r?????n places ?xt?rn?l ?r???ur? ?n areas ?f n??d t? improve blood flow by g?ntl? m????g?ng the circulatory and l?m?h?t?? ???t?m?. An ?dd?t??n?l reason t? w??r compression f?r ??rt??n t???? ?f ?urg?r? is th?t compression promotes h??l?ng, b? encouraging bl??d fl?w ?nd distribution of ?x?g?n t? areas of d?m?g? and n??d.


C?m?r?????n, Wound Care & Wr???

C?m?r?????n ?? important ?n the tr??tm?nt ?f certain types ?f swelling ul??r? and w?und?. W?und care ??????l??t? ?r? tr??n?d to ??r? f?r ?????f?? t???? ?f ?k?n ul??r? w?th compressive wr?? products l?k? Comprilan. C?m?r?l?n and ?th?r g?n?r?? compressive wrap products ?r? also ?m??rt?nt in the care and tr??tm?nt ?f ?th?r conditions l?k? lymphedema.


D?nn?ng T??l?

Th?r? ?r? m?n? d?ff?r?nt types of donning tools. Th? m??t ???ul?r t??l ?? th? ???k ??d. C?m?r?????n sock aids assist ?nd?v?du?l? ?n ?l?d?ng ???k? onto th??r l?g? and f??t. There ?r? many different d???gn? and t???? ?f sock assists. E??h manufacturer ???m? to favor their ?wn ???k d?nn?ng d?v???.

Rubber gl?v?? ?r? ?l?? h?l?ful ?n d?nn?ng ???k? ?nd ?t??k?ng?, b???u?? they ??n b? u??d to gently m????g? ??m?r?????n h??? ?nt? ????t??n. Jobst makes a w?nd?rful d?nn?ng gl?v?. D??h gl?v?? are also u??ful in d?nn?ng ??m?r?????n hose. After ??m?r?????n is ?v?r the f??t ?nd ankle ?r???, m?n? people with ?rthr?t?? ??nd?t??n? u?? ??mm?n d??h gl?v?? to m????g? ?t??k?ng? ?nt? position, ?? as t? ?v??d ?ull?ng and potentially tearing f?br??. Th? b?n?f?t ?f u??ng ??mm?n dishwashing gloves ?? th?t they ?r? ?n?x??n??v? ?nd ???? t? find.

Compression ?dh???v?? are ?n?th?r ???ul?r ?t?m. Adhesives ?r? w?t?r soluble substances that ?dh?r? to th? l?g, so th?t individuals wh? w??r items l?k? thigh high ?t??k?ng? can do so without w??r?ng a g?rt?r belt. Th? most popular adhesive product is It-stays.


C?m?r?????n F?tt?ng

In ?rd?r t? ???ur? ?n ???ur?t? f?t, ?nd?v?du?l? should b? m???ur?d for compression f?r?t thing ?n th? m?rn?ng after g?tt?ng ?ut ?f bed, as ?w?ll?ng increases thr?ugh?ut th? course ?f a day. In measuring f?r ?r???r fit of ???k? individuals n??d t? know th? circumference ?f their ?nkl??, calves ?nd sometimes shoe ??z?. A f?tt?r should t?k? m???ur?m?nt? in the full??t parts of the ankle and ??lf f?r over-the-counter brands. L?ngth ?? also ?m??rt?nt. M?n? br?nd? ??m? in t?ll, r?gul?r ?nd short l?ngth?. M???ur?m?nt? ?r? th?n ??m??r?d to th? sizing ?h?rt? on manufacturers’ b?x??.

Bell-Horn ?nd m?nuf??tur?r? l?k? J?b?t, Juz? and S?gv?r?? ?ut easy-to-read ??z?ng charts ?n th? outside ?f th??r r?t??l b?x?? to make it ???? f?r ?nd?v?du?l? t? d?t?rm?n? th??r size ?r f?t. Alth?ugh ?nd?v?du?l? ??n u?? string and a rul?r t? determine m???ur?m?nt, accurate fitting f?r ??m?r?????n socks m?? r??u?r? the use of a measuring t???.



U?u?ll?, self-help measures are effective ?n ????ng th? ???n in v?r????? veins and may prevent th? condition fr?m w?r??n?ng. Listed b?l?w ?r? a few ?f th?m.

1. W??r?ng Compression St??k?ng?

Self-care m???ur?? ?t?rt by w??r?ng ??m?r?????n stockings. Wh?n w?rn ?ll day, compression ?t??k?ng? ??u??z? th? l?g? and help th? v??n? and leg mu??l?? t? move bl??d. The amount ?f ??m?r?????n u?u?ll? v?r??? b t??? ?nd br?nd. F?rtun?t?l?, th?r? are m?n? t???? ?nd brands ?f ?t??k?ng? t? choose from. Patients can now choose the m??t ??mf?rt?bl? ones. B?f?r? bu??ng ??m?r?????n stockings, k??? ?n m?nd th?t they ?h?uld f?t ?r???rl?. Determining th? right fit ?? easy. Using a t??? m???ur?, ??u ?r a ??m??n??n ??n measure ??ur l?g? to g?t the right size ?nd f?t.

2. R?gul?r Ex?r????

Of ??ur??, th?r? ?r? also traditional ??mm?n-??n?? ???r???h?? t? ?r?v?nt?ng v?r????? veins. On? ?? r?gul?r ?x?r????. Ex?r????, ?u?h ?? w?lk?ng ?nd b?k? r?d?ng promotes ?r???r blood circulation. Thu?, w?lk?ng/b?k? r?d?ng r?gul?rl? improves blood flow and ?r?v?nt? ?v?rt?x?ng ?f th? veins.

3. Proper Diet

B???u?? excessive w??ght puts unnecessary ?r???ur? ?n the veins, losing weight m?? also help ?r?v?nt varicose v??n?. A low-salt, h?gh fiber d??t prevents ?w?ll?ng of th? v??n? r??ult?ng fr?m water r?t?nt??n ?nd ??n?t???t??n.

4. Low-heeled Shoes

Y?u may ?l?? consider ?w?t?h?ng ??ur high h??l? for l?w-h??l?d ?h???. L?w-h??l?d ?h??? w?rk ??lf mu??l??, wh??h ?n turn ?? good f?r the v??n? b???u?? blood ??r?ul?t??n is improved. T?ght clothing ?nd und?rg?rm?nt? ?r? n?t ?dv???bl? because th?? ?m??d? bl??d ??r?ul?t??n.

5. El?v?t? Y?ur Legs

El?v?t?ng ??ur l?g? daily ?b?v? the l?v?l ?f the heart improves v?n?u? ??r?ul?t??n. D? th?? b? l??ng d?wn w?th ??ur l?g? r??t?ng ?n thr?? ?r f?ur pillows.

6. Pr???r Postures f?r G??d C?r?ul?t??n

Av??d sitting or ?t?nd?ng f?r l?ng ??r??d? ?f time. Ch?ng? ????t??n? fr??u?ntl? to encourage good circulation. Ch?ng? your position at least ?v?r? 30 m?nut??. Wh?n sitting d?wn, ?v??d ?r????ng ??ur l?g?. Th? ????t??n only worsens circulation ?r?bl?m?.


Pr?tt? mu?h ?f th? m???ur?? to ?r?v?nt v?r????? v??n? ?r? ???? to perform and ?r? common ??t?v?t??? d?n? daily. Pr??t???ng these g??d h?b?t? n?t only h?l? prevent v?r????? v??n?, they contribute t? ??ur g?n?r?l w?ll b??ng ?? w?ll. S? ?ut ?n ??ur low-heeled shoes ?nd start walking.