How To Relieve Gas Pains Fast





How To Relieve Gas Pains Fast

How To Relieve Gas Pains Fast

Many people occasionally suffer from gas pains. It is normal and it can last for a few days or so. But, they can be very annoying and downright disturbing.

Some people suffer from these gas pains on an everyday basis, while others suffer from them once in a blue moon. They are normally accompanied by rumbling noises in the stomach can be embarrassing and very uncomfortable.

So how do these gas pains come about? Gas pains are a result of gas being produced by the body and not being subsequently released by the body after digestion and hence becoming trapped inside the digestive tract. It is caused by several factors but can be resolved well enough with a few home remedies. It?s only natural to want to know how to relieve gas pain fast.


The Symptoms of Gas Pains

Well, like any other medical condition, gas pain has its own unique set of signs and symptoms. The sooner you are able to nail down these symptoms, the better it will be very easily carry out the recommended treatment. Here are some of the signs associated with gas pains:

  • Abdominal pains. This is by far the easiest symptom to identify.
  • Chest pains. You may find it strange, but yes, they are a sign that you might be suffering from gas pains.
  • Very sharp cramps or pains in the lower abdomen region. This pain is not stationary but can shift from one area to another.
  • You will also be passing gas frequently either knowingly or unknowingly via a fart or a burp.
  • The abdomen will tighten and appear to be all swelled up.


Causes of Gas Pains

All medical conditions can be cured but only if you understand fully their respective causes. It is therefore imperative to know the causes of gas pains to deal with them fully and to prevent or rather minimize the problem from reappearing. Therefore, here are a few causes;

  • Eating foods with a lot of soluble fibers
  • Consuming certain vegetable foods like broccoli, onions, cauliflower, sprouts and artichokes and others.
  • Certain fruits can cause gas pains i.e. pears and apples among others.
  • Excessive chewing gum
  • Drinking through a straw
  • Drinking heavily carbonated drinks
  • The habit of eating food fast

Night Gas Pains

Some people will experience gas pains at night which can prevent you from getting a good night sleep. This is mostly brought about by eating a lot just before sleeping and failing to give your body enough time to digest the food. It can also be brought about as a result of eating food with high gas content.

To prevent this ensure you eat 1 or 2 hours before you get into bed. Also, drink a lot of water to help ease digestion.


Ways to Go about Treating Gas Pains

A number of methods exist that you can use to relieve stomach gas pains. You can choose to use either medicated ways or natural or non-medicated ways. With the methods below, you can effectively deal with uncomfortable gas pains fast.


1. Activated Charcoal Tablets

They will greatly relieve you of the gases in your intestinal tract and decrease the odor. Gases in the body are always uncomfortable, but unpleasant smelling gases can really bring upon you a whole new level of embarrassment.

Activated charcoal should be taken before and after eating your meal as it will absorb the gases and hence reduce flatulence and at the same time ensure you pass out odorless gases. It is readily available online and in chemist outlets. It will remedy your problem very fast.


2. Use a Colon Cleanser

For a quick fix, you use this cleanser. This colon cleanser will help rid your tract off the gases and feces. The result will be a clean colon that will be able to digest and absorb water and nutrients properly.

You can also visit your doctor and have a colonic therapy performed on you to clean your colon. Besides that, there are also some risks associated with colon cleanses, so you must be careful to seek proper medical advice.


3. Probiotics

Taking probiotics will help relieve the effects of gas build up in your digestive tract and enhance good digestion process. Probiotics are basically active beneficial microorganisms that perform useful tasks within our bodies. They are found in a number of foodstuffs we consume such as yogurts and other milk products.


4. Drink Hot Water

This is among the easiest ways of dealing with persistent gas pains. Drinking hot water regularly will help minimize your chances of getting gas pains. Drinking water helps to flush out the dirt from your body. It?s the dirt that leads to build up the gases after the body has processed them.


5. Peppermint

It is a very good substance to completely cure you from your never-ending gas pains. It is packed with crucial oil laced with menthol that has an antispasmodic effect that helps to soothe the muscles found within the digestive canal. This helps to prevent the gas buildup that arises after or during the digestion process.


6. Chamomile Tea

If by any chance you are allergic to peppermint tea or you just do not like its taste then you can opt to drink chamomile tea instead. It has the ability to cure pains that arise as a result of indigestion. It has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties that will help to relax your stomach and rid you off the unpleasant gas pains.


7. Antacids

Ensure you take antacids after eating, preferably 20 minutes after. This helps to prevent gas build up in the body. In case you have symptoms, you can take liquid antacid or chew 2 tablets to soothe things up.


8. Take Alpha-Galactosidase

This works for carbohydrate lovers. It helps to lower the gases caused as a result of consuming too many carbohydrates. Consuming lots of beans, broccolis, cabbages and sprouts can lead to a nasty gas build up.

So what is Alpha-galactosidase? It is an enzyme that assists in the digestion process by ensuring that all the necessary nutrients are assimilated by the body. Without it, gas buildup is more likely to take place leading gas pains.


9. Antibiotics

In the event that the gas pains have lasted for a long period, then you could use antibiotics for relief, but only after a thorough checkup and being given the go-ahead by your doctor. Improper use of antibiotics can further worsen the problem.


10. Eat Slowly

This also has leads to many people getting gas pains. Many people tend to eat too fast without taking time to chew and catch a breather. With faster eating, what you are doing is just eating air in large amounts, which ends up accumulating in the digestive system.


11. Pass Wind

This can be very irritating and downright embarrassing especially, when you are near people. In spite of that it is a good way to rid your body off the gas via the anus. If you have to do it, then search for a place where you are all alone. Passing wind will definitely provide rapid relief.


12. Avoid Sweeteners

You must at all cost avoid artificial sweeteners as they can cause a messy gassy affair in your stomach that you don?t want all. Sorbitol and other sugar alcohols can bring about gas a buildup.

On the other hand, sugar substitutes in coffee or popular soft drinks like Pepsi are not known to bring about gases in the tract. Furthermore, the packet sweeteners that come in pink, blue and yellow colors are also good as they do not cause any gas buildup.


13. Exercise or Routine Workout

Workouts help to enable your digestive system to function optimally and effectively. It is not necessary to do heavy exercises. Light routines like using a skipping rope and walking around with others will help you a great deal.

Other ways and methods include:

  • Avoid stress at all cost.
  • Do not indulge in drinking carbonated drinks often.
  • You can also use the natural products such as peppermint tea, lemon tea, lemon honey blend and papaya juice.


Seek Further Medical Attention

In case the effects of gas increase or persist, then it will be best to seek the attention of your doctor. The constant gas build up in your tract could be a sign of a more serious underlying condition.



From the above, you can see the various causes of gas pains and how to relieve severe gas pains that you keep on experiencing.

This gas is not only very unpleasant, but also very uncomfortable. It comes about as the result of the body failing to get rid of excess gases. It is common among many people and should not be a cause of alarm unless it last for too long. The good thing is that it can be treated through either natural means or medicated means or a combination of both.

The main causes of gas pains are the foodstuffs we eat and our bad eating habits in general. Also, a lack of exercise leads to such gas pain problems which we keep on experiencing. If you keep on getting gas pains then you will need to visit your doctor to have it checked out, as it could be sign of a more serious problem.