Why Jes Extender is More Safe than Dick Growth Pills

Why Jes Extender is More Safe than Dick Growth Pills

jes extender review


It?s a natural desire in men to see their sex organ (penis) get bigger and bigger. This desire has existed from time immemorial. On the other hand, women are usually attracted to a bigger penis. The good news is that, as technology continues to advance, a variety of options and methods to solve this concern have been created. One of the product making waves in the market today is the Jes extender.


What is the Jes Extender?

The Jes extender is a revolutionary device that works for penis enlargement. This device operates on the traction principle, where tension is put across the whole length of the male organ. As this happens, it results in cell division, thereby causing a growth of the cells in the penis. The idea behind this cell growth is that as the tissues are being stretched, it gets to a point where it begins to cause a minor tearing and as a result new cells step in to repair. So the more the cells it includes, the larger the penis size. This also implies more blood in the corpora cavetnosa and therefore a firmer and stronger erection. This is one dick enlargement method that has been widely accepted and proven to be an ideal solution for an erectile dysfunction. In the review, we shall see what makes the Jes extender a better option and safer than dick growth pills and products.


Why Jes Extender

The Jes extender is one product that has been clinically proven and endorsed as an effective device in enlarging the size if the penis. It is said that the best way to tell of the quality of any product is to look at the manufacturer, if they are well known and successful. The manufacturer of the Jes extender is a worldwide renowned brand. This is one reason you can be sure that this is good. This company is well reputable and has existed for over 24 years. Because of the safe procedures it involves, physicians all over the world love to recommend to any man with an erectile dysfunction.

jes extender safe

One thing you can sure of is that the Jes extender is safe, easy to use, painless, and comfortable and above all no side effects attached. The high point of this product is its ability to cause an increase in both the length and girth of your penis. Before now, this effect was only known to be done via surgery. As we all know, that surgery can be a very complicated process, so a lot of people never went for it. With the Jes extender, you achieve the same effect as does a surgery, and this time around in an easy and safer way.


When Not Recommended to Use

Doctors warn of using this device when you have a cut, scar or a wound on the penis. Also, whenever you?re performing physical stressful jobs, it is recommended not to use this device. If you are the type that rolls on the bed during sleep, do not put it on. Furthermore, ensure to pay attention to all instructions on the manual that comes


Advantages of Using the Jes Extender

Ease of use

Contained in the Jes extender package is everything you will need for your penis enlargement. It comes with a DVD of instruction to guide you. With these instructions, you can know how to maximize then stretching affect. To attach it to your penis is as easy as ABC and it accommodates a wide variety of sizes of penis


Reports from users of the Jes extends tells that this product is capable of causing 24% length gains and 19% girth gains. Contrary to what people want to believe, penis enlargement is not a magic that should happen overnight. It is something that requires process. For the case of Jes extender all that is required is just about 6 hours of engagement every day and you are guaranteed a result.


This is one product that has always been known for its quality. The Mahogany case design it comes in is quite impressive. The accessories and materials that come with it tells you how committed the product is to your erectile dysfunction course. Complete care was taken by the company to ensure that this product was as comfortable and safe as possible. This can be seen from the materials used in its manufacture – corrosion resistant and allergy-free. A high point of its design features is it inconspicuously. This means it can be worn and not be noticeable.

In the light of other penis enlargement methods and product, the Jes extender remains one of the best and safest. It is more effective, in a lot of ways, than your regular dick growth pills. It is natural, comfortable, and fulfills whatever has been promised by the manufacturers as contained in its manual. This is only possible if you follow squirrelly, the instructions, pay attention to your body and how it can handle the changes that come. Bear in mind that this process takes some time and as such should not be rushed.

This is one male enlargement method that allows you control over the whole process. Unlike with your dick growth pills, here you can determine how much change you desire for your penis. How long you wear the device and how tight it will be, all depends on you and what you intend to achieve. There’s no limit to how much enlargement you can register. The more and longer you wear, the bigger the outcome. However it is always advised that (especially if you are a beginner) you it slow and gradual to avoid discomfort and pain.


Jes Extender Pros

  • Fuller, stringer and longer penis
  • Improved sexual drive and performance
  • Reduced curvature of the penile organ
  • Male self confidence and self esteem improved


Jes Extender Cons

  • Quite expensive


Social Proof

There have been claims that this device is capable of making your penis continue to grow when you have used it for over 26 weeks. Users that have been asked their opinion about the product, admitted to the fact that it is effective. It has helped them in ways unimaginable. Some say that their relationships and marriages have been saved by the use of this product. On forums and chat rooms, lots of discussions going on about this product suggest that it is suitable for any man. So far, no one has been able to deny the effectiveness of this product, compared to the dick growth pills that?s all over the place. This is for obvious reasons ? these are safer and more effective.


Where to Buy Jes Extender

The only authorized place to buy the Jes extender is the official website of the company. It is not considered safe to purchase from anywhere else, as you cannot be sure of its quality. Also available on the website are proofs of results of the device. Photos of ?before and after? effect of the device is placed on the website to give an idea of how much to expect from the use of this product. This is also to clear the doubt of people thinking it is a scam. Everything you need to know about the product is given and most people end up realizing that of a truth the tool increases the size of the penis.


Inside the box

It is true that this device can boost the performance of a man in the bedroom. This it does by enlarging the size of his male organ ? the penis. This tool comes in a box containing all the accessories you will need. Each storage box contains first of all the enlargement device, 2-inch extension rods, 2 comfort pads, 1-inch extension rods, 0.5-inch extension rods, 0.25-inch extension rods, comfort strap, instructional DVD, one cohesive gauge and bunch of adjustment keys.

It comes in about 6 packages to choose from – all offering the same performance and functionality. These different packages come with different accessories and warranty periods and price. Depending on your budget and what your goal is concerning your penile growth, you make your choice.


Any Side Effects

The jes extender is an approved penis enhancement product. This implies that it is healthy to be used on your organ. Also, looking at the reviews already registered regarding the product, users have always been satisfied with the effects it creates. No negative effects have been registered so far and so this device is known to be not just effective but safe.

It is no news that there are a thousand and one products on the market, all claiming to help with penis enlargement. However, just very few can be trusted to provide the result they claim; and some others may even cause damages. In order not to waste your money and be on a safe side, it will only be wise to do a solid research on the internet and other means before making your choice. However, I want to recommend to you the Jes extender. It is safer, easier, more effective and viable. No matter the size of your male organ, the Jes extender can take care of it.