Proextender Increase Girth and Length Faster & Naturally

Proextender Increase Girth & Length Faster

proextender system


Men have a lot of things to be confident about but having small penis isn?t one of time. Since time immemorial, men have been seeking ways to increase the size of their penis and some methods have worked while others have only left them more frustrated. In this information age, a lot of products have flooded the market with claims to help men get the penis size of their choice and many of these have proven to be mere strategies by some people to enrich themselves by exploiting other people?s weaknesses. This is why you should take this proextender review seriously. It will provide detailed and accurate information about the product so that you can make an informed choice. You will be able to decide if you can truly increase girth with this product or it is just one of those lies told to sell products. You deserve the bests ex life you can have and as a real man, you should be able to flaunt your rod without any hint of self-depreciation. Read on to find out how proextender can help increase your girth, and the length of your penis.


What Is Proextender?

Proextender, a medical penis enlargement equipment is based on an impressive contraption designed by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana. Dr. Jorn is a Danish plastic surgeon and his medical device is a type-1 certified. This product will not only improve the girth and increase the size of penis; it will do so naturally making it completely safe for trial or use. The package consists of various products that enhance male sexuality. It works through the traction method which leverages on the body?s ability to expand cell division naturally through the stretching of tissue. Proextender is a comprehensive treatment and it is also inclusive. This probably accounts for why it is the most prevalent method for increasing girth and penis length. If it doesn?t work, why do increasing number of people opt for it? If you are discontented with the size of your penis or you want to increase your girth, then this product comes highly recommended by plastic surgeon from around the globe as well as people who have had life-changing experience by using it.


How Proextender Works

It is true that some parts of our bodies stop growing at certain ages but it is also true that when there is a will, there is a way. Ordinarily, the skin doesn?t grow or stretch on its own accord after some time. But, when pressure is applied to it and it is regularly stretched, the surrounding cells will not only collapse but also multiply. This multiplication of cells leads to a complete new life as the body adjusts to accommodate the stretched region. This is the same principle with which the proextender traction device works. It works by extending and stretching the muscles and the skin connected to the penis. In fact, research has shown that proextender can increase girth by up to 20% within 24 weeks.

Proextender penis enlargement comes with the following program:

  • Proextender traction device
  • Proextender penis enlargement pills
  • Penis exercise program

And optional products such as

  • VigRX pills
  • Semenax pills


The Traction Device

This is the most important component and it is the most suitable stretching device currently in the market. This device uses the principle of traction which is used and recommended by several doctors and orthopedics. It works by gradually applying a stretching force to the penis which results in cell multiplication and tissue growth. This results in an increase in the girth and length of the penis. The device covers the entire length of the penis for the process to begin through the two rings attached to it. One fastens to the head and the other to the base of the penis. The actual traction device is the two calibrated metal rods present on the sides of the ring. As the penis stretches, there is sudden multiplication of the cells and tissues and this invariably results in larger penis. To get the best result from this device, it is recommended that you wear the device for up 4-5 hours for the first weeks and gradually increase it to about 12 hours daily. Fortunately, there is a way you can wear the device to increase girth without being noticed if you fear loose pants.


The Penis Enlargement Pills

This is a supplement for enlarging the penis. It does this by improving sexual performance and increasing the amount of semen produced by the body. The supplements are also responsible for boosting the flow of blood to the penis and this produces better erections. The supplement works to improve the overall libido and enhance performance and should be taken regularly.


Penis Exercise Program

This is a CD that contains exercises that can naturally be performed on the penis to increase its size. These exercises are mild on the penis and with frequent practices; you will notice that it is becoming larger and healthier. Just ensure that you follow the instructional video completely.


Where to Buy Proextender

For important reasons that I will be sharing with you, you won?t be able to purchase Proextender in stores, supermarket or drug stores either online of offline. This means you can?t get to purchase it in Walmart or on Amazon.

The major reason for this is to ensure that you get the original product. Therefore, if you see any other avenue to buy the product that is different from the official website, know that you are about to be scammed.

There are several options by which you can have the product shipped to you via their official website. So, buying through that one channel is not limiting in any way. Moreover, they ship worldwide and you can order from it from any part of the world. You can place your order by mail, fax, phone or directly on the website. This product is shipped discreetly and you can have your parcel delivered without anyone knowing what you are up to.


Proextender Pros

Improves penile health

Proextender is great for improving the overall health and well-being of the penis. It increases penis size overtime and repairs the penis. It boosts sexual life and performance

International recognition

It is recommended by health professionals from over 25 countries and that is big. The issues of sexual performance among men are not regional or spatial. It is the same stroke for different folks and for different experts to acknowledge it speaks volumes for the quality of this product

Safe and easy to use

Proextender is entirely safe and easy to use. Please follow the instructions regarding use carefully and avoid wearing to sleep to prevent damage to the penis. Night erections can make it dangerous at night so use when you are conscious. It can be tempting to wear to sleep since the device is easy to use and doesn?t hurt.


We may be living in a public world but everyone still likes to keep their dirty linen private. The handling, shipping and delivery of the product is discreetly done and only those you inform will be aware of your purchase


There is a whopping 180 days guarantee following this product. You can return it if you are not satisfied with the results and get full refund.


To me, this is the best part of the proextender. There are many products on the market that can increase girth and penis size but the effect is temporary. This is actually what makes many men quake; they feel they don?t own the thing they really want. Proextender makes that penis size and that impressive girth yours for the keeping. Isn?t cool an understatement for that? I suppose this is also the time to tell you that once you reach your desired size, you should stop using this product. If you continue, your penis will also continue to increase in size and girth.

Secure online channels

You won?t find proextender just anywhere. It isn?t even on amazon or Walmart. While this can sound like a limitation, it really isn?t. Many people are victims of constant scams and frauds because their financial information is everywhere on the internet and anyone who knows how to look can find them. With proextender, there is optimal security for your payment information as the process is strictly regulated from their official website


Proextender Cons


Yes it is expensive. But it works

Online only

You can?t buy it through any available channel


To get results, you have to use it as instructed.



Proextender is a wonderful product to increase girth and enjoy your sexual encounters. This product works and there are several customer reviews to attest to that. They are not fabricated and are from men in all works and regions of life. If it can work for so many people, it can also work for you. My verdict is that proextender is real, it works and it is worth your purchase. Moreover, you have nothing to lose.