Why Am I Farting So Much?





Why Am I Farting So Much?


Why Am I Farting So Much

If you have ever been in a crowd and someone farted, you can attest to the discomfort which follows. Everybody in the group becomes a suspect, you start encountering funny gazes.

The problem with farting is that sometimes it comes unexpectedly. It can be in a meeting with dignitaries, during an interview, when sleeping with a new partner and so many other awkward situations. It can be embarrassing to anyone and you may ask, ?why am I farting so much today?? There are several reasons, why you keep on farting. Let?s look at some of them.


Particular Foods and Drink

The first reason why you may be farting so much could be the food and drink you consume. Normally, most foods consist of carbohydrates, which are not digested fully and assimilated into the intestines. The undigested materials are transported to the colon. The colon hosts over 500 bacteria types, which act on the undigested carbs.

In the process of breaking down the carbohydrates, gas is released in the form of a fart. Which are the foods notorious for gas release? They include cabbage, prunes, beans, apples, Brussels sprouts and onions. Another culprit is sorbitol, usually present in fruit juice.

Generally, foods and drinks, which have high fiber content and level of starch, can cause farting because they are difficult to break down.


Swallowing Air

You might avoid all these foods but still pass gas. What could be wrong? By simply swallowing air, you can increase your farting tendencies.

You cannot avoid this phenomenon. Actually, half of excessive gas released stems from swallowing air. There are so many ways in which you can swallow air, such as through smoking, chewing gum, sucking on sweets, having loosely fitted dentures as well as not chewing food properly.

Drinking fizzy and hot drinks can also lead to excessive farting. Drinks such as soda are known to have lots of gases.



Eating too much not only leads to obesity but it can also lead to belching. Usually, the stomach contains some air. Hence, when we eat a lot of food, the stomach is left without a choice but to release the gas out, to make space for more food. It is best, if you avoid overeating, to allow your body to drive digestion in an appropriate manner. You can train yourself to eat little portions of food throughout the day. This works like magic for pregnant women who have gas problems.


Various Health Conditions

In certain cases, the answer to the question, ?why do I keep farting so much?? could be underlying health ailments. One of the reasons, you are farting so much can be constipation. The condition is characterized by uncomfortable feeling in the stomach due to the accumulation of gases.

Irritable bowel syndrome is also a problem. It leads to diarrhea, stomach cramp and bloating. In addition, if you are suffering from Celiac disease, you might fart often. The disease is causes insensitivity to wheat, barley and rye.

People with lactose intolerance also release a lot of gas. Furthermore, if you suffer gastroenteritis or malabsorption, you can fart more than normal.



If you just welcomed your bundle of joy, chances are that it is the reason you are farting so much. As you give birth, the muscles around the anus dilate. They may be damaged in the process. If this happens, it can be challenging you to withstand flatulence.

A study that was conducted in Sweden showed that 25% of women release gas uncontrollably for up to five months after childbirth. Therefore, if you are asking ?why am I farting so much lately?? and you just gave birth; you have your answer there. Do not worry; it will go away after a few months.


Pregnancy and Farting

Besides farting for five months after childbirth, pregnant women also fart a lot during the nine months. It is normal to pass gas during pregnancy.

When women are in the early stages of their pregnancy, they experience a hormonal imbalance. The high levels of progesterone lead to slow digestion. Consequently, more gas is released.

To remove the excess gas, the body responds through farting. As the pregnancy develops, the intestines are compacted in the stomach, affecting digestion even more. You might feel bloated often. It also becomes difficult to control passing gas, which can be embarrassing.



While all the other reasons for farting are valid, it can be worse if you are feeling anxious and tense. An anxious person is alert to certain body functions which they would not be otherwise. At the same time, when you are anxious you tend to swallow a lot of air. Your guts also become active as the levels of adrenaline rise. The combination of these reactions can make you to pass gas more often.



If you smoke, this might be the reason why your farting will not recede. During smoking, you are likely to draw in a lot of air into your body. The excess air accumulates in your stomach. This excessive gas must come out. There is only one way out: your anus. Besides, stopping smoking can also have other health benefits.


Tight clothing

Your favorite tights could be the cause of your farting issues. Body shapers, constricting belts and any other attire which pressurizes your body can lead to release of excessive gases. When you apply pressure on your stomach, it can prevent gases from passing along the abdomen lumen. This can lead to belching and farting.



If you think your grandma farts so much, you may not be wrong. Aging comes with a fair share of problems and passing gas is not an exception.

When we age, the body?s capacity to produce saliva and other juices, which aid digestion, reduces significantly. This means that most carbohydrates are passed to the colon without being digested completely. As mentioned earlier, the colon has a wide range of bacteria, which ferment the carbohydrates releasing the gases you pass as farts. That is why, older people fart more.



This is a drug which is used in treating diabetic patients. It helps to shields the carbohydrates in the gut, from being digested by digestive enzymes. The undigested carbs end up in the colon, where they are fermented. Those who take this drug complain of gas problems.


How to Stop Farting

Now that you know the answers to your question, ?why am I farting so much?? let?s examine the various ways, you can use to control and/or stop it altogether. We can all agree that farts can be smelly and unpleasant, especially when you are in public. While it is almost impossible to stop farting completely, you can at least manage it. Below are some handy solutions:


Reduce Carbonated Foods and Drinks

It is a fact that a can or bottle of carbonated beverage can do wonders to your thirst. However, it can also give you farting problems. Beer and sodas lead to an accumulation of gases in the stomach. As a result, you are likely to fart more when you drink these drinks. If you cannot give up your favorite beer or soda, drink it in moderation.


Do Away with Sugar

If you really want to control your farting, you might need to avoid sugars. In the digestive system, the bacteria in the gut break down the carbohydrates. During the process, gas is released in large quantities. Therefore, when you cut on the sugars such as fructose, sorbitol and lactose, you can reduce the amount of gas which is released from their digestion.


Stop Smoking and Excessive Chewing

If you are in the habit of smoking and chewing, you might have to stop the habit. We already have mentioned that when you are smoking and chewing, you tend to let in a lot of air. The excess air must be expelled. This leads to excessive farting. Hence, by quitting smoking and chewing, you can control farting to a certain level.


Reduce Starches

Apart from sugars, starch digestion also leads to the release of gases. You may need to cut down on wheat products, which are not easy to digest and therefore lead to excessive intestinal gases. Rice is a better starch, since it is broken down easily. Unlike wheat, it produces less gas.


Use Probiotics

If all the above solutions fail, you can use probiotics. These are supplements which help to stabilize the condition of gut bacteria. They also assist in reducing the accumulation of gases, indigestion and bloating.


Exercise more

If you are wondering why you fart so much when you are pregnant, you can start with healthy exercises. We have seen that farting becomes worse as the pregnancy progresses. Therefore, you need to exercise to straighten out your digestive system. This will ease the process and prevent intestinal gases from accumulating in your gut.

Farting is not a great experience. Sometimes, we would rather blame others for the action. But not to worry, it is normal and controllable.

You now know the answer to your question ?why am I farting so much?? You have also learnt what to do to control passing gases. Manage your farting problems and spare yourself embarrassing moments.