Wh? D? I G?t H??rtburn




Why Do I Get Heartburn

why do i get heartburn


Have ??u ?v?r b??n occupied by the question “wh? do I g?t h??rtburn”? Wh? ?r? ?ll m? ??ll??gu?? ?r? f?n?, but I ?m th? ?n? wh? is ?tt??k?d b? h??rtburn fr??u?ntl?? If ?u??t??n? l?k? th??, ?ft?n ??m? t? ??ur m?nd, then, I would advise ??u to ?l???? go thr?ugh this ?rt??l? carefully. You m?ght find ??ur ?n?w?r to the question ?Why Do I Get Heartburn??.

On? ?f th? m?j?r r????n? for g?tt?ng ?tt??k?d b? h??rtburn again and ?g??n ?? ??ur lifestyle. Y?ur h??t?? lifestyle w?th n? interaction w?th n?tur?l ?l?m?nt? proves to b? a big r????n. Y?u ?h?uld take proper d??t for h?v?ng a ??ntr?l on ???d r?flux. Y?u n??d t? ?h?ng? ??ur l?f??t?l? f?r keeping ?n ??ntr?l your ??r??u? g??tr?????h?g??l d???rd?r. H?v?ng ??m? alterations and m?d?f???t??n? in your life, ??n h?l? you in controlling the conditions. If ??u have tr??d ?ll these ?m?ll ???l? changes, then, ?n th?t ????, m?d???n?? can ?nl? b? th? l?ft option.

A???rd?ng t? a r???rt, ?t h?? been researched that ????l? are most prone to develop h??rtburn during night t?m?. Night t?m? is generally the t?m? wh?r? m??t ????? ?m?rg?. S?, it ?ll depends u??n ??ur ??t?ng habits ?n th? l?t?r evening, that d???d?? h?w much ?r?n? you ?r? to h??rtburn. Y?u ?h?uld ?t?? ??t?ng two to thr?? hours b?f?r? you g? to ?l???,which is one of the reasons why you get heartburn. Y?u should ?v??d ??t?ng h??v? food ?t night.

Your d??t is the d???d?ng factors ?n l?m?t?ng ??ur ?h?n??? ?f getting ?tt??k?d w?th heartburn. Y?u are r??u?r?d t? have a ??ntr?l ?n your ??t?ng h?b?t?. Substances wh??h ?r? acidic b? nature ?h?uld b? avoided. Caffeinated dr?nk?, alcoholic b?v?r?g??, ??ft drinks ?h?uld be a big n?.

Oft?n ?u?h f??d? taste good, but ?r??t? problem l?t?r ?n ?t?m??h. They ????l? create ???d? in ??ur stomach wh??h then h?l?? in developing ???d ?nd?g??t??n l?k? ??nd?t??n. Ch???l?t??, ????? f??d?, ??tru? drinks, t?m?t? based f??d? ?h?uld b? ?v??d?d. Su?h m?t?r??l? tr?gg?r the h??rtburn ??u??ng rate. H?n??, ?t ?? highly ?dv???d that ??u ?v??d such f??d? ?t n?ght. Small ?u?nt?t??? h?w?v?r, ??n b? t?k?n ?t day t?m?.

You should stop t?k?ng l?rg? quantities ?f f??d. G? for having ?m?ll but frequent f??d. If ?????bl?, t?k? l?ght food at night t?m?. Th?? w?ll restrict the l??d on ??ur ?t?m??h ?nd ???d r?flux can b? easily avoided.

H?n??, ??m?t?m?? m?k?ng ??m? ?u??k ?nd ???? ?lt?r?t??n? ?nd modifications ??n m?k? ??ur l?f? h???? ?nd m?rr??r. H?w?v?r, ?f n?t mu?h r?l??f is achieved ?v?n b? ?h?ng?ng ??ur l?f??t?l?, then m?d???n?? are the ?nl? ?v??l?bl? ??lut??n.

Now we let you know why you get heartburn.



Wh?t tr?gg?r? heartburn can b?, w?ll, a burning ?u??t??n. Here’s wh?t you n??d to kn?w ?b?ut th? ??mm?n ??u??? ?f heartburn.


1. L?rg? m??l? ?nd f?tt? f??d?

A b?g gr???? burg?r and ?u??r??z?d ??rv?ng of fr??? right before b?dt?m? ?? a g??d w?? to fuel th? flame ?f h??rtburn. Fatty foods, l?rg? ??rt??n?, and l?t?-n?ght m??l? ?r? the t?? thr?? triggers that affect m?n? people with h??rtburn.

H??rtburn ?? most ??mm?n ?ft?r ??t?ng a large m??l. A b?ll? full ?f t?? mu?h f??d stretches the stomach, ??u??ng ??u t? f??l “?tuff?d.” Stomach stretching, ?r d??t?nt??n, ?ut? ?r???ur? on the LES, th? ring ?f mu??l? th?t k???? ?t?m??h ???d? fr?m moving in th? wr?ng d?r??t??n. S? juices fr?m your l??t meal m?? come b??k t? haunt ??u. Th?? ??n happen when ??t?ng l?rg? ?m?unt? ?f any f??d, n?t ju?t f??d? kn?wn t? tr?gg?r your h??rtburn ??m?t?m?.

F?tt? f??d? are big n?-n?? ?f ??u ?uff?r fr?m h??rtburn. H?gh-f?t f??d? ??t ?r?und ?n ??ur b?ll? l?ng?r. Th?? m?k?? ??ur stomach produce m?r? ???d, ?rr?t?t?ng ??ur d?g??t?v? system. And f?tt? and greasy f??d? lead t? a l?z?, r?l?x?d LES. S? n?t ?nl? do ??u h?v? more irritating stomach ???d?, ??u’r? m?r? likely to h?v? th? ??nt?nt? ??l??h back u? ??ur thr??t. Ouch!


2. Medications

M?n? different m?d???t??n? ??n tr?gg?r h??rtburn, ?r make h??rtburn w?r??. An ????r?n here ?r th?r? ?? n?t l?k?l? to l??d to th?t f??r? feeling. But r?gul?r u?? of aspirin ?r a ???ul?r class ?f ???nk?ll?r? ??ll?d n?n?t?r??d?l anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID?) m?? ?rr?t?t? th? ????h?gu?. NSAIDs include ibuprofen, n??r?x?n, and prescription C?x-2 ?nh?b?t?r? ?u?h ?? C?l?br?x. These drug? ?r? ?ft?n u??d t? treat arthritis.

S?v?r?l d?ff?r?nt t???? ?f bl??d ?r???ur? m?d???n?? can ?l?? ??u?? h??rtburn. M?n? blood ?r???ur? and heart d?????? medicines, ?n?lud?ng ??l??um ?h?nn?l bl??k?r? ?nd n?tr?t??, r?l?x th? LES muscle, making ?t ???? for your ?t?m??h ???d? to r?tr??t b??kw?rd?.

Several ?th?r t???? of medications ?r? known to r?l?x th? LES muscle and l??d to h??rtburn. Th?? ?n?lud?:

  • An ??thm? m?d???n? ??ll?d th???h?ll?n?, taken b? mouth
  • Sedatives
  • N?r??t?? ???nk?ll?r?
  • Pr?g??t?r?n?, a h?rm?n? f?und in some birth control ??ll?
  • Medicines f?r P?rk?n??n’? d??????
  • Tricyclic ?nt?d??r????nt?
  • Certain ?u??l?m?nt? such as ?r?n ?nd potassium

Chemotherapy drug? ?nd a ?l??? ?f ??t????r???? medicines ??ll?d b???h???h?t?? ??n ?njur? the l?n?ng of the esophagus ?nd make heartburn m?r? l?k?l?. T?k?ng ??ur ??t????r???? m?d???n? w?th a b?g glass ?f water and avoiding lying down for 30 m?nut?? t? ?n h?ur h?l?? t? prevent problems.

Alw??? tell ??ur d??t?r ?f a new ?r???r??t??n ?r over-the-counter m?d???n? g?v?? ??u h??rtburn ?r m?k?? your heartburn worse. Y?ur d??t?r m?? b? ?bl? t? ?ugg??t ?lt?rn?t?v??.


3. Ex?r????

N??d an ?x?u?? t? skip the ??t-u??? Crun?h?? ?nd ab work ??n tr?gg?r h??rtburn. Body ????t??n? th?t ?nv?lv? b?nd?ng ?v?r ?n?r???? ?r???ur? on the ?bd?m?n, thrusting stomach acids b??k u? ?nt? th? ????h?gu?. S? ??u f??l the burn — but n?t the t??? you’d ?x???t from g??ng t? th? g?m. K??? ?n m?nd that l?g lifts also w?rk the abdominal muscles ?nd may ?ggr?v?t? heartburn ??m?t?m? t??.

A?t?v?t??? ?u?h as headstands ?nd ??g? moves like downward dog ??n reverse the natural fl?w of stomach contents ?nd may tr?gg?r h??rtburn. J?rr?ng ?x?r?????, ?u?h ?? jogging or ??r?b???, ??n ?l??h stomach ??nt?nt? around ?nd u?w?rd ?f ??u h?v? a w??k LES.

H??rtburn ?? n? r????n n?t t? exercise. In f??t, w??ght l??? fr?m exercise ??n ??tu?ll? h?l? heartburn. But never exercise ?n a full ?t?m??h. D??ng ?? increases ?bd?m?n?l pressure, wh??h m?k?? h??rtburn m?r? l?k?l?. Food t?k?? ??v?r?l h?ur? to d?g??t ?? it r??ll? ?? a matter ?f what w?rk? f?r ??u. Most ?x??rt? recommend waiting ?b?ut two h?ur? after ??t?ng before working out.


4. Heartburn and diet

A numb?r ?f foods ?nd dr?nk? ??n ??u?? th? LES t? r?l?x. F??d ?nd dr?nk? th?t commonly trigger h??rtburn ?n?lud?:

  • ?l??h?l, ??rt??ul?rl? r?d w?n?
  • bl??k ?????r, g?rl??, r?w onions, ?nd ?th?r spicy f??d?
  • ?h???l?t?
  • ??tru? fru?t? ?nd ?r?du?t?, such as ?r?ng?? ?nd ?r?ng? juice
  • ??ff?? ?nd ??ff??n?t?d dr?nk?, including t?? and ??d?
  • peppermint
  • t?m?t???

H?w?v?r, unl??? these f??d? ?r? causing you heartburn ??u d?n’t have to ?v??d them. T? prevent h??rtburn ?ft?r m??l?:

  • D?n’t overeat. Eat f?v? ?r ??x small meals ???h day, ?n?t??d ?f ??v?r?l l?rg? m??l?.
  • D?n’t eat b?f?r? bedtime. Allow 2 h?ur? t? d?g??t ??ur food b?f?r? lying d?wn. L??ng d?wn makes d?g??t??n d?ff??ult and m?k?? h??rtburn more l?k?l?.

Wh?t causes h??rtburn in the first ?l???? There is actually more th?n ?n? ??t?nt??l ??u??. wh?t happens ?n??d? ??ur body wh?n h??rtburn ?tr?k??.


1. Th? Stomach & The E???h?gu?

Wh?n f??d is swallowed it m?v?? down the ????h?gu? (like a ????) and ?nt?r? the ?t?m??h.

Th? t?? of th? ?t?m??h has something ??m?l?r t? a “tr?? door” ??ll?d th? lower ????h?g??l ??h?n?t?r (LES). Wh?n food n??d? to ?nt?r the ?t?m??h the d??r br??fl? ???n? ?nd th?n ?hut? ?tr??ght after t? prevent ???d fr?m ???ll?ng ?ut.

When ??u h?v? h??rtburn, there is a m?lfun?t??n and acid ??????? th? ?t?m??h via th? “???n door” ?nd ?nt? th? esophagus wh?r? pain ?? f?lt.


2. Occasional Heartburn

Anyone ??n h?v? ???????n?l h??rtburn. Th?r? ?? no long term danger from occasional h??rtburn. It normally h????n? ?ft?r a heavy and fatty meal. Th? ?t?m??h b???m?? d??t?nd?d due t? th? ?m?unt ?f f??d and the LES ?? squashed ???n. Th? higher th? fat ??nt?nt then th? l?ng?r th?? h????n? for ?? th? ?t?m??h is ?l?w t? ?m?t?.



GERD, ?l?? known ?? ?hr?n?? h??rtburn or ???d r?flux, ???ur? when ??m??n? h?? heartburn ?t least once a w??k (often d??l? ?n many ?????). Ev?n if th?? f??l that th?? ??n l?v? w?th th? ???n, th??? ????l? mu?t d? ??m?th?ng ?b?ut their h??rtburn or ?l?? ?t ??n l??d t? l?ng t?rm complications ?u?h ?? ????h?g??l ??n??r.


4. LES Abn?rm?l?t?

On? ?f th? m??t ??mm?n reasons f?r GERD is LES ?bn?rm?l?t?. Many t?m?? th?r? ?? no obvious explanation for it ?lth?ugh ?x???? w??ght is a b?g risk f??t?r. Sometimes a h??t?l h?rn?? ?? r????n??bl?.


5. E???h?g??l M?t?l?t? Abn?rm?l?t?

Sometime there is a problem ?n the way th?t f??d ?? f?r??d d?wn th? ????h?gu? and into th? stomach. This is n?rm?ll? a ?tr??ghtf?rw?rd ?r????? but ?n ??m? ????l? th?? goes wr?ng ?nd ??n ??u?? h??rtburn symptoms.

I? It P????bl? T? G?t H??rtburn R?l??f W?th?ut Medications?

P???l? looking f?r ?n?t?nt h??rtburn relief w?ll n?rm?ll? turn t? medications. It’s b??n said ?v?r ?nd ?v?r ?g??n th?t if ??u want fast results, taking th? right m?d? ?? th? ?nl? w?? to ??h??v? th?t. But ?t’? also b??n ???d (?v?r and over again) th?t medications f?r heartburn ??m? with many disturbing ??d? ?ff??t?. Overtime, th??? m?d???t??n? m?? ?ff??t th? d?ff?r?nt organs ?f ??ur b?d? t? th? ???nt that th?? ?lr??d? l??? th??r fun?t??n?l?t?.

S? ?t’? not ?ur?r???ng why ??m? heartburn ?uff?r?r? w?ll b? looking f?r ?n?th?r w?? to deal w?th h??rtburn, one that does n?t ?nv?lv? m?d???t??n? as mu?h as possible. W?ll ??tu?ll? ?t ?? ?nd??d ?????bl? t? g?t h??rtburn r?l??f w?th?ut m?d???t??n? ?? b?f?r? t?k?ng an antacid ?ft?r meals, tr? ?n? ?f th??? n?tur?l r?m?d??? f?r h??rtburn:


1. Chew gum h?lf an hour after ??t?ng. Stud??? ?h?w that chewing gum ?t?mul?t?? th? ?r?du?t??n ?f ??l?v? th?t b??ng ?lk?l?n? in n?tur? h?l?? n?utr?l?z? th? ???d ?n th? esophagus. S?m? ????l? wh? chew gum ?ft?r m??l? ?nd u? bloated, h?w?v?r, making heartburn w?r??. Th?? happens wh?n ?n? swallows t?? much ??r in th? ?r?????. So wh?n ?h?w?ng gum, d? it ?l?wl? being ??r?ful n?t to g?t in t?? mu?h air.


2. Dr?nk a glass ?f water (8 ?un???) m?x?d with a t?bl?????n of b?k?ng soda. B?k?ng ??d? ?? an ?nt???d, and being ?u?h, ?ff?r? h??rtburn r?l??f. On? w?rd ?f ??ut??n, th?ugh – b?k?ng soda wh?n m?x?d w?th w?t?r can ??u?? the l?w?r ????h?g??l sphincter ?r LES t? ???n u? which can ?n turn cause regurgitation ?f the stomach contents to th? ????h?gu?.


3. B?nd ??ur kn??? ?? w?ll as your body ?t th? f?r?t ??gn ?f heartburn. This t?ght?n? th? muscles of ??ur ?h??t ?nd keeps th? ????h?g??l v?lv? ?l???d.


4. Make w??? f??d ?h?????. Heartburn ???ur? wh?n the ?t?m??h ???d fl?w? b??k t? th? esophagus, ??u??ng some d?gr?? ?f ?rr?t?t??n. Th?? usually h????n? b???u?? th? lower ????h?g??l ??h?n?t?r wh??h ?? a v?lv? that separates th? ?t?m??h fr?m th? ????h?gu? ?? ?lr??d? weak and does n?t close properly. Now there ?r? certain foods that contribute t? th? w??k?n?ng of the LES. P????rm?nt, ??ff??n?, ?l??h?l?? beverages, and fatty f??d? ?r? ?m?ng th??? that appear to r?du?? the fun?t??n?l?t? ?f LES. It w?ll b? w???, th?n, t? ?v??d these foods ?f ??u w?nt relief fr?m h??rtburn ?n?? ?nd f?r ?ll.


5. Create h??lth? eating habits, ?u?h ??:

  • Sit u?r?ght wh?n ??t?ng. This h?l?? t? r?du?? chances ?f f??d flowing back to th? ????h?gu?.
  • D?n’t l?? d?wn ?ft?r ??t?ng. R?m?mb?r, ?t often takes hours for the f??d t? b? d?g??t?d, ?? ?l????ng ?mm?d??t?l? after ??t?ng ?? n?v?r a good ?d??.
  • Avoid ??t?ng large m??l?. Have 5-6 small m??l? a day, instead. Th?? r?du??? stomach pressure wh??h can cause the LES to ???n unn??????r?l?.
  • M?k? time f?r ??t?ng. Put ??ur f?rk d?wn w?th each b?t? ?r t?k? a br??th before h?v?ng another bite.
  • Rather th?n swallow th? foods wh?l?, ?h?w th?m thoroughly. Th?? enables you t? d?g??t th?m m?r? ?ff??t?v?l?.
  • E?t?ng large m??l? increases pressure ?n th? ?t?m??h ?nd ?g??n?t th? LES mu??l?. Eating f?v? ?r ??x ?m?ll meals instead of three larger ?n?? ?? b?tt?r. And remember n?t to ??t t?? quickly. Putt?ng your fork ?r ????n down b?tw??n b?t?? can help ??u do th??.

Th??? who suffer from h??rtburn fr??u?ntl? kn?w h?w frustrating th? ??m?t?m? ??n b?. If h??rtburn ???ur? ?t n?ght, ?t ??n ??u?? ?l??? disturbances. If ?t occurs dur?ng d??t?m?, heartburn ??n ?ff??t work performance ?nd ?v?n social ?nd ??r??n?l relationships. Y?u n??d not suffer any l?ng?r. G?t h??rtburn relief r?ght ?n the ??mf?rt ?f ??ur ?wn home.

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