Why Do My Armpits Sweat So Much?



Why Do My Armpits Sweat So Much?

Why Do My Armpits Sweat So Much


Everybody sweats which is something that is very important for your body because you need to perspire in order not to get overheated. The sweat glands in your skin secrete sweat, when this occurs you perspire then evaporates leading to a reduction of your surface temperature. This normally occurs when people do a lot of activities, workout and exercises but if you are among the small population of people that suffers from sweating a lot it may be uncomfortable and a bit stressful to deal with.

Then there are people who sweat a lot under their arms which leaves them asking why do my armpits sweat so much. If you experience this situation while doing activities like simple chores around the house, relaxing and talking with family and friends over dinner or a few drinks, sitting down watching television then you may be suffering from a rare condition known as axillary hyperhidrosis which is basically excessive sweating under the arm. This has made people seek for ways on how to stop excessive underarm sweating.

To know if you suffer from this condition you need to consider how many times and how heavily you sweat. If you discover that in a week you sweat a lot to the extent that it makes your outfit wet and you also experience persistent excessive perspiration that affects your lifestyle and interferes with your social life then it may be necessary for you to seek medical attention to deal with the problem.

Considering the fact that most people sweat when they are stressed or when there is a lot of heat, to be sure you are experiencing axillary hyperhidrosis you should not be sweating when under normal circumstances you will not or even though you sweat it should not be much.

Apart from this, it is worth pointing out that there are other reasons that cause excessive sweat such as hormonal changes or diseases like menopause. If all of a sudden you start to sweat a lot then you should see doctor to make sure that these factors are not the cause.



Sweating is the body?s way of ensuring that it is kept cool. If you are experiencing axillary hyperhidrosis, the heat may not be the reason you sweat. It is usually caused by over activity in the sympathetic nervous system. The real reason for this condition is based on the type of axillary hyperhidrosis you are experiencing. For instances general axillary hyperhidrosis usually occurs all of a sudden to people who have had no experience of this condition but have causes that can be identified. Medications, low blood sugar and being overweight are most times factors known to be the causes of generalized axillary hyperhidrosis. In such circumstances once the factor causing the condition is treated the excessive sweating normally goes away.

The other type is known as focal axillary hyperhidrosis which is quite different. In this type of hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating occurs in one area of the body like the sole of your feet, your palms or your underarms and when you sweat it is for no obvious reason. Why this type of hyperhidrosis occurs is not known but there are some researchers that believe it is due to a genetic condition as some research test subjects have shown to have a genetic connection to other people suffering from this condition.

With over two million sweat glands available throughout the human body, one may wonder why sweat seems to occur majorly underneath the arms. The reason for this is the apocrine glands which are efficient sweat producers located in the armpits. The sweat produced by these glands has fatty acids and proteins that make it thicker as well as give them a yellowish or milky color. This is why underarm stains on clothing look like they have a yellow shade.





You may have tried using various types of deodorants to improve your situation with no luck and you are probably frustrated and fed up. There are some products that you can still try out that can help you deal with your condition.

You should visit your doctor and discuss possible options of treatment. For instance your doctor could decide to prescribe an antiperspirant made from aluminum chloride. These prescriptions form gel plugs in sweat glands that help to prevent excessive sweating. Research has shown that using aluminum chloride gel has no side effects like other types of treatment that could cause rashes or make people itch.

There is also the option of taking medication orally. There are some drugs that can make the chemical that stimulates sweat glands to stop producing sweat. Though these drugs may help improve your condition, they come with some side effects such as dizziness, dry mouth and blurry vision.

Other options available include injections which when used go within layers of the skin and can provide relief from excessive sweating for a long period of time. This type of treatment is quite expensive and can leave a hole in your pocket. Surgery is another option which has to do with taking away sweat glands from beneath the skin.

If taking up the option of medical treatment is not what you want then you can try out home remedies that can help you cope and deal with excessive sweating underarm.



Usually treatments such as using injections, antiperspirants or surgery are used mostly for slight to more serious cases of axillary hyperhidrosis. So if your case is not serious you can actually try out some home remedies before deciding to see a doctor.

You can work on your diet and what you eat and this you by eradicating some foods that can make you sweat. Such foods include those with a lot of caffeine, spicy meals that contain curry, snacks with sugar among others. You may also try to avoid eating foods that are hard to digest like dairy products, fruits and raw vegetables because the amount of energy needed to metabolize these foods can make someone sweat.

There are also some ingredients in your home that can help you treat your condition. For instance you can clean your armpits using cornstarch as it helps to absorb moisture. You can also apply some apple cider or lemon juice to your armpit to eliminate body odor. These products are believed to balance pH levels in the skin. Apart from this, you can also apply steeped black tea which is a natural astringent under your arms to help control perspiration. It should be noted that these remedies are only effective among people who sweat normally or experience mild form of axillary hyperhidrosis





A lot of people make use of antiperspirant and deodorant before leaving their homes to control underarm sweating and any chance of bad odor occurring. Deodorants help to conceal odors while antiperspirants consist of ingredients created to stop perspiration. Antiperspirants have aluminum chloride that helps in preventing the production of sweat and have over the years progressed from pads and squeeze bottle or tubes to gels, sticks, roll-ons and much more. Nowadays we have various antiperspirants and deodorants in the market so there are various options to choose from giving men, women and children something they can use.

Though antiperspirants can help people deal with this condition, unfortunately they cause some side effects like irritating the skin especially from those that consist of high levels of aluminum chloride which is an active agent.

There are some few precautions you can take to help battle the itching and stinging some of these antiperspirants cause. Firstly, when you shave wait a day or two before you apply these products and try not to have a hot shower that will open the pores of the skin before applying antiperspirant.

What you can do is let your underarms dry and massage the antiperspirant just before you go to sleep at night. This is necessary because people do not sweat much at night when they are resting so the antiperspirant will not be easily removed or washed away before having the time to be absorbed into your glands.

Ensure that the antiperspirant is left on your skin for a minimum of eight hours as it works better that way and it can be more effective if you apply the antiperspirant the following morning.

If despite using antiperspirants you still sweat excessively under your arm you will need to consider other alternatives like using antiperspirants that consist of stronger aluminum chloride. When this antiperspirant with stronger aluminum chloride is applied under your arm it depends on sweat for it to work properly.

When you sweat no matter how small it helps break down the antiperspirant into tiny units and absorbed into the sweat ducts. The sweat ducts are closed by the aluminum chloride for a while reducing the formation and production of sweat.



Now even if you use a strong antiperspirant, you will not get the best results if you wear materials that cover your body making it hot and trapping moisture on your skin. You need to wear materials that will keep your skin cool and fresh.

You can battle sweat by having the right material in your wardrobe because what you choose to wear can make you feel very comfortable or susceptible to sweat. Cloths that are made of natural fabrics such as silk, linen, wool, hemp or cotton most times have a looser weave when compared to synthetics. This means you have clothes that you can wear and breathe easily as well as allow air pass through to reach your skin. In addition, all these fibers that these fabrics are produced from absorb moisture well and this prevents bacteria from feeding on your sweat and causing bad odor.

On the other hand, fabrics that are synthetic in nature such as nylon and polyester are made with weaves that are much tighter and usually trap heat that makes your body sweat more and can affect your armpits more.



Having a healthy lifestyle that involves exercising will help your body cope and handle stress long term and allows you perform your various activities and prevents your underarm from excessive sweating. There are occasions that we have a lot to deal with and our emotions run high due to stress from our jobs, relationships, finance and much more and these can cause excessive sweating.

It is very important you know how to manage stress and relax especially during difficult situations. For some people breathing deeply, mediating every day or simply taking out time to have some fun can be helpful in dealing with stress. Also doing aerobic exercises can help you ease tension and build your confidence. Basically any activity that can make you focus and take care of your body can help you a lot.



Living healthy by eating a balanced diet helps a lot as what you eat and drink can go a long way in affecting how much sweat you produce.

For some people, eating certain foods and beverages makes them sweat more than usual and makes them have bad body odor. Foods like onions, garlic, beverage drinks and caffeinated drinks are usually the reason for this happening.

If you are the type of person that likes having a beverage drink before starting the day but know you sweat a lot after drinking the beverage then you have to decide what to do. The heat from the beverage will make your internal temperature rise and send a signal to your body to begin producing sweat. To avoid this you can change to drinking iced beverage so you will not experience excessive sweating.

Not eating certain foods at all can also help in preventing underarm sweating. For instance when you eat meals that are spicy and have pepper it sends signals to your sweat glands and this makes your sweat glands think your body needs to be cooled and because of this begin to produce sweat.

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