Why Penomet Pump Works Better Than Dick Enlargement Pills

Why Penomet Pump Works Better Than Dick Enlargement Pills


In recent times, one of the most popularly searched subjects is that of male enhancements. A lit of discussions amongst young people centers on how improve performance in bed. More than ever before, men are having problems with erectile dysfunction. All over the world, people are trying to improve on their ability to satisfy their partners. This has led to the discoveries of several methods of solution. Scientists have been able to come up various forms of dick enlargement pills and products. Amongst the basic categories are- stretchers, pills and pumps and surgeries.

For the sake of this article, our focus is going to be on penomet pumps and enlargement pills – which one works better. Generally, our choice of which enlargement methods to choose will depend on our goal. Before we begin our comparison let us understand fully the meaning of some terms.

The penomet penile pump refers to a device used for penis enlargement by creating a vacuum around the penis. It operates on the principle of sucking where it draws blood into the penile organ, there causing an increase in length, girth and size. This is an ideal product for those who intend to register a reasonable level of growth with their penis are few minutes. This penile pump is assisted by water in gradually increasing the pressure, when needed. Pills on the other hand are supplements taken like drugs for the purpose of enlarging the size of the penis.

As real as it sounds, this process goes on quietly, gradually, painless and non-damaging. This device features a contoured ring to fit at the base of the penis. It also features rods that run from the base to the head of the penis and is tightly strapped. To now initiate the traction process the rods are adjusted. As this happens, the penis is noticed to gradually increase in length depending on the traction pull applied


How The Penomet Pump Works & How To Use It

Using the penomet is quite easy, and here’s how:

1. Your choice of Gaiter

There are different types of gaiter and you have to choose the gaiter of your gaiter. As a beginner, you want to start by using the gaiter of lowest setting. That is the one with a low pressure. This will be the 60 gaiter with the purple color. Gradually move up the scale if any becomes ineffective or when your organ gets used to the pump.

2. Attach to Cylinder

The penomet comes with a cylinder where you choice of gaiter should be attached. Connect the gaitor to the cylinder.

3. Attach Penomet to penis

This is where the penomet goes unto the penis. This should be done with care; and ensure that the penis goes the whole way into the device. The best place to do this is the shower or bath.

4. Start pumping

Once the pump wholly fits unto the penis, it is time to begin pumping. Place the pump over the penis and slowly pump, until it feels like there’s a vacuum. This way you know it?s time to pump. There should be breaks in between the pumping to allow for relax of the organ. This should take about 20 minutes to ensure the effect has been achieved.

5. Stop the Pump

Hit the release valve at the end of the 20 minutes. You should be able to see results of what you just did. If you still feel like doing it again after few minutes, it is allowed – this time with an increased pressure. After a few weeks of pumping, it is only natural that you will start realizing some changes. Your penis now begins to register some definite gains.


Is Penomet Pump Safe?

Penomet has over the years been known as the safest when it comes to enlargement pumps. Also, when we talk about the easiest way to make the penis get bigger, the use of pumps is one of the methods we can trust. Not only that, they are safe – unlike the other methods that can have some risks by the side. Talking about dick enlargement pills, they cannot be considered completely safe because they could contain an element or a chemical that your body might not accommodate.


Benefits of the Penomet Pump

Helps with premature ejeculation

This is a very frustrating and embarrassing situation and is most common in people that don’t often engage in sex. A penomet, unlike pills go a long way to help deal with the problem of premature ejaculation. With consistent use of this device, you will release that you’re now able to last longer in bed.


Straighten penis that is bent

This is something dick enlargement pills cannot do. A bent penis is usually as a result of a disease known as peyronie’s disease. Nevertheless, there are other factors that might be responsible for a bent penis. However, a penomet used consistently over time will take care of such conditions.

Improved erection quality

Exercising the penis does great good to the penile health, as does physical exercise to the body. The best you can exercise the penis is the use of the penomet pump. As a result of this exercise, the two primary chambers responsible for hold blood in the penis receive an increased flow of blood. As this happens over a period of time, you will notice that the “Mr. Soft sydrome” is now a thing of the past


Penomet Pump Pros

  • Its gaiters are of several suction powers and sizes you can choose from
  • It?s a well established and reputable brand all over the market
  • Materials used in making them are guaranteed high quality
  • Comes with a 60 day money back guarantee
  • Budget friendly


Penomet Pump Cons

  • May not work for men already suffering a condition known as micropenis syndrome
  • It comes with a maximal size limit of around 8′. Anything more than will require you using something else – maybe the bathmate models that can uphold as much as 13′.
  • Results are usually based on the individual. It varies from one person to another.


How Long This Penomet Pump Should Be Used?

This question is usually only relevant to beginners in the penis enlargement. As a beginner, it is advised that you keep your pumping session between 15-20 minutes and not to do it on a daily basis. At most, it should be done five days in wla week and the remaining two days used to rest the organ.

As you get more experienced and acquainted, you can now increase in the amount of time you put into. This liberty does not mean you abuse it. If you overly engage in this pumping, you will be putting your organ at a great risk too.


How Long Does It Take To Begin To See Results?

Most penis enlargement methods usually take time before results can be observed – this is not the case with the penomet pump. As a penomet user, you can expect to see in as short a time as 15 minutes I to using it. This may sound unbelievable, but its true. Not only that, after regular and consistent use of this pump, the manufactures have guaranteed that you stand to gain as much 3 inches long penis and a growth of 30% on the penis girth.

Like me, a lot people have at one time or the other felt wary about always having to take in pills. Especially without being convinced that it works. Also, knowing that pills can initiate an abnormally in the body, over a period of time of use; plus they most often than not work less than is expected of them. But the penomet pump in the other hand has gained the trust of people over the short period of time it has been available in the market.

Most people are generally wary about putting something into their body without knowing it actually works. Pills can cause long term internal damage and generally do not even work the way they are supposed to. Penomet users can rest assured that nothing goes in their body and that they can stop the use of the Penomet at any time. This is the only penis enlargement method that has produced results only a surgery can produce, and this time with no risk what so ever.



Pumps have in time past been know lead to problems with the tissue of the organ if not properly used. This has over the years scared some people. However, the penomet is a product of the improvement on the lapsrs of those pumps. As long as it is the penomet pump, then you’re safe. With the penomet, you can never get it wrong. This is an ideal method even for beginners. Its gaitor system is unique, allowing for the increase of the amount of pressure. This is one penis enlargement solution that has proven to changes the sex lives of countless number of men. And this it has done without any form of risk or damage to the penis muscles. Finally, for best results, incorporate with suitable exercises.