Yoga Burn?Reviews?- Does Yoga Burn Fat Fast?

Yoga Burn?Reviews?- Does Yoga Burn Fat Fast?



If there was a time when people though Yoga was for spiritual elevation alone, it is far gone. Now, people understand that there are immense benefits for health and well-being by practicing Yoga. Thus, Yoga is gaining worldwide popularity as increasing and dynamic numbers of women are using it to achieve their fitness goals. Does this mean every woman who practices yoga attains her fitness goals automatically? Not at all, and this is the niche Zoe Cotton, the brain behind ?Her Yoga Secrets? has coined for herself. According to her, there are ways yoga will most definitely not work for you and a large number of women are practicing their yoga in those ways hence the frustrating results. She therefore designed a?Yoga Burn?Fat system strictly for women. You may have read some?yoga burn reviews?but this promises to be as detailed as possible so that you can finally make an informed decision.


What is Yoga Burn?

Yoga is highly essential for weigh loss. It works for it and this explains why many women are increasingly turning to it for their weight loss goals. However, just because it works does not mean it works anyhow and this is the brain behind Zoe?s Her Yoga Secrets popularly known as Yoga Burn. The system addresses three mistakes that many women make that has impeded the effect of yoga in their fitness expectations. These mistakes are as follows:


Attending generic yoga classes

Just because yoga works does not mean there is no systematic approach to making it work. Zoe observed that generic classes do not take individual peculiarities and capacities into considerations hence, it cannot produce bespoke results. Registering for general yoga classes may have worked for some women but for most, they need something that can fit into their schedule, lifestyle and availability. When women push themselves beyond their physical abilities and levels, they may end up having more regrets than before they started the program due to over exertion. However, with Yoga Burn, this problem is largely eradicated.


Assumption that every yoga class is engineered to reduce stress and enhance relaxation

Nothing can be further from the truth. Not every yoga class is designed to reduce stress and enhance relaxation. In fact, in most cases, the reverse is the case. When you are stresses, the body increases its production of cortisol and this hormone is responsible for fat retention. That means these classes work to enhance your body?s ability to retain and not lose fat. Since conventional yoga classes do not reduce stress or your cortisol level, it means you do not lose weight by attending them.


Following strict yoga routine

Variety is not only the spice of life but the engine of weight loss. If you limit yourself to a yoga class for your yoga workout, you will be exposed to limited routine and the absence of variety means you are stuck at your current level. According to Zoe, you can only experience significant improvement through a series of workouts that are made just for you. Such workouts change overtime and are always in consideration of your level and capabilities. When you get used to a particular workout routine, it starts having less impact and you must adapt as you progress on the journey.

These three basic but conventional problems led to what Zoe referred to as Dynamic Sequencing. Dynamic sequences avoid these three mistakes that inhibit the effectiveness of yoga in women?s weight loss program. Yoga burn dynamic sequencing system helps women with their weight loss goals in three ways. The system?s targets are to improve the ability of women?s body to shed fat. This is all important as it helps to tone down the body and makes muscles firm. The system also teaches peculiar poses and postures as well as duration and sequencing to achieve the body of your dreams. The three phases of the system are:


Foundational flow phase

This is the entry level phase of yoga burn and it is designed for beginners who may or may not have basic yoga experience. It supplies basic information and instruction to indoctrinate them into yoga. This phase also makes emphasis on safety practices to minimize or eliminate injuries. Moreover, the poses at this stage is targeted towards total body fat loss. This stage focuses on enhancing body metabolism and developing a strong mind-body link so as to control your muscles.


Transitional flow phase

This is the second phase and it links the first and final stage together. It contains accurate sequences that can be imbibed into a yoga routine. This phase also works to boost your metabolism but works further to skyrocket it. Unlike the first stage that focuses on overall body fat reduction, this stage focuses on the buttocks for a tight and well-toned behind. This phase is also effective for mood enhancement and focuses on problem areas in the body.


Mastery flow phase

This is the phase where you gain mastery at yoga. This phase builds on and uses everything you have learnt in the first and second phases. Workouts in this phase are targeted at mood enhancement, elimination of problem areas and toning of the body in general. At this stage, your metabolism will be fully ignited and you will be able to lose fat impressively. Also, your buttocks will be firmer giving you an effectively toned body.

Yoga burn?is a 12 weeks program and the lessons are also available in illustrated PDF format. Apart from the three phases of dynamic sequencing, there are two bonus discs in the program which include follow along audio classes as well as the tranquility flow video. Yoga burn system has been tried by several thousands of women and if we can go by what if prevalent in?yoga burn reviews, this program is highly effective and cheap in the long run.


Who is Yoga Burn For?

Yoga burn system is highly effective for any women?s weight loss goals. You can purchase it by visiting her website. The fact that the program is suitable for women of all fitness levels means there are no exclusions and this is great news. Moreover, it offers a lot of benefits which many women will find encouraging. The better part of this package is that it totally eradicates the nuances that can make yoga uninviting in spite of its popular effectiveness. Zoe Bray-Cotton has simply developed a cost effective and more convenient way for women to get the body they have always dreamed of. They can do the workout in the comfort of their homes and at their pace. Moreover, since the program is adaptable, it has made room for their progress and they are able to adjust accordingly.


Benefits of Yoga Burn Program

There is a world of benefit when it comes to yoga burn program. To begin with, it is result focused and isn?t a yoga for yoga?s sake kind of program. Thus, it is recommendable for any woman that wants to get something from her regular yoga practice. Moreover, it includes bonuses that make the program lively. It isn?t just a workout routine handed down by an expert, it is a real guide and this provides a sort of motivation for many women. Apart from the weight loss advantage, Zoe made sure to help people actually relax. Thus, it isn?t a rugged and dragged way to lose weight but a relaxing way. Yoga burn program is easy to merge into a daily schedule. This is rarely the case with traditional yoga classes. Its flexibility is a huge bonus for many women who run inflexible schedule. There is the added advantage of overall wellness. As far as the effects of yoga burn are concerned, you will get much more than you bargained for- you will lose weight faster and your overall body will be well toned. Also, the program comes with a money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose in trying it out. From all indications, it will work for you but if for some reason it doesn?t, or you are dissatisfied with the program, you are covered by a 60-day money back guarantee.



Apparently, Zoe Bray-Cotton discovered a problem in the area of her passion and has devised a pragmatic program to solve it. In these days when a lot of people are out to fill their pockets, it is rare to come across a program that actually lives up to, not to mention beyond its hype. I can confidently say that yoga burn lives beyond its promises and offers a clean break from the mass of floaty weight loss programs out there. Another indicator is that most yoga burn reviews are positive about this program and this is a characteristic peculiar only to credible products and programs. I recommend this program for any woman out there who wants a program that is able to take her capabilities, level, availability, comfort, desires and peculiarities to heart without compromising on results. Her Yoga Secrets, popularly known as yoga burn program is the clean break you need.